Bipasha Basu Beauty, Makeup, Diet, Fitness & Workout Secrets

Bipasha Basu is known for her beauty and was a model before she turned to acting. She comes from Bengal and is a very talented person. Once she started acting in movies she carved a niche for herself. Her ‘different’ looks, almond shaped eyes, flawless and beautiful skin, and her no nonsense attitude have made her stand out. Once she was curvy and voluptuous, almost chubby. But now she has managed to turn into one of the most fit and health conscious beauties you can see.

Her absolutely fit body can make any woman envious of her. If you want to know the secrets of her fit body, flawless skin and silky soft hair, read on.

Bipasha Basu Beauty Secrets:

Bipasha Basu Beauty Secrets

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Her Belief:

  • Bipasha Basu believes that the key to living well is healthy food and exercise.
  • She makes sure that she drinks lots of water through the day. She says that this can provide you healthy and natural glowing hair.

Daily Beauty Routine:

  • Bipasha Basu has beautiful, smooth, dusky skin. It has a good texture but it tends to go dry. So, she takes care to moisturize her face well. She uses natural products like aloe vera, malai, almond paste and cocoa butter for keeping her skin moisturized
  • The actress never goes out without applying sunscreen on her skin. No matter what the season is, she makes sure that she wears a sunscreen.
  • CTM or cleansing, toning and moisturizing, is a ritual that she follows daily before going to bed at night. She never skips this routine. She says that this routine helps in keeping her skin free from any makeup, dirt and chemicals.
  • She applies almond oil under the eye area. This helps her in avoiding under eye patches and puffiness under the eyes. It also keeps the sensitive skin around the eye area well moisturized. This is good for preventing signs of aging like wrinkles and crow’s feet.
  • She keeps her lips well moisturized with Kiehl’s Lip Balm. It contains ingredients like Vitamin E and A, which can fight against free radicals. She says that you should use lip balms with SPF 15 during winters.
  • She says that if you have extremely dry lips, you should use lip scrubs. She prefers to use almond oil on her lips and she leaves it overnight. This is great for preventing chapped lips and for giving a silky smooth finish, as well as a subtle shine to the lips.
  • When she is not working, she prefers to stay simple. She avoids heavy makeup when she is not working.

Once in every 15 days she uses organic face scrub. She washes her face with organic face wash daily.

Mane Fame:

  • She has naturally thick and healthy hair. She keeps her hair healthy by massaging her scalp and hair with oil regularly. This, along with good conditioning is the secret to her beautiful hair.
  • She goes for an organic hair care routine every once in a while. This helps in making her hair soft and supple.
  • She also uses protein packs on her hair once in a month. This keeps her hair healthy and free flowing.
  • She uses anti-dandruff shampoo and alcohol free soft conditioner on her hair to prevent dandruff. This keeps her hair manageable and smooth.
  • Whenever she is in a mood to colour her hair, she chooses the colour range from Wella Kolestint.

Bipasha Basu Makeup Secrets:

Bipasha Basu Makeup

  • Bipasha believes that the key to natural beauty is looking natural and simple. Her favourite brand is always MAC.

Favourite Look:

Bipasha’s favourite look has always been the classic smoky eyes and natural nude lips. She has sported this look millions of times and she absolutely loves it.

Bipasha Basu Diet and Fitness Secrets:

Bipasha Basu Diet Fitness

  • Bipasha swears that she eats everything except red meat and rice.
  • She makes sure that she consumes foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids. This is amazing for the skin and helps in providing her naturally glowing skin that is beautiful and flawless.
  • The Bong beauty remembers to drink lots of water through the day.
  • The first thing that she east when she gets up in the morning is almonds soaked in water overnight. She has this before anything i the morning.
  • When she is working out, Bipasha changes her routine frequently and includes cardio and muscle training in her routine. She says it is not that that you need not go to the gym regularly to stay fit. Simple things like running, brisk walking and walking up the stairs can help a lot in staying fit.

Other Beauty Rituals:

  • She keeps her body well hydrated. She starts her day with 4 to 5 glasses of lukewarm water. She also drinks lots of water throughout the day.
  • She says that hot water bath can remove the moisture from your skin and make your skin dry. So, even during winters Bipasha takes shower in lukewarm water. Immediately after bath she applies a thin film of softer shower oil or a good quality moisturizer containing Vitamin E on her skin. This helps in keeping her skin soft and supple.
  • She also makes it a point to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep a day. She says that this can make you look fit and beautiful.

So, you can see that Bipasha Basu uses natural methods to stay fit and healthy and to get that flawless skin and hair, as well as a fabulous and well toned body.

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