Black Vinegar Benefits and Uses for Health

Have you heard of black vinegar? It is very effective for lowering the levels of cholesterol and for preventing cancer. This is used as a condiment in dishes made in Asia, like sushi and many other dishes. Black vinegar is known for its amazing health benefits. Black vinegar is also known as kala sirka in India.

Black Vinegar Benefits Uses

What is Black Vinegar?

Black vinegar, also known as brown rice vinegar, is often used as a tonic in Japan and China. Black vinegar is made by fermenting unpolished rice, wheat, sorghum or millet. The time for its fermentation is about 2 to 3 years. During this fermentation process, the colour of black vinegar becomes darker and its aroma and flavour becomes more intense. Moreover, the amino acids, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients also increase largely during the fermentation period.

People in China and Japan make a drink out of black vinegar because of the immense health benefits of this vinegar. They include this drink in their daily diet.

Japanese black vinegar is of two types, which are Awamori Moromi Su Black Vinegar and Kurozu Japanese Black Vinegar.

  • Awamori Moromi Black Vinegar – This vinegar is light in colour and is a tonic made from fermented rice mash and moromi, which is a by products of awamori. This vinegar is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B6, iron, potassium, calcium and magnesium.
  • Kurozu Japanese Black Vinegar – Kurozu is traditional Japanese black vinegar and it is added in many of the foods prepared. It is made by the fermentation of brown rice with lactobacillus and koji bacillus in earthen jars. It is left for fermenting for more than one year. By this time it becomes black in colour.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Black Vinegar:

Helps in Detoxing the body:

Black vinegar contains many of the essential nutrients in high amounts. Some of these nutrients are very beneficial for removing toxins from your body. This vinegar is also good for maintaining the pH levels in your body.

Improves your digestion:

Health experts say that black vinegar is effective for having a healthy digestive system. You can improve digestion by including it in your diet. When the digestion is improved, you will not suffer from constipation or any other abdominal issues.

Improves circulation:

Black vinegar, as you know, is rich and warm. The warming nature of this vinegar is very effective for increasing the flow of blood. So, consuming black vinegar helps in making sure that the blood flows normally in your body.

Lowers cholesterol naturally:

Black vinegar contains acetic acid, which is very effective for lowering the levels of glucose or sugar in your blood. So, it is a good practice to include it in your regular diet to prevent a number of cardiovascular diseases like high blood pressure, stroke and artery diseases.

Provides energy:

Black vinegar is great for increasing your energy. This is because of the presence of citric acid in it. It helps in stimulating metabolic processes that lead to the conversion of food into energy. An increase in energy benefits many of your systems, including your digestive system and immune system.

Relieves from sore muscles:

Often, due to the lactic acid build-up in your blood, you suffer from sore muscles. If you want to keep yourself away from this painful experience, make it a habit to consume black vinegar regularly.

Relieves fatigue:

According o the opinion of the experts, black vinegar is very effective for fighting against the effects of the lactic acid build-up in the blood. This is because of the presence of amino acids and other nutrients in black vinegar. Lactic acid build-up can cause fatigue. You can keep fatigue away by taking care to include black vinegar in your daily diet. This helps in keeping away the irritability associated with it. You will feel energetic and be able to engage in different activities without getting tired.

Reduces plaque build-up:

If you want to prevent the plaque build-up on the walls of blood vessels, an easy way is to include black vinegar in your diet. Amino acids present in black vinegar have the amazing power to improve the health of your cardiovascular system. It can prevent the formation of some of the harmful substances in the body, thereby preventing plaque from getting accumulated on the walls of the blood vessels.

Relieves pain and disinfects:

If you are suffering from wounds, insect bites and cuts, apply black vinegar topically on the affected area. This can disinfect the wound and make the healing process faster. It is also effective for healing fractures. The pain that you experience as a result of sprain can also be reduced by using black vinegar. It is a natural remedy for athlete’s foot.

Stop cancer:

Black vinegar contains antioxidants in high amounts, which have the power to prevent certain types of cancer. According to experts, these antioxidants have the power to prevent and even heal the damages caused as a result of the activities of free radicals in your body. When your body is subjected to damages caused by the free radicals, you may suffer from cancer. It is also said by experts that black vinegar has the potential to prevent the development of tumour cells. So, make it a habit to include black vinegar in your regular diet to keep away from cancer.

So, you can see that black vinegar has immense health benefits. It is healthier than any other types of vinegar. Use it in various dishes that you make and enjoy the benefits it offers. You can also have it as a tonic.

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