Brazilian Butt Lift Workout for Booty Makeover

If you are planning to have a beach vacation this summer, the first thing that you will think of is how to carry yourself with the beach clothes. You do not go to the beach fully covered. You wear bikinis and as little clothing as possible. So, it is time that you do some workouts to get a perfect figure. Brazilian butt lift workout is an excellent workout for you and this helps in making you look sensuous in a bikini.

Brazilian Butt Lift Workout

Brazilian Bum Bum Workout for Bigger Buttocks:

Just buying a pretty bikini and wearing it on the beach is not enough. You must look fabulous in it and be able to show off your well toned and firm backside, just like a model shows off her body. Of course you are not a model, but you can get a body like that of a model by doing Brazilian butt lift workout.

This workout will make you look as fabulous as a super model. So, do it and see how it changes your looks. Here are some basics of Brazilian butt lift workout:

Brazilian butt lift lunges:

  • Do this at a place where there is enough space for allowing you to stretch your legs properly.
  • Before you start any exercise, you have to do some warm up exercises to make your body ready for the exercise.
  • Once you have done it and feel comfortable, stand straight with your feet apart. Put your hands on your hips.
  • Let your feet be shoulder width apart and toes pointing ahead.
  • Next you have to stretch your left leg back in a lunge by bending your right knee.
  • Bend your knee at right angles.
  • Now lunge as deep as it is possible for you. As you do so, you will feel a stretch in your hamstrings.
  • Now get back to the first position and do the same with your right leg.
  • Repeat this 16 times and then move on to the next exercise.

Butt lift back raises:

  • Relax for a second or two and then touch on the floor with your elbows and knees.
  • Now straighten one of your legs slowly and raise the leg behind you.
  • Align it in such a way that it is in a straight line with your back.
  • Now lift the leg above the butt and remain in that position for a few seconds.
  • Bring your leg back to the kneeling position and then repeat with your other leg.
  • Take care to keep your movements controlled.
  • When you do this exercise, focus on your butt muscle and not on your back.
  • Do this 16 times.

Brazilian butt bridge:

  • Again relax for a few seconds and then return to the floor.
  • Lie on your back and keep your knees bent, with your heels touching the floor.
  • Let your hand be on either side of your body, to offer support.
  • Now try to push your hips away from the floor slowly.
  • As you do this, the pelvis and abdomen are like a bridge and connect the legs and the neck.
  • Remain in this position for 5 seconds.
  • As you stay in this pose, squeeze your glutes.
  • Get back to the initial position and repeat it.

Brazilian butt lift jump squats:

  • Stand with your hands on your hips and maintain your balance to do this cardio exercise.
  • Lunge forward with your right leg. Bend your right knee at right angles, directly above your ankle.
  • Your left knee should point towards the floor.
  • Now power up and jump off the floor with both your feet.
  • In the mid air you have to switch your legs, so that you land with your left foot lunging forward.
  • Do this several times and alternate each leg as you do it.

Perky butt squat and leg raise:

  • Stand straight and keep your body well balanced by maintaining a good posture.
  • Your arms should be on your sides and the legs kept shoulder width apart.
  • Place your weight on your heels and squat, and lift one leg behind you without any pause.
  • Make sure that your leg is straightly aligned.
  • Keep your hips pointed ahead.
  • Point both your arms forward or you may alternately use the opposite arm to touch the toe of the standing leg.
  • In both cases you will feel a stretch in the hamstring of the leg you stand on.
  • Now return to the squat position and raise your other leg in the same way.
  • When you raise it, make sure that you raise it as high as it is possible for you. this provides a good stretch to your hamstrings.
  • Repeat 16 times.

Along with these 5 exercises, you can also do squats while holding weights in your hand. Once you complete once cycle, you can repeat the routine till 30 minutes are up. Take a break of 2 minutes between each cycle.

The aftermath If you are doing toning exercises for the first time, take it as a challenge and start doing it.

Keys for Building A Sexy-Brazilian Butt:

  1. These exercises help in making the loosened glute muscles strong and gradually give it the ability to defy gravity. So, your sagging butt will gradually get rounded and in shape.
  2. Do this workout 3 to 4 days a week for at least three months to get the desired results.
  3. Within one month of dong this exercise, you will start noticing the changes.
  4. These exercises are not only for your butts, but they are good to tone your whole lower body. They help in removing fat and cellulite from your thighs, and waist as well as your butt. So you get a well toned and shapely lower body, which can put any fashion model to shame.

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