Calamine Best Beauty Benefits and Uses for your Skin

Calamine is zinc oxide with 0.5% ferric oxide. It has anti-itching as well as antiseptic properties, which makes it one of the most common products used for protecting and healing your skin from various external problems. If you have rashes and itchiness on the skin, calamine can provide you relief.

Calamine Beauty Benefits Uses

Benefits of Calamine for your Skin and Beauty:

Acts like Good Sunscreen:

Calamine lotion can save your skin from the harmful effects of ultra violet rays of the sun. All you have to do is to apply it on the skin before you go out in the sun. This will prevent sunburn and the formation of tan on your skin. Even if you find any sunburn on your skin, you can apply calamine lotion and get rid of the sunburn. Apply it two to three times every day and soon you will find that your skin has become normal.

Better skin texture:

Using calamine on the skin helps in providing you a radiant skin. This is because calamine contains ‘kaolin’, which keeps the skin well moisturized and improves the skin tone. By using calamine daily, you can get rid of dark spots and get a smooth and flawless skin.

Calamine for head lice:

Children are most prone to head lice. They come in contact with the lice at schools, public places, buses, public swimming pools and so on. Calamine is very mild and does not have power to kill lice on the hair. But it is mixed with shampoos that are used to eliminate lice from the head. This provides relief to the skin and reduces itching of the scalp.

Calamine for insect bites:

When you are bitten by insects, a stinging sensation is caused on the skin and you also suffer from itching of the skin. This is caused due to the venom and other substances that enter the skin as a result of insect bite. When you apply calamine on the skin, it will evaporate and cause a cooling sensation on the skin. So, calamine is often used as a first aid when anyone is suffering from insect bites. It is a mild lotion and provides only temporary relief. If the inflammation and itchiness continues even after the application of calamine, you will have to go to a doctor and get the necessary treatment.

Calamine for infants and children:

Calamine for infants children

Calamine is an excellent home remedy when it comes to caring of infants. In most of the households with small babies, calamine is a must have item. It is best for treating nappy rash and other minor problems caused on the skin of infants. Since the skin of infants is very soft, calamine is best for their skin as it is mild and do not harm the skin. As the babies grow up they may have to face other challenges of the skin like chicken pox, measles etc. Applying calamine lotion on the skin will help in getting rid of marks and rashes caused.

Calamine for pregnant women:

Calamine for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a period when most of the women suffer from nausea, backaches, loss of appetite, morning sickness and lack of sleep. You also start developing skin problems like spots on the on the skin, blotchy skin, itchiness on the skin of stomach and abdomen, and patches on the skin. In some cases even eczema is found in pregnant women. To solve all these problems you can apply calamine on the skin. It is mild and is very effective for all such skin issues caused during pregnancy. Even after pregnancy, you can apply this on your skin to get rid of stretch marks.

Calamine for acne and dry skin:

Calamine is used by people all over the world to treat dry skin and acne. Calamine is mixed with other essential oils and sold as a pale pink lotion, which is a great moisturizer. It is used to keep the skin well moisturized and prevents dryness of the skin. The presence of zinc in calamine helps in making the pimples and ace dry and eliminating them from the skin. To get rid of acne, wash your face and then dry it. Now take a little portion of calamine lotion on a cotton pad and apply it directly on the acne or pimple. Let it remain on the face overnight and then wash in the morning. Do this for 3 days and you will see that there is improvement.

Applying calamine lotion on your face helps in providing you a clear skin without any marks. If you apply calamine lotion on the skin before makeup, it will form a protective layer and saves your skin from any harmful effects of the makeup products that you use.

Soothes the skin when affected with ivy or toxic plants:

Calamine is widely used to protect the skin in many ways. When your skin comes in contact with poison ivy or any toxic plants, your skin starts itching due to the secretion of oil from these plants. To get relief from the itching sensation, you can apply calamine topically on the affected area of the skin. This will provide a cooling effect on the skin and soothes your skin. Your attention will be distracted from the itching sensation by applying calamine.

When plants like poison ivy, sumac or poison oak touch your skin, gaps are formed on the blood vessels, through which fluid is oozed.  This leads to itching of the skin and formation of blisters on the skin. When you apply calamine on the skin, it will cool your skin and cause contraction of the gaps. As a result, less fluid comes out and hence you get relief from itching of the skin and the blisters.

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