Causes and Natural Homemade Tips to Reduce White Hair

White hair is a major problem faced by a large number of people. There are a number of reasons behind this, which vary from individual to individual.

White Hair Problem Causes

Causes of Premature White Hair:

1) Genetics Problem

Genetics decides to a certain extent at what age your hair starts graying. So, if your grandparents or parents had premature graying, even you stand a chance.

2) High levels of stress

Today’s life has lots of stress and tension. This brings along the occurrence of white hair.

3) Unconventional diet plan

Lack of vitamin B12 is the most common cause of white hair. So, have sardines, tuna, salmon, beef, egg, lamb, cheese, milk, and such foods that are rich in B12. You must have a healthy diet plan to combat white hair.

4) Bad Health habits

Smoking, drinking and such unhealthy habits also lead to white hair.

5) Emotional turmoil

Sometimes, white hair occurs in case a person is under some trauma or emotional shock. It is just temporary, and white hair will cease after some time.

6) Excess intake of some fluids

Excess Tea, Coffee leads to white hairToo much of tea, coffee, spices and fried foods leads to white hair. Limit consumption of such drinks.

Treatment for White Hair:

1) Walking Barefoot

Walking barefoot wet gress - white hair treatmentWalking barefoot on wet grass early in the morning combats white hair. Morning walk is good for your overall health too.

2) Eat foods rich in iodine

Iodine foods Fish, Carrots treats white hair

Fish, bananas, carrot and such iodine rich foods help prevent grey hair.

3) Increase intake of vitamins

Increase intake of foods rich in vitamins A, B and B12. Fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy products and eggs are good for your hair.

4) Add fresh juices to diet

Fresh Juices treatment for white hairInclude fresh vegetables and fruits in your diet. Avoid aerated drinks and have juices of fruits instead. Carrot, lettuce, and alfalfa work great for your hair.

5) Use amla

The Indian gooseberry works really well in getting rid of white hair. Make a paste with crushed amla fruit, and lemon juice to apply on your hair. Getting a massage with amla juice, almond oil and lemon juice also helps. Water soaked in amla overnight is great conditioner. Eating this fruit prevents white hair.

6) Use herbs and spices

Black pepper, black cumin, curry leaves, ginger and such herbs and spice help prevent white hair. Brahmi and shikakai work great for getting your hair color. Regular inake of curry leaves helps in fighting hair decay. Boil curry leaves in coconut oil and apply on your hair. It prevents white hair. Make sure not to have anything in excess. Other useful herbs are sage, rosemary, peach, nettle and burdock.

7) Apply henna

Henna has been used since ancient times. Apply it an hour before bath. It straightens your hair and combats graying, thinning and also split ends.

8) Use aloe vera

Massage with aloe vera, wheat-germ oil and coconut milk to grow hair and get rid of dandruff. Shampoo your hair as usual to get the perfect hair.

9) Increase intake of minerals

Mineral rich foods treats white hairMinerals are very important for your body to function well. Melanin is what imparts color to hair. To keep melanin production active and healthy, you need to have sufficient amounts of copper. Mushrooms, mustard greens, spinach, eggplant, asparagus, peppermint, potato, green beans, cashews, tomatoes, sunflower seeds, ginger, kale, calf’s liver and such foods are rich in copper. Zinc is another mineral that is important, and you can get it from red meat, green vegetables, and chicken. For iron, you need to have beef, apricots, eggs, parsley, wheat, and sunflower seeds.

10) Oil your hair

Oiling your hair regularly is a must for healthy hair and preventing white hair. Apply coconut oil or almond oil and lemon juice to prevent white hair. Eating esame or applying the oil also helps. In South India, a mixture of sesame iol, carrot juice and methi seed powder was kept in sun for 21 days and applied on scalp to prevent white hair. You could add coconut oil to chopped ridge gourd, boil and cool it and filter in to a bottle. Massaging daily with this prevents graying. Using bhringraj oil also helps.

11) Use homemade remedies

Massage your hair with black tea and keep for an hour before washing off. You could also use henna, fenugreek, mint juice, coffee, yoghurt and basil juice to apply on your hair. Such homemade remedies are proven to be best for your hair.

12) Give up unhealthy habits

Stop smoking and drinking and other such unhealthy habits. Stay away from these and keep healthy.

13) Avoid extra stress

Avoid Stress to prevent White Hair Try to relax and keep away from stress. Worrying is not a solution to any problem. You need to be calm.

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