Colby Cheese Health Benefits

Is the word Colby cheese familiar to you? It is variety of cheese that has got lots of health benefits. If you have not added it to your diet, it time that you include it in your regular diet.

Colby Cheese

Colby Cheese – What is it?

Colby cheese was invented in the year 1885, in Wisconsin. The man behind this invention was Joseph F. Steinwand. It got its name from the town in which Ambrose Steinwand Sr., his father, built Clark Country’s first cheese factory in 1882.

Joseph learned the family business and he began to experiment in different cheese-making in Colby factory. It was then that he made cheese that was moister and milder than the cheese produced till then. This cheese came to be known as Colby cheese. It was an instant hot with the customers. Colby cheese contains lots of essential nutrients that make it very healthy type of cheese.

Health Benefits of Colby Cheese:

Beneficial for mothers:

Mothers who are breast feeding should consume Colby cheese regularly as this helps in storing more calcium, and make their body stringer. It is also good for pregnant ladies as it can maintain the firmness of the cartilage and reduce lethargy.

Helps the cells function properly:

Colby cheese contains protein in high amounts. As you know, protein is essential for the proper functioning of the cells in your body. This in turn helps in boosting the immunity power of the body and preventing muscle loss. Sportspersons like athletes, who are under constant training, benefit a lot by consuming Colby cheese.

Harmless to the heart:

When you buy Colby cheese from the store, make sure that you buy low-fat and low-sodium variety which you can consume without any concern. When the sodium or salt content in Colby cheese is low, it can help in reducing the elements that cause problems that are related to the heart.

Helps in storing energy:

Colby cheese has the ability to store the energy in your body and to use it when required. This is because of the presence of minerals and vitamins in it. So, make sure to include moderate amounts of Colby cheese in your diet to help your body store more energy. This makes you feel less tired.

Maintains body weight:

Low-fat Colby cheese is a better option, especially if you are on a weight loss programme. The removal whey water helps in getting rid of some of the fats present in the cheese. Including low-fat cheese in your diet helps in maintaining your weight as well as for staying healthy.

Prevents cancer:

Colby cheese can help in protecting your body from cancer. It contains two substance called Syphingolipids and Conjugated Linoleic Acid. By consuming Colby cheese regularly, these substances in it help in preventing cancer. The Vitamin B present in this cheese helps in preventing various diseases.

Prevents osteoporosis:

Presence of calcium and protein in Colby cheese help in preventing osteoporosis. Vitamin B Complex, in combination with calcium, is said to have the ability to slow down the aging of bones. Colby cheese, as mentioned above, contains these two nutrients in high amounts. This makes it a healthy food that you can consume every day.

Protects from diseases:

Colby cheese is loaded with Vitamin B, which is vital for the health of the body. It can protect you from various diseases. It can prevent as well as destroy the bacteria and germs that enter the body and prevent various illnesses as a result of it.

Reduces high blood pressure:

People suffering from high blood pressure should refrain from consuming excess fat and cholesterol. The use of water instead of whey water helps in lessening the fat content in Colby cheese. This cheese is also rich in vitamin B. This vitamin is said to be beneficial for people suffering from hypertension. This means that Colby cheese is beneficial for reducing high blood pressure.

Supports strong teeth and bones:

It is a well known fact that a glass of milk is very healthy for the body. Milk has lots of health benefits, among which is its ability to make your bones and teeth stronger. This is because of the presence of calcium in it. Colby cheese is also rich in calcium, as well as other minerals like phosphorous and iron, as well as vitamin a. These nutrients, particularly phosphorous, are essential for making your teeth and bones stronger. Have your toast every day in the morning with a slice of Colby cheese. This way you can ensure that your body gets the calcium and phosphorous that is required.

You can have Colby cheese instead of other cheese like cheddar, as it is milder in flavour and has a texture that is creamier compared to other types of cheese. Moreover, Colby cheese is also low in calories. By consuming a slice (28 gm) of this cheese, you will get only 110 calories. It is also full of goodness and contains fat soluble vitamins, which help in improving your overall health.

Colby cheese is used for cooking very rarely. This is because of its mild flavour. It is usually used as a table cheese. You can also have with snacks and add it to salads. You need to consume Colby cheese as quickly as possible because it dries out very fast. Colby cheese is one of the most delicious and healthy cheese you can have. So, incorporate it in your daily diet and remain healthy and disease free.

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