Common Lip Problems: Effective Lip Care Tips

Girls love to wear lip colors of various shades on their lips. This makes lips beautiful. But unless you take proper care of your lips, your lipstick cannot create a perfect pout. The skin of our lips is thinner compared to the skin on other parts. As a result, lips easily crack and chap. So, it is important that you give extra care for your lips. Oil glands are also less in lips and the melanin, which can protect the skin from the sun, is not created by the skin on the lips. So, lips have no protection of their own. You are to provide the protection needed. During the winter times, you often get chapped lips because of the dry atmosphere which cause dehydration of the skin. Dry air, wind and sun can also cause chapped lips.

Lip Problems Care Tips

It is important that you apply a lip balm on your lips regularly. This can avoid chapped lips to an extent. Lip balms are made of wax and oils, which keep the lips hydrated. Some of them also contain menthol or camphor, which are beneficial for soothing the stinging and rawness felt on lips. Allantoin and aloe may also be present in some, which make the healing process fast. If you go out in the sun, wear a lip balm that contains sunscreens. Make sure that these lip balms contain ingredients like avobenzone, zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which have the ability to protect your lips form the UV rays of the sun.

Troubles you may face with your Lips:


  • Chapping occurs at any time of the year.
  • Apply a good quality lip balm daily to treat and prevent it.
  • When you apply it, do it in such a way that they cover the edges of your lips well.
  • Lip balms with sun protection and containing various elements like Vitamin A, C or E, and AHAs are best for chapped lips.

Cold sores:

  • These look like blisters or open scabs and are cased due to viral infection.
  • When the sore is there, you can use cotton swabs to apply lipstick. This will prevent re-infection.

Lipstick bleeding:

  • This takes place when the skin around the lips loses the collagen and elastic tissues as you become older. Smoking can also cause it.
  • You can use a waxy lip liner and outline your lips. This will help in containing your lips within the line.
  • If cosmetics do not help you to keep your lips well, then you can go for collagen injections and fill the cracks.
  • Give up smoking to prevent cracking and bleeding of lips.


  • Here cracks appear after you sleep in dry air.
  • Apply a good lip balm before you go to sleep.
  • You can also use a humidifier, which prevents the air from becoming dry by retaining the moisture in the air.

Simple and Effective Lip Care Tips:

Always carry a lip balm:

Your lips may turn dry any time. So it is a good idea to carry a lip balm with you whenever you go out. Keep a good creamy and hydrating lip balm with you.

Do not touch or lick your lips:

You lips are directly affected each time you lick your lips, since lips do not have any protection of their own. So, licking, although it may hydrate your lips temporarily, can make your lips drier once the saliva evaporates. The enzymes in saliva can be harsh on your lips as lips are very delicate. Another thing to remember is not to breathe through your mouth. This also causes the moisture to escape from your lips.


Having a proper diet is good for your skin and the lips. So, have healthy diet to have beautiful lips.

Keep it hydrated overnight:

When you sleep, make sure that you have done everything to keep your lips hydrated. The air around you can dry your lips when you sleep at night. So, apply a heavy or hydrating cream on your lips. You can also apply petroleum jelly on lips. Using cream, raw milk or ghee is also good for keeping your lips hydrated.

Know when it is time to ask for help:

Sometimes, in spite of trying these preventive measures, your lips still suffer from various problems. Then you must visit your doctor and take his advice. Never make it too late. Have treatment at the earliest.

Massage your lips:

Massage your lips every day, for 5 minutes, with nourishing oil. This helps in improving the blood circulation in lips and thus they receive the nutrients they require.

Remove makeup:

Your lips need to breathe properly and this is possible only if your lips are clean. So, you have to remove all traces of makeup from your lips before you go to sleep. You can wipe clean your lips using a damp cotton ball.


Scrubbing the lips ensure that all dead skin cells are removed. This makes your lips stay healthy and soft. It also protects your lips from any infections. You can use a mild scrub that is available in the market or make one at home using rock sugar. Scrub your lips Once or twice every week.

Use lipsticks when stepping out:

When you go out, use some lipstick. This will form a layer on your lips and protects your lips. This way your lips will be protected from sun, dirt, dry air, pollution and so on.


Just like your skin, your lips also need to remain hydrated from inside to stay healthy. So, drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily to stay well hydrated.

So, follow the tips given above and have hot, healthy, soft and beautiful lips.

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