How to Control or Reduce or Stop Hair fall Naturally

Everybody loves the perfect tresses and healthy hair, but it is not easy to maintain. Read on to know what you can do to achieve it.

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7 Super Foods for Your Hair:

Fish, Beans and Eggs:

Proteins constitute a major part of the hair. So, eating foods rich in proteins will help you prevent hair fall and have healthy hair. Stick to lean protein like fish, brewer’s yeast, chicken, beans, low-fat cheese and yoghurt. Milk and tofu are also good.


Beef contains proteins, vitamin B complex, zinc and iron. As such, it helps you combat hair fall. Consuming beef two or three times a week will enhance your hair strength.

Bean Sprouts

Silica is used by the human body to absorb vitamins and minerals. Bean sprouts, cucumber’s skin, red peppers, and potatoes are rich in silica and help promote hair growth. Having these foods raw provides more nutrients than cooked ones.


Iron is essential for hair growth. It plays a major role in production of hemoglobin, which is a part of blood. Only if you have enough hemoglobin in your blood, will enough oxygen be received by all parts of your body. Hair growth is stimulated if your scalp gets a good flow of blood. Dates, dark green and leafy vegetables like kale, and whole grain cereals are rich sources of iron. Since vitamin C helps absorb iron, fruits like oranges, lemons and strawberries which are rich in vitamin C will help a lot.

Sea Foods

Zinc is a major ingredient and is found in all kinds of sea food. It helps in many of human body’s functions and also controls the glands attached to hair follicles. Poultry, mussels, nuts, shrimp, red meat, and oysters are really effective. Be careful, as too much zinc could lead to the condition of hair loss.

Sweet Potatoes

Potatoes contain Beta-carotenes, which is converted to vitamin A after eating. Vitamin A manages the growth of hair and tissues.


Oats contain copper, zinc, potassium, proteins, vitamin B, micro-nutrients, fiber and omega-6 fatty acids they help maintain normal skin, hair growth and development, a healthy heart and bowels..

10 Miracle Herbs to Prevent Hair Fall Naturally:


Aloe Vera conditions and promotes hair growth, prevents hair fall, and beats sebum. Apply the Aloe-Vera gel on your scalp and leave for 2 hours before rinsing.


Use rosemary infused oil on your scalp for best results. Rosemary tea is also a good option.


You could take ginseng supplements along with zinc and vitamin B6. Hair ol infused with ginseng root also does a great job.

Indian Gooseberry

This is called “Amla”, and is rich in vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin V=B complex, and carotene. You could eat it fresh, in dried or powdered form. Coconut oil with gooseberry could be massaged on your scalp for best results.


Chamomile helps combat dandruff and gives a good night’s sleep, and also helps in healthy capillaries for supplying blood.

He Shou Wu

It is a Chinese herb to retain black color and prevent premature thinning.

Henna Powder

Henna is used for its natural values, and coloring effect. It helps cure dandruff, regain shine and health of hair and combats hair loss.


Neem is a strong anti-bacterial which prevents dandruff. Apply it topically to stimulate blood circulation, or use neem oil to prevent premature graying a thinning of hair.


It is a dried form of Bhringraj leaves. Using for 1 month will show a huge improvement in the quality of your hair. It could restore and rejuvenate your hair scalp and improve new hair growth.

Green Tea

Drinking green tea or using shampoos or lotions which have this as an ingredient helps prevent premature hair loss. Use it regularly for best results.

8 Lifestyle Changes to Avoid Hair Fall:

Say No To Junk Food

Have healthy food and avoid all kinds of junk food, as they make your hair’s health worse. You must also remember to have enough water.

Massage Your Scalp

Hot oil message is very good for your hair. Rub the oil on your scalp to restore moisture and supply your hair enough nutrients. It also helps improve blood circulation. Coconut oil, almond oil, lavender oil, olive oil, castor oil and amla oil do great for your hair.

General Hair Care

Carry out general hair care routines like avoiding hot water baths, combing wet hair, tying a bun all the time, and indulging in too much of hair styling.

Manage Stress

Stress is one of the major causes for hair fall. You need to control stress by identifying the underlying causes and treating them. Try out yoga and workouts, or even meditation.


Do not leave your stomach empty. Eat something every 3 to 4 hours. Snacking between meals will help boost your energy levels and hence form hair cells. Fruits are the best options.

Never Over Wash Your Hair

Washing your hair is necessary to keep it clean, but over washing will also take away natural oils and damage your hair. Avoid it.

Avoid Excessive Heating

Constant and excessive drying and heating will make your hair brittle and weaken hair protein. This increases hair loss, so minimize use of curlers and dryers.

Avoid Using Wrong Shampoo

You need to choose a good shampoo which is suitable for your hair. Continuously changing shampoos will affect your hair and lead to hair fall.

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