Corporate or Office Yoga Asanas and their Benefits

People working in companies hardly get time for their health. Tiring hard work and sitting for hours together lead to many health problems and diseases. Well, if you are thinking of some yoga sessions for the employees of your company then corporate yoga will surely prove helpful. You can get all information related to yoga practices for the employees. If you want your employees to work hard and smart, you should definitely take initiative in maintaining their health and state of mind in good shape. You don’t need to worry about high energy workouts people usually go for, because here you are trained to do simple types of exercises. Starting from basic warm up, gradually coming to highly effective yoga asanas, and finally ending with meditation – a complete yoga session will rejuvenate and reenergize you. Less than an hour is required to complete all the asanas. Yoga sessions, commonly known as ‘corporate yoga sessions’, are conducted in MNCs and firms. Before you go for yoga sessions make sure you buy a yoga mat so that your body doesn’t suffer from unwanted pain. Some of the commonly taught asana in the workplace are as given below.

Corporate or Office Yoga

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How to do Corporate Yoga Asanas:


Balasana or Child Pose

Unfold the yoga mat and sit in a comfortable position. Now change the position to Vajrasana pose. Kneel on the mat taking care that upper part of your feet remains in contact with the mat. Keep your palm softly on your knees. Take deep breath, and breathe out slowing. While breathing out, arch your waist such that your upper half is bent in the forward direction. Bending down, touch the floor with your head. Take your palms away from your knees and place them besides your head in a relaxing position. This state of body is termed as Balasana. Stay in this posture for a minute.


Garudasana or Eagle Pose

When a person is in this asana, the shape of the body resembles that of an eagle. Hence this pose is popularly known as Eagle Pose. Stand in an erect posture in a quiet room. Bend down a little. Knees should be bent down slightly. Put your left leg forward in the air and wrap it around the right leg. Balance you body with right leg. Join both the palms and hold them in front of your chest as if you are praying and wrap your left hand around right hands, similar to that of your legs. Open your eyes wide and then close them. Try to balance your body and focus on the position in which you are.


Marjaryasana cat pose benefits

This pose looks like that of a cat hence it is also referred to as a ‘cat pose’. Bend your knees and sit on the lower half of your legs. Place you palms forward and bend a little. Move you buttocks out and place your body in a table-like posture. Keep your head straight and look at the front. Pull your upper body away from the floor and stretch your hands wide and forward and remain still in this position. After a minute, come back to your normal position.


Shavasana (Corpse pose) exercise in yoga

This asana is one of those poses which help you relax your body, and no efforts are required. This pose is also known as ‘Corpse Pose’ as the body appears to be dead in this posture. This asana relieves your mind of all the tension and stress and revitalizes you. Lie down on the mat, your back touching the floor and your head straight. Place your hands on the sides of your body and keep them on the floor slowly in a relaxing way. No two fingers of your hands and toes should touch each other. Move your legs slowly away from each other. Turn your neck on any one of the sides of your body such that the head is also on relaxing position. Shut your eyes and focus all your attention on your breath and the air moving in and out of your nostrils.

Viparita Karani:

Viparita Karani Yoga Benefits

This asana is to be done near a wall. Keep your yoga mat near the wall and lie there in a relaxing pose. If you are trying this pose for the first time, keep a cushion or a pillow near the wall touching it. Lie down in such a position that your toes should touch the base of the wall when your knees are bent. Keep your palms on your stomach but if you are not comfortable with it then you can place it anywhere. Lift your legs up is such a way that they form a right angle at the end. Keep the cushions is such a way that you can rest your upper body on that. Stay still in this position and rest for a minute then come back to normal position.

Corporate yoga is very simple and stresses on relaxing the mind as well as body so that the employee can remain active in working hours. Corporate yoga has many other benefits.

Corporate Yoga Benefits:

  1. It helps the employee work faster and with full concentration.
  2. It reduces other health related problems and risks.
  3. It helps the employee manage his work efficiently and be away from stress.
  4. Pain in the body caused by continuous work can be cured by such yoga postures.
  5. It improves overall capability of the employee and increases his endurance.
  6. The employee becomes fresh mentally and physically so that he is prepared to work efficiently the next day.

Corporate Yoga is very famous these days as it has many health benefits. It not only rejuvenates the body, but also relaxes the mind to a great extent. Owners of the company should definitely include such health regimes in their schedule to make sure that their employees are happy and under minimum stress. If you have not been to such session till date, then it time to start yoga so that you can lead a healthy corporate life.

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