Cucumber Side Effects – Eating How Much Is Too Much?

Cucumber is known for its health benefits and is an important ingredient in the salads, pasta and sandwich you make. It has a cooling effect on your body and is ideal for the hot summers. You can even bake them like you bake potato chips. In spite of its immense health benefits, cucumber also has some side effects. Itchy skin and belch are two of its main side effects. Sinusitis can become worse by consuming cucumber.

Cucumber Side Effects

Eating Too Much Cucumber Side Effects:

Bloating and flatulence:

As mentioned earlier, cucumber contains cucurbitacin. This element can lead to indigestion in some people. People with sensitive digestive system are more prone to indigestion caused by this vegetable. Indigestion can cause bloating and flatulence. Your body will try to eliminate it in the form of burps and farts. Onions, cabbage and broccoli also can cause such conditions. So, if you suffer from indigestion by eating these vegetables, you should be cautious when you consume cucumber.

Cucumber during pregnancy:

Cucumbers are generally safe for consumption during pregnancy. But under certain conditions consuming this vegetable in excess can make you feel uncomfortable.

  • The diuretic nature of cucumber can lead to frequent urination, thereby making you irritated and uncomfortable.
  • Cucumbers are rich in fibre. So when you consume it in excess, it can cause bloating. You may suffer from distended tummy with abdominal pain.

Excessive loss of fluid:

Cucumber seeds contain cucurbitin. This is an ingredient known to have diuretic properties. However, the diuretic nature is mild. Consuming cucumber in excess can lead to the removal of fluid from your body, thereby hampering the electrolytic balance. In extreme conditions you may be even be dehydrated.

Harmful for renal system:

When there are high amounts of potassium in your body, you suffer from a condition called hyperkalemia. This leads to bloating, intestinal gas and abdominal cramps in the beginning. Later on the condition can get worse and effect the functioning of your kidney. This may cause damage to your renal system.

It could be toxic:

Cucumber may contain cucurbitacins and tetracyclic triterpenoids, which are toxins that can cause problems. According to studies made, the bitter taste in these vegetables is due to the presence of thee toxins. Research made have shown that consuming cucumber in excess can even be life threatening.

It may cause sinusitis:

If you are suffering from sinusitis or any chronic respiratory problems, then it is better that you avoid consuming cucumber. According to ayurvedic practitioners, it is because of the cooling effect of these vegetables. This can aggravate such conditions and can even lead to complications.

Milk allergy:

Cucumber can also cause milk allergy. This is because of the wax used by farmers to coat the skin of cucumber. Farmers coat the skin of these vegetables with a wax as it is fragile. The wax coating protects these vegetables from insects as well as from the damages cause during shipping. This wax is made up of various ingredients including casein, soaps and ethyl alcohol. People allergic to milk may show allergic reaction to milk casein also. Consuming cucumber thus coated worth this wax can lead to allergic reaction in some people.

Oral and skin allergy:

The American Academy of Allergy and Immunology has conducted studies on the allergic reactions of cucumber on human beings. This says that if you are allergic to ragweed pollen, chamomile tea, melons, sunflower seeds, and banana, you may experience allergy after consuming cucumber as well. Cooking or grilling of this vegetable may make it safe for consumption. But it is better if you avoid cucumber and consume zucchini to avoid allergies. This vegetable also has the same properties as cucumber.

Side effects of excessive Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is great for enhancing your immunity power. It also helps in preventing and controlling various health issues, including scurvy, flu and so on. It also has great antioxidant properties. But if you consume this vitamin in excess, you may suffer from its side effects. When you take-in this vitamin in extremely large quantities, it acts like a pro-oxidant instead of its anti-oxidative nature. This leads to the growth of free radicals in the body. When free radicals grow in your body, it can cause various health hazards like cancer, acne, premature aging and so on.

Watch your heart:

Cumber contains high amounts of water in it. About 90% of it is made up of water. Consuming excess of it can lead to excessive ingestion of this fibre-rich vegetable. When the in-take of water is high, the net volume of the blood also becomes high. This can create pressure on the blood vessels as well as on the heart. As a result, damage may be caused to your blood vessels and heart. Presence of water in excess in your body may also lead to an imbalance in the electrolytic levels of the blood. This can cause seepage in the cells. As a result, you will suffer from frequent headaches and difficulty in breathing.

Tips to avoid cucumber side effects:

  • Make sure that you wash cucumber thoroughly under water.
  • Remove the peels of cucumber to protect yourself and your family from the toxins present on the peels.
  • If it is the raw cucumbers that are giving you problems, then sauté or grill them, and then consume.

So, next time when you consume cucumber, keep these points in mind. How much quantity one can consume daily varies from one person to the other.

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