How to Cure White Spots or Bumps on Lips: Best Remedies

Having white spots or bumps on the lips is something that nobody wants. There are various reasons as to why these spots appear on the lips. It may be due to cancer, STD, oral herpes and so on. Fordyce spots are the most common white spots you can see on lips. These are formed by the abnormal secretion of the sebaceous glands. They are not harmful and it is easy to get rid of them. There are various home remedies that help you to treat Fordyce spots on the lips. Before you start treating at home, you must consult a dermatologist and make sure that the white spots on your lips are Fordyce spots and not any other type of spots.

White Spots or Bumps on Lips

Fordyce spots can occur on lips on people of all age groups. These spots are white as well as bumpy and this is the way to distinguish it from other white spots. Once you make sure that the white spots on your lips are Fordyce spots, you may treat them by following the home remedies given below:

White Spots or Bumps on Lips Home Remedies:

Apply apple cider vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is also very effective for removing white spots on lips. Use this once or twice a week. Make sure that you remove it using lukewarm water after about two minutes of applying it on your lips.

Boost garlic consumption:

By including garlic in your daily diet you can greatly reduce the Fordyce white spots because garlic has the power to decrease the bacteria in the blood. This along with the medicinal properties of garlic helps in treating white spots effectively.

Coconut oil or olive oil:

After you apply the essential oils on your lips, clean your lips well using a mild anti-microbial soap or a face wash. Since cleaning can take off the moisture from your lips, you have to apply olive oil to keep your lips well moisturized. It is essential that you keep your lips moisturized all the time. You can use olive oil or coconut oil for this purpose.

Important oil treatment:

Take equal quantities of benzoin, tea tree oil and cabreuva and add some olive oil also. Mix them with an equal quantity of Scotch pine essential oil. Apply this on the white spots and let it dry. After it gets dry, you can wash off with lukewarm water and a mild anti-bacterial soap. With regular use this can help in reducing the white spots.

You can make this combination more effective by adding Frankincense, Palamarosa and Galbanum oils. This will improve the performance of the oil treatment and removes the Fordyce white spots faster. Apply this regularly on the white spots. Remember to mix them well before you apply.

Use sour and fresh fruit juices with water:

Take the juices of citrus fruits like lemon, orange etc and mix these sour juices with water. Now apply this aqueous juice on the white spots with a cotton ball. This is very effective for reducing white spots on lips. The white spots will start disappearing within two days of its use.

Use jojoba oil and Argania combination:

A combination of jojoba oil and Argania contains Tocopherol extracts, which is effective in removing white spots on the lips. Apply this combination o the affected part of the lips and this will hasten the removal of white spots.

Additional Tips to Get Rid of White Spots on Lips:

Other than the home remedies mentioned above, there are some other ways also to treat white spots on lips. They are as follows:

Chilled liquid nitrogen:

Frozen liquid nitrogen is said to be effective for healing white spots on lips. But take care so that the condition does not become worse. If you feel any discomfort after using it, you must stop using it immediately.

Do not lick the lips:

When the lips get dry, the patches on your lips will not heal properly. So, never let your lips stay dry. Licking the lips every now and then can make the lips dry. So avoid this habit. Moreover, the micro-organisms present in the mouth may make conditions worse.

Folic acid consumption:

Consuming more folic acid supplements along with your food will help in reducing the appearance of white spots on your lips. You can get it from any pharmacy. By consuming them daily, you can speed up the removal of white spots.

Healthy diet is essential:

A healthy diet can make the removal of white spots on lips faster. The diet must include enough of Vitamins A, D, C. K, E and B complex. Yogurt, green leafy vegetables and lentils are said to be good for reducing Fordyce spots on lips.

Let the spots be there:

It is said that the best way to treat white spots is to let them be there. Do not bother about them According to experts these spots do not stay long. After a few days they will disappear. Improper way of curing these spots may lead to soreness and other problems..

Maintain adequate oral cleanliness:

Fordyce spots are not a result of poor oral hygiene.  Even if you follow proper oral hygiene, these spots may appear. But as soon as you notice these spots on your lips, you must be more careful about your oral hygiene. Take care to keep your mouth area always clean.

Rub the lips to remove dead cells:

When you have white spots on your lips, you must make it a habit t rub the lips regularly. This helps in removing the upper dead sells and thus reduces the white spots. Take care to scratch your lips gently as the upper layer of your lips is very sensitive.

Quit making use of chemical products temporarily:

Never apply chemical products on the white spots on your lips, even if these spots are detected to be Fordyce spots. This is because chemical products may make things worse.

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