Dandelion Roots Benefits and Uses for Skin, Eyes and Health

Dandelion is a weed that is often seen in your lawn. However, hardly anyone knows that it is packed with Vitamin C, beta-carotene, minerals, fiber and so on. The roots of this plant is said to improve the quality as well as the quantity of milk in nursing feeding mothers. It is a natural blood purifier and also has various health benefits. There are many top reasons why you should use these dandelion roots.

Dandelion Roots Benefits Uses

These roots are great for providing you good health as it contains various biologically active components. Some of the benefits of this root for your skin, hair and health are:

Benefits of Dandelion Roots for Skin and Eyes:

Beneficial for acne:

The antioxidant and diuretic properties of dandelion root juice help in regulating the secretions of hormones by increasing sweating. This allows removal of toxins through sweat and urine. Applying dandelion paste on the face retards the functioning of the microbes and help in the curing of acne.

Healthy skin:

Carotenoids present in dandelion roots help in providing you a healthy skin. Dandelion root paste is very alkaline and has anti-fungal properties, which make it effective for treating fungal and microbial infections of the skin. Take care that it does not come in contact with the eyes when you apply it on your face. This paste is also good for treating ringworm, itchy and flaky skin, eczema and skin problems.

Provides better vision:

Dandelion contains zeaxanthin, which a carotenoid that has the power to protect the retina from any damage done by the UV rays. By consuming dandelion juice regularly, you can prevent macular degeneration.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Dandelion Roots:

Anti-diabetic agent:

According to studies made recently, dandelion has the power to regulate the levels of sugar and insulin in the blood. This is because of the presence of starch like substances called inulin and laevulin in dandelion root juice. These help in the production of insulin from the pancreas and prevent blood fluctuations. Because of the diuretic properties of dandelion, excess sugar is removed from the kidneys by causing frequent urination.

Aids weight loss:

Dandelion helps in losing weight effectively because of its diuretic properties. Urine contains about 5% fat. So, when you urinate more, more fats are removed from the body. Dandelion juice is also low in calories and is a great choice when you are on a weight loss diet.

Cures anemia:

You can treat anemia with dandelion as it is a rich source of iron ad vitamins. Iron is essential for the production of hemoglobin in the body. B vitamins present in this plant helps in the production of RBC and other components of the blood.

Enhances immune system:

Dandelion is full of antioxidants that protect the DNA and the cells from damages caused by the free radicals present in the body. This way it helps in slowing down the aging process of the cells. Dandelion roots fight against the microbes and fungi and help in making your immune system stronger. It is a good tonic for the body and improves your immunity power by destroying acids and other substances harmful for the body. It is very beneficial for those who suffer from nutritive salt deficiency.

Good for digestive system:

Dandelion is a rich source of fiber and helps in promoting digestion and improving appetite. It also lays the role of a mild laxative. It is good for promoting the health of intestine by balancing the natural and beneficial bacteria in the intestine.  Moreover, these roots also stimulate the liver and make sure that there is proper flow of bile. This way it helps in promoting digestion and preventing gastrointestinal diseases.

Improves renal health:

Dandelion has diuretic properties and it helps in flushing out all toxins, wastes, salts and excess water from the body. This way it prevents the formation of kidney stones. It is also good for inhibiting the growth of microbes in the urinary system and protects it from various infections.

Innate anti-cancerous properties:

Dandelion root is excellent for inhibiting the growth of cancerous cells in the body. The root extracts of this plant can stop the growth of melanoma cells without causing any damage to the non-cancerous cells. Luteolin has the power to poison the essential components of the cancerous cells, thus making them ineffective and unable to reproduce. Presence of carotene, phytonutrients, lutein and cryptoxanthin in dandelion roots help in protecting your body from lung, prostate and mouth cancers. It is also effective for detoxifying your body and preventing the development of tumors. Taraninic acid, which is a compound present in dandelion, is very beneficial for preventing cultured leukemia cells.

Improves brain health:

Dandelion is a storehouse of Vitamin K and provides more than 600% of the Vitamin K needed for the body. Because of the high levels of this vitamin in this root, it is recommended for treating neuron damage in the brain, thus preventing Alzheimer’s disease.

Improves bone health:

Dandelion contains high amounts of calcium in it, which is essential for healthy bones. It is good for preventing damage to the bones with age. This is because of the presence of leutin and Vitamin C in it.  It is also good for protecting the bones from weakness, decreased density and frailty. This plant builds up the bone mass and promotes osteotropic activity.

Natural shield for liver:

Dandelion contains luteolin, which can improve liver functions and prevent ageing. Dandelion root contains choline, which is a liver stimulant. This is very effective for treating hemorrhage of the liver. Vitamin C and luteolin present in dandelion roots help in preventing jaundice by fighting against viral infection. Sugarcane juice taken with dandelion root is a good cure for jaundice. It is also good for maintaining the fluid balance of the body.

Natural remedy for constipation:

Dandelion root is very beneficial for proper digestion and a healthy intestine because of the presence of dietary fiber in it. Consuming this root adds bulk to the stool and reduces any chance of constipation. It is very beneficial for stimulating appetite, especially after a surgery.

Prevents formation of gall bladder stones:

Dandelion root is beneficial for increasing the production of bile, which helps in preventing gall bladder blockage and stones. It is also effective for healing dyspepsia, stomach infections, as well as infections of the intestine and urinary system.

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