Diabetes and Summer Heat: Skin, Foot and Eating Tips

Diabetes can lead to other consequences also. It is important that you treat diabetes properly and prevent any issues that may appear in future. The best way to manage diabetes is to lead a healthy lifestyle and follow proper diet. During the summer months, people suffering from diabetes have to be extra careful. They feel hungry and thirsty very often with increase in temperature.

Diabetes Summer Heat Tips

Skin Care Tips for People with Diabetes:

During summer, people suffering from diabetes face a lot of skin problems like abscesses, carbuncles, boils, furuncles and so on. These have to be treated on time or else they may get worse and cause serious problems. One can prevent such infections by taking some precautions.

  • It is common that diabetic patients sweat profusely. Due to over sweating, infections may take place. So, it is important that you take bath at least two times daily. After bathing, applying a good antiseptic lotion is very useful and helps in preventing the growth of bacteria in the body.
  • In summer you have to wear light cotton clothes that are free flowing. Cotton clothes absorb the sweat and keep your body cool. This will ensure proper ventilation. Never wear tight clothes and synthetic clothes.
  • If you go out in the sun, it is important that you wear a good sunscreen. Sunburns can lead to an increase in the level of blood sugar. So, try to avoid getting sun-burnt. When you buy sunscreen to protect your skin, make sure that it contains high SPF. This will prevent sunburns more effectively. Even if you are going by car, you have to wear a sunscreen because sunrays can get in to contact with your skin through the windows of the car.
  • With the summer approaching, it is important that you keep a control on the level of glucose in your body. So, follow a diet that helps in maintaining normal levels of glucose in the body.

Preventive Foot Care in Diabetes People:

Taking proper care of feet is very important if you are suffering from diabetes. Those who suffer from chronic diabetes often suffer from injury of the foot and infection or ulceration. This is because they have poor glycemic control.

  • Make it a practice to inspect your foot frequently to see if there are any infections or cellulite.
  • Keep your feet clean all the time by washing your feet and also keep them dry. Follow the advice given by the doctor.
  • During summer, if you wear socks and closed shoes, your feet may sweat and this can lead to infections. So, make sure that you wear only cotton socks. Do not wear synthetic socks as they prevent the escape of moisture from the feet and can cause infections.
  • When you go to the beach or on a vacation or picnic, try not to walk on your bare foot. People love to walk on the sand bare foot, without wearing sandals or shoes. But it is not recommended for people suffering from diabetes. You can wear flip-flops, which are fashionable and protect your feet from sores and cuts. If you have high blood sugar, a minor cut in the foot can cause infection and it may take a long time to get healed. So, always be very careful about your feet.

Diabetes and Dehydration: Tips and Treatment:

Diabetic patients always have an urge to urinate, because of the increase in the level of blood sugar.  When there is extreme heat and humidity, you sweat a lot. So if you are diabetic, you may get dehydrated fast. Some diabetic patients avoid drinking too much of water fearing that they will have to urinate very often. As a result, sweating will be decreased and you also urinate less. This is not good for your body and health. Dehydration of the body takes place and this can lead to adverse conditions like dry mouth.

Doctors advise diabetic patients to drink lots of water. If they do not drink enough water, the level of water in the blood gets decreased and this can lead to the production of ketones, which can result in bad breath.

Dehydration in patients suffering from diabetics can be so serious that you may suffer from damage of the brain and other vital organs. So, here are some simple tips for dehydration:

  • As you know, summer means loss of water from e body through sweating and urination. So, if you feel the slightest hint of dehydration, drink lots of water immediately. This will compensate for the water lost and keeps you well hydrated. When you go out in the sun for yoga or some workout, remember to keep a bottle of water with you. Drink from it frequently and this helps in keeping you hydrated.
  • During summer, people drink fresh fruits juices, soda, coconut water and aerated drinks. These are all high in glucose,. So, avoid such drinks if you are suffering from diabetes. Lime water is safer for you. You must also avoid drinking alcohol, tea, coffee and chocolate drinks.
  • It is better for diabetic patients to go for swimming or yoga. Try not to go for a workout in the gym in summers. This makes you sweat moir√© and may also make you feel tired.

Diabetes Self Test:

If you are a diabetic patient and doing workout in the sun, the temperature of your body may suddenly rise up. The symptoms given below should not be neglected:

  • Feeling dizzy and nausea
  • Muscle cramps
  • Excessive sweating
  • Increased heart meat rate
  • Sudden coldness of the skin
  • Headaches

If you have any one of these symptoms, then go to an air-conditioned room immediately and drink lots of water. Also consult your doctor. If you workout in summers, you may do it in an air-conditioned gym, or early in the morning or late at night, when it is cooler. Check your blood sugar frequently as it fluctuates a lot in summers.

Summer Eating Tips for People With Diabetes:

The diet that you follow in summer must be healthy.

  • Non-vegetarians may have some grilled chicken breast and fish instead of tandoori leg pieces. Try to avoid red meat and fried chicken pieces.
  • You may avoid non-veg and have vegetable salads instead. Use mustard sauce instead of mayo to dress the salad.
  • Instead of taking desserts, you may have fresh fruits.
  • If you decide to have alcohol, have only half peg. Better is to have a cocktail.

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