Differences between Hair Smoothing and Hair Straightening

If your hair is very curly, you will find it difficult to comb your hair and manage it properly. Similarly, some of you may have really frizzy hair that is not at all manageable. Whatever you try, your hair remains dry and out of control. In such cases you can undergo some hair treatments to make it smooth and manageable. Hair smoothing and hair straightening are two of the options you have for this. Both these treatments provide you smooth and sleek hair that you can easily manage. But these two treatments differ slightly and you can choose a method that is suitable to you. Here we will discuss the difference between hair smoothening and hair straightening.

Hair Smoothing Vs Hair Straightening:

Hair Smoothing Vs Hair Straightening

What is Hair Smoothing? When you can choose this method?

It is a hair care treatment, which helps you to get very smooth and silky hair that you can manage without any difficulty. Here your hair retains its natural properties and no change is made in any way. It just makes your hair smooth and within your control in a natural way. If you have a dull hair with split ends, and do not know how to to treat it, you can choose this method.

What is Hair Straightening? When you can choose this method?

Hair straightening is a styling method that helps you make your hair straight and manageable. This is a good option if you have very curly hair and cannot untangle it. You can make your hair straight in a natural way, using natural products. But most of the women prefer cosmetic hair straightening treatments and this is in great demand. After this treatment your hair becomes straight and you will be able to manage it according to your will. Many are confused whether to chose Hair smoothing or hair straightening treatment. You can choose what is right for your hair.

Advantages of Hair Smoothing over Hair straightening:

Hair Smoothing Advantages

Many of the hair experts advise you to choose hair smoothing instead of hair straightening as it does not change your natural hair type. In both cases you get smooth and silky hair that is manageable. If you just want to improve your hair texture and the way it looks without causing any change in its nature, hair smoothing is right for you. After hair smoothing your hair will look silky and smooth, as well as natural. But after hair straightening treatment, your hair looks somewhat artificial.

When you undergo hair straightening treatment, chemicals are used as it is not possible to make any changes in the natural ways of your hair. If you have a curly hair, chemicals and heat are used to break the curls ad make hair straight. As a result, some damage to hair is bound to occur. So, smoothing is considered a better way to treat your hair than straightening as the end result is the same.

Advantages of Hair Straightening over Hair Smoothing:

Hair Straightening Advantages

If you have curly hair and you desire to have really straight hair as well as to improve the texture of your hair, then you may choose hair straightening treatment, as hair smoothening cannot give your straight hair. If you smooth your hair from time to time, you may get a hair that is wavy and silky, but not straight. Straight is available only if you undergo the hair straightening process. So, if your aim is to have straight hair, you have no other option than to choose the hair straightening method. Your hair will look great as if you have just walked out from the saloon. This is expected to last for at least one year. The hair that you treated remain straight permanently, but the new hair that comes out will not be straight.

Hair Smoothing or Hair Straightening:

It depends in what you prefer.

If you want to retain the natural look of your hair and just want your hair to be smooth and in proper place, then you may go for hair smoothing treatment. You will get soft and silky hair and you will be able to manage it according to your will.

If hair makeover is what you prefer, then hair straightening is the right choice for you. This will give you straight hair and keep it smooth and within your control. Straight hair is more manageable than curly hair and you will be able to style it in various ways. For very curly hair, hair straightening is better than hair smoothing. The only thing that you must keep in mind is that your hair is treated chemically when you undergo this treatment. Heat is also used on your hair. So you must give more care to your hair and keep it well moisturized and nourished, so that all the damage that might have done is rectified and no more damage is done to your hair.

For smoothing your hair, there are some homemade hair packs, which will give you smooth and manageable hair.

Some Hair packs for Smoothing Hair:

Aloe Vera gel:

Aloe vera if used regularly, will help in smoothing your hair. It also prevents premature graying of hair. Take two to three pieces of aloe vera and make it into a paste by adding a little water. Apply this paste on your hair, from the tips to the roots. Leave for about 30 minutes and then wash. As this can make your hair sticky, you may apply oil on your hair the next day.

Honey and banana mask:

Mash one ripe banana and add one tablespoon of honey to it. Apply this on your hair that is washed and clean. Wait for 20 minutes and then rinse. This keeps your scalp well moisturized and nourished and makes your hair smooth and soft.

Mayonnaise and avocado mask:

Add 2 teaspoon of avocado paste to one cup of mayonnaise and beat them well. Apply this from the root to the tops of your hair and then put on a shower cap to cover your head. Wait for one hour and then wash with lukewarm water. This pack is considered as the best hair pack for smoothing hair at home.

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30 Responses

  1. pushpa tomy says:

    how much rupees for permanant smoothening charges? Difference in straightening charge?

    • Nikitha says:

      costs vary from salon to salon anywhere between INR Rs 2000-5000

    • Dhara patel says:

      Yes,there is different charges for smoothening and straightening treatment . in india ..for smoothing charge will be 4000 and straightening charge may be 5000 .and also charge will be depending on your hair length.

  2. Bindu george says:

    Whether smoothening or straightening costs more

  3. Srilekha says:

    My face is very small n my hair volume is more …can u suggest me which treatment is btr to me? And i alrdy straightened my hair before one year …i got new hair now….after straightening the hair is good but i like little bit curls too ….bt with more volume i cnt leave my hair it is nt looking good…just give an advice im very confused…

  4. komal joshi says:

    what is the different between hair straightening & hair Smoothing because of my hair is curly.

  5. Sweta says:

    I am getting married in after 2 months.. I want to do smoothening.. But I got to know that we cannot do any hairstyles after smoothening..is that true??pls help

  6. Hasu says:

    One time smoothening my hair but results is very dry hair.please advise me a good solution

  7. Rimpa says:

    My hair is fully damaged, it’s rough and frizzy, unmanageable..I have done straightening thrice…bt problem is persisting from 3 months…can I go for smoothening or is there any other alternative

  8. Deepthi says:

    I have curly hair…. It is not manageable.. I need beautiful hair like heroins

  9. deepal says:

    How to do smoothning plz tell me full prosses

  10. vyshak says:

    Will the bulkyness of the hair get reduced by hair smoothening

  11. Saran says:

    Actually I have curly and thick hair .
    It will costs 2k to 5k even for my hair ?
    Or could you pls refer me some salon at Chennai?
    And !
    After smoothening , the length of my hair will remain same
    Or there will me some length changes ?

  12. naseem says:

    SmootSmoothing and hair straight both coust are seen how then whats the metter if we do hair straight or smoothing according to me hair straight is better then smoothing

  13. Raman bhatia says:

    What’s good for boys with naturally curly hairs ..advice me please..

  14. pavi says:

    Very useful to me after reading this I get some idea abt wat will suits for me

  15. Somya says:

    Somebdy suggst me tah hair smoothing productlike loreal

  16. Dhivyaprabhu says:

    I have thin and long hair.. am taking hairfall treatment. . Hair smoothening is suitable for me now…?
    Reply the truth pls…
    My marriage ll be in November month…..

  17. prachi says:

    My hairs are unmanageable and frizzy…..please suggest me which one is better..smoothing or straightening as i don,t want hair damage…………..

  18. Namrata says:

    My hairs Ar thin and I am not healthy to so I should do straightening or smoothening or non of them

  19. Riya sana says:

    After hair smoothing when my hair grow up then..is my hair look like smoothing hair or simple hair….??

  20. love says:

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  21. Hirva Dave says:

    In hair smoothning…we cant get straight hair???
    Or hair smoothning is long lasting for how many years??
    Or any special shampoo or oil after hair smoothning??

  22. srimathi says:

    hair spa different from smoothing

  23. Jagriti says:

    Is the hair rebounding harmful and if so,then how???on many sites it is given that it causes cancer…m confused plz help

  24. nivedkp says:

    Is smoothening or straightening damages hair or effect badly the hair

  25. priyaa says:

    i use heena as my hair colour is dull .can i use it after smoothening?

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