Different Kinds of Makeup Tips for Different Face Shapes

We all have different face shapes. A makeup that looks good on one face may not look good on another face that has a different shape. So never copy the makeup of somebody else unless you have the same face shape as she has. Otherwise you will end up looking worse than you ever were. Before you do a makeup, check what type of face shape you have and then do the makeup accordingly.

Different Face Shapes Makeup

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How to Apply Makeup For Different Face Shapes:

Makeup tips for Diamond Face:

diamond shape face makeup

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When you have a diamond shaped face, you have to highlight the centre of your face so that all the attention is brought to the centre of the face. You can get it by using a liquid foundation of a lighter shade or highlighting powder.

  • Use this highlighting powder or liquid foundation on the forehead, the bridge of your nose and also at the centre of the chin. This will focus all the attention to the centre of the face.
  • Now you have to reduce the width of your face and provide the face a proportionate look. For this use a bronzing powder or a foundation with a darker shade and apply it on the peak of the forehead, underside of the cheekbones and the tip of the chin.


Square or Heart shaped face Makeup Tips:

Gabriella Heart shaped face Makeup

Image credits: wikimedia

This is not very common and most of the heart or square shaped faces have a sharp jaw that looks chiseled. So, first thing to do is to divert the attention from the jaws.

  • To achieve this you have to use a foundation that is of a darker shade than the skin and apply it on the jaw lines. Use a highlighting powder or a shimmer, which is of whitish or pinkish shade, at the centre of the chin and also on the front of the forehead and the top of the nose.
  • Make your lips appear plumper by using a lip plumper or a lip gloss that is very shiny and lip colors that are bold and darker in color. This will draw the attention to the lips rather than the jaw line.
  • Use lighter shades on your eyes and do not make it appear very smokey.
  • You can use a blush, but when you use a darker shade take care not to sweep it up too much from your cheek hollows. Let the blush cover a minimum area.
  • After applying the dark shade use a lighter shade of the blush, especially to the apples of the cheek. You can use baby soft rosy pink or light pink with an orangish tint to it. This will make the apples look plump and turns the attention away from the sharp features.

Round face Makeup Tips:

Round face Makeup Tips

When you have a round face, contouring is important and you have to make your face look longer than the width.

  • Apply a bronzer on the temples of the forehead and below the jaw line. This will make your face appear oval in shape. It is also necessary to highlight the forehead and the area under the eyes and the chin, so that the centre of your face is focused.
  • Applying a blush just below the cheekbone or on the apples of the cheeks will highlight your cheekbones and provide more shape to your face.

Oval shape Makeup Tips:

meganfox oval face shape makeup

Image credits: zigzag-hairstudios

Oval is one of the most common face shapes and easy to do makeup.

  • The first step when you do makeup on oval face is to make the face look elongated, so that the oval look of the face is minimized. To get this effect, focus on your blunt features. It s observed that many of the ladies with oval face shape have blunt nose that is not sharp or pointed. So apply the foundation on your face and then take some bronzer between your thumb and the fore finger. Apply this on the sides of the nose from the top to the bottom. This makes your nose look sharp and well shaped.
  • The eyebrows if arched will make your face appear oval in shape. So avoid arched eyebrows and try to have a natural shape. This will reduce oval shape of the face.
  • Next comes eyes and the lips. For an oval shape face you must concentrate on highlighting either the eyes or the lips, making the other simple. Never concentrate on both the features. If your eyes are more makeup, keep the makeup of the lips simple and vice versa.
  • Using a blush makes your face look elongated. The trick is to suck your cheeks in and apply the blush on the contours. Never apply the blush on the apples of your cheeks. This will give a sleek as well as a stylish look to your face. The effect is all the more enhanced if you use some of the blush on the sides of your cheeks.

Makeup Tips for Oblong Shape:

miley cyrus oblong shape makeup

If you have an oblong or rectangular shaped face, you must do the makeup in such a way that your face appears oval.

  • Try to make your eyebrows somewhat arched, so that your face looks oval or round in shape.
  • On the part of the cheek that you suck in, use a light shade like pink. This will make the cheeks appear plumper than it actually is. On the apples of the cheek you may use a rosy darker shade.
  • Curl your eyelashes before and after applying the mascara and this will make your eyelash look long and thick. If the lashes are too small, you may use false eyelashes to get the effect.
  • Use rosy pink color on your lips and make them appear wide, which will give a fuller look to the face.
  • Try to make the sharp edges of your face look blunt, especially the edges of the jaws. Similarly, if you have a sharp nose, try to make it appear less sharp. Use the reverse of what you did for oval face. Here apply the bronzer on the top of the nose bone. Never use shadowing on the sides of the nose.

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