How Does Drinking Lemon Juice help you Lose Weight?

If you’re an avid reader of our articles then you might have understood by now that there are numerous ways of losing weight easily at home, through exercises and following natural homemade tips as well. In fact there are many ways to lose the extra fat easily from your body. Today we are going to learn about lemon juice and how it can help you in losing weight easily. Especially I love lemon and try to have lemon juice at least once or twice in a week.

lemon juice for weight loss

When and how much lemon juice to drink for weight loss?

Many people have this common question of when and how. Well, expert’s suggestion for better weight loss is to drink lemon juice early in the morning as your stomach will be lite with not much stress on your digestive system. Now coming to the question of how – take one glass of water and squeeze some lemon into it and drink it. Don’t add any sugar here to lemon water as that may impact your whole idea of losing weight in a negative way. Adding some honey (teaspoon) to it may be a good idea, as honey itself has many health benefits for your body. It’s good to have 1-2 glasses of lemon water in a day and not more than that for better health and digestive system.

You can also try this method. Take half lemon and squeeze 3-4 drops of it into an empty glass. Add some honey to it and take the mixture empty stomach. This will also impact your digestive system in a healthy way and helps in reducing your weight faster.

Caution: Lemon when comes in direct contact with your teeth impacts the enamel in a negative way. So it’s good to have it in a diluted way or you can also rinse your teeth well after drinking lemon water.

How Lemon Juice helps you in losing weight?

1) Many nutritionists suggest that drinking lemon juice helps you in weight loss

2) Drinking lemon water helps in flushing out internal toxins from your body

3) Helps in regulating sugar absorption and regulates your body metabolism

4) Lemon combined with water doesn’t contain any added preservatives or processed elements making it the best healthiest drink for your body

5) Doesn’t add any extra calories to your body whenever you drink it.

6) Maintains the pH level balance in your body

Advantages of Drinking Lemon Water:

1) Decreases the risk of colon cancer

2) Due to the pectin fiber present in lemon, it helps in reducing hunger

3) Common myth among people is that lemon causes cold and cough. But the truth is lemon contains high content of Vitamin C which helps in fighting infections like cold, cough and other chest infections.

4) It also helps in reducing wrinkles from your skin.

5) Lemon mixed with fullers earth helps in treating scars on your face

6) Taking small amounts of lemon water daily brings natural glow to your skin

7) Lemon has good potassium content in it as well which helps in nourishing brain and nerve cells

8) It is a great source citric acid, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus which are good for your body health

Now that you’ve understood the healthy benefits of lemon why not ditch your regular cup of coffee or tea for this healthy drink daily in the morning?

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