Drinking Water Benefits and Uses for Skin, Hair and Health

Water is very important for the body and for all functions of the body. About 50% to 70% of our body weight is composed of water. Water keeps your body well hydrated and helps in flushing out toxins and waste products from the body. It is also essential for processing the nutrients from the food we take in and to help body assimilate it. Lack of water in the body can cause asthma, constipation, migraine, allergy, hypertension and many other problems. You need to consume enough water every day to compensate for the water lost through perspiration, breathe, urine and bowel movements. According to the Institute of Medicine, it is essential that men take 3 litres of water and women take 2.2 litres of water every day.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Skin:

Drinking Water Benefits Skin

Delays Wrinkles Slows Ageing:

Water is important for keeping the skin moisturised and to provide the nutrients to the skin cells. It can improve the elasticity of the tissues and slow down the ageing process, thus delaying the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and etc on the skin.

Ease your nerves:

By having a cold shower and a relaxing bath, you will be able to calm your nerves and decrease the stress levels. Soaking your entire body in cold water for 2 to 3 minutes can help in rejuvenating your body. However, do not over-stretch your bathing time, as long exposure of the skin to water may remove natural oils from the skin.

Fights major Skin disorders:

You can fight against various skin disorders like psoriasis, wrinkles and eczema by drinking enough water. It is also good for increasing the metabolic rate of your body and for flushing out the toxins from the body, thereby improving the functioning of your digestive system. This in turn is beneficial for providing you healthy skin with a natural glow.

Replacement for Face Creams:

Water is a good substitute for your expensive anti-ageing creams that you buy from the market. Water keeps your skin well hydrated and glowing, and improves your complexion. If you want to have soft and supple skin, it is very important that you drink adequate amounts of water. This is more beneficial than the topical creams that you buy.

Reduce redness on the skin:

You can get rid of redness on the skin by having a cold water bath. It also makes your skin ready for better makeup application. After you wash with warm water, you can seal the open pores by splashing cold water on your skin. Cold water helps in closing your skin pores and prevents clogging of the pores. This way it can prevent acne breakout.

Reduce puffy eyes instantly:

You can treat under-eye inflammation with a cold water compress. As the water escapes from your skin, your skin gets cooler. Splashing cold water on your eyes can reduce puffiness around your eyes. The eye gels that you get contain high amounts of water and are used for long long-term solution.

Water therapy for Skin:

You can do water therapy at home by soaking a wash in hot water and placing it on your face. Then splash cold water on your face for about 15 times. This can rejuvenate and tighten your skin.

Benefits of Drinking Water for Hair:

Water Benefits for Hair

Before and After Swim Rise hair with water:

If water contains chlorine and salt in it, it can make your hair frizzy. So, you can rinse your hair before you enter the swimming pool. This way you can prevent any damage to your hair, as the strands absorbs clean water and therefore do not soak much of the chlorinated water. After you get out from the swimming pool, you can apply a good conditioner on your hair.

Drink 2 litres per day:

About one-fourth of the weight of your hair is made up of water. This means that you can have gleaming and healthy hair by drinking enough water. Drinking 2 litres of water daily can provide you healthy hair. Water also lubricates the inside of the hair strands and prevents dry and brittle hair.

No more dry hair:

Water is considered as the most natural setting lotion for hair. Moreover, it does not contain any chemicals in it as you find in the hair styling products. So, it never makes your hair dry or damaged.

Ocean Water for Strong Hair:

The ocean water contains red algae and sea lettuce, which help in cleansing your hair without making it dry. It is also good for making your hair strong and lustrous.

Shiny and Smooth Hair:

Washing your hair with cold water can make your hair glossy and shiny. The cold temperature of water can constrict the hair cuticles and make the strands smoother and shiny. It is also effective for preventing dirt from accumulating on your scalp and helps in making your hair stronger.

Shower with soft water:

Soft water contains less mineral salt in it. So, a shower with this water makes your hair more manageable.

Health and Medicinal Benefits of Drinking Water:

Water Health Medicinal Benefits

Aids weight loss:

According to scientists, drinking two 8 ounce glasses of water before your meals can help in suppressing your appetite, hence helping you lose weight. This is because water reduces your tendency to eat more by filling your stomach. Water also increases the rate of burning of fat in the body. The fat cells are broken down and eliminated when you drink enough water. Instead of drinking high calorie drinks like alcohol and sugary and aerated drinks, you can have calorie free water.  This leads to loss of weight.

Flush Toxins:

Water also flushes out the excess toxins from your body and helps in maintaining the normal temperature of the body.

Helps in digestion and constipation:

Drinking enough water helps in improving the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract. You can improve digestion and prevent constipation by drinking adequate amounts of water daily.

Improves mood:

When your body gets dehydrated, it can negatively affect your mood and the ability to think properly.

Relieves fatigue:

Consuming less amount of water can lead to tiredness and also reduces the functioning of the body. Dehydration can cause a drop in the volume of the blood, so that the heart has to work harder. By drinking enough water, you can reduce fatigue and make your body function properly.

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    I really can say that water relieves fatigue as I am a mother who gets tired doing house choirs. Nevertheless, water is there for my relief. It really helps me stay energized. Thank you Nikitha for this wonderful post.

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