Easy and Cute Braided Hairstyles for Girls

Cute Braided Hairstyles are the cutest and awesome hair looks to try for any girl or women especially during summers or in fact during any season if you really want to go for trying different looks on your hair. Combined with some simple twists and knots, here we present you with some interesting ways of twisting your braids.

Casual Braids Hairstyle:

Casual Braids Hairstyle

This hair style is best suited for those having medium hair.

1) To try this hairstyle part your hair in middle and move the fingers slowly to create some waves naturally.
2) Now taking the hair strands on both sides, make some simple little braids on either sides and tie them using an elastic band.
3) Leave the rest of the hair open. That’s it you’ve casual braid ready!

Hippie Braid Hairstyle:

Hippie Braid Hairstyle

This hair style can be tried by all irrespective of their hair lengths.

1) Take your dry hair and part it exactly in the middle.
2) Now from one side of your parted hair, take a thin strand and braid it tightly. Take this strand and pull it across to the other side of your forehead and fix it well inside the open hair.
3) Leave the rest of the hair open. You are done!

Braid Bun Hairstyle:

Braid Bun Hairstyle

This hair style is good on traditional wear and during special occasions. Perfect try for those having long and thick hair.

1) Take your dry hair and part it in the sideways which is enough to braid a thick braid.
2) Pull the braid to your back and tie it using an elastic band
3) Now bind the rest of your hair to the back of the neck like a messy bun

Simple Side Braid Hairstyle:

Simple Side Braid Hairstyle

This hair style is best suited for those having longer hair.

1) Part your hair on the side by combing it well and allowing it to be wavy
2) Now take the hair from your front and braid it loosely
3) Keeping the remaining hair loose, pull back the braid to aside and pin it well behind the ears to get a simple braided look

Regular braid Hairstyle:

Regular braid Hairstyle

This cute hair style is best suited for those having medium to long hair.

1) Tying your bangs loosely, part your hair at one side
2) Now starting from the back of your neck, take the hair to one side, braid it loosely and tie the end with an elastic band.
3) Ensure the knot is towards one side and doesn’t fall off easily

Let us know what are your favourite braid styles from here or anything you want us to cover

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