Easy Formal Hairstyles for Very Long Straight Hair

Are you looking for a formal hairstyle which you can try for some special occasions, then do you know there are different styles for you to choose from whether you want to tie your hair up or down or even let it be loose. If you have a long hair and struggling to find the perfect hairstyle which matches your hair, then you need not worry as we’ve compiled list of some best long hairstyles which will make you look gorgeous. Check the list below

Bouffant Hairstyle:

Bouffant hairstyle long hair

1) Comb you hair well.

2) If you’ve some curls or tangles make them straight using a hair straightner.

3) Take the front part of your hair and tie it up to create a puffed look and pin the hair tight towards the back.

4) Allow the remaining hair to be loose

Cinnamon Bun Hairstyle:

Cinnamon Bun long hair

1) Comb your hair well to remove any curls

2) Take your hair starting from your nape and twist it by rolling like a bun.

3) Once the rolling of hair like a bun is over keep it tight using a pin or a bun fastener

Classic Waves Hairstyle:

Classic Waves hairstyle

1) If you’re having a natural wavy hair then that’s great to try out this hairstyle or else you need a styling rod to wave your hair

2) Now, Style your hair starting from middle to bottom leaving the top part as it is

3) Leave the wavy hair to the front and move the remaining hair to your backwards

Wavy Braid Hairstyle:

wavy braid for long hair

1) Comb your hair well wide sides parting and keeping the front hair loose

2) Now take the strands which are above your ears and braid them tightly

3) Take this braided hair to the other side and pin it back tightly

4) Keep the remaining hair loose

Half Updo Hairstyle:

Half Updo hairstyle

1) Comb your hair in order to form simple waves or you can use any hair styler to get some waves.

2) Pull the hair back from the middle top like a puff and pin it at the back

3) Now take your side’s hair to your back and pin that to puffed hair leaving the rest of hair loose

Braid Bun Hairstyle:

Braid Bun Hairstyle

1) Comb your hair well and part it in middle on either sides.

2) Take the front hair and braid it tightly. Bring these braids to the back and pin their middle part together

3) Now take your remaining braids and twist it like a bun that will leave the neck and shoulders bare.

High Bun Hairstyle:

High Bun hair style

1) Comb your hair straight or make it straight using a hair straightner

2) Now pull your complete hair to the top of your head and pin it tightly

3) Pull the remaining hair to the top, roll it like a tight bun and secure it tightly.

Wavy Hairstyle:

wavy hairstyle for long hair

1) Comb your hair well and make some strong waves using a styling rod

2) Now take some hair strands from the sides, twist them to the backside and pin them loosely behind the ears

3) Leave the rest of the hair loose.

Sleek Ponytail Hairstyle:

sleek ponytail hairstyle

1) Comb your hair straight or use a styling rod to make it straight

2) Now pull the hair to the up by combing the hair well and tie it up tightly using a band or using the strands of the hair

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