Essential Diet required for Healthy and Good Hair Growth

Thick, long, shiny and healthy hair is the dream of every woman. Everybody aims for the lustrous locks. Hair has a huge impact in the way we look and our attitude. Good hair gives you an air of confidence too. But, getting the best hair and maintaining it is not an easy job. You need to take care of your hair and give it proper nourishment. There are a large number of foods that are great for your hair. Include them in your diet. Moreover, you need to be healthy for your hair to be healthy. Take enough care of your health. Read on to know what all foods are the best for your hair.

Beans, dal, and other sprouts:

Beans, Dal and Sprouts

Green gram dal sprout is the most common kind of sprout. This, and all other kinds of sprouts help a lot in proper hair growth. You could have moong beans, peas, or green gram dhal too.

You just need to keep the sprouts soaked early in the morning in some air tight box. By afternoon, strain out the water and keep the box closed. Make sure to keep this box in some dark place away from light. You could have these sprouts in the morning the next day. Take it with your breakfast for maximum benefits. The process is very easy and requires no cooking or messy works. They are really effective if you make this a routine. Being rich in proteins and other nutrients, this is great for your health.


hamburger with beef

Beef is rich in zinc, iron ad Vitamin B. These nutrients work really great for your hair. They make your hair strong and controls breakage. Include beef in your diet for your hair to become long and strong.

Citrus fruits:

Citrus Fruit for hair growth

When the body gets iron, it needs to absorb the iron content also in order to get the benefits. For absorbing iron, your body needs sufficient amount of Vitamin C. You need to make Vitamin C a part of your diet to grow your hair well. Citrus fruits are rich in Vitamin C. So, have enough of citrus fruits.

Dry fruits and nuts:

Dry Fruits and Nuts for hair

You have a number of nuts and dry fruits available in the market that are great for your health. An additional benefit of having them is that they help your hair grow well. You can choose from almonds, dates, prunes, figs, walnuts and many such options.  Figs and dates are full of iron and help in growing your hair well. Almonds give strength and a shiny texture to your hair.


Fish prevents hair fall

Fishes are rich in a variety of nutrients. Together, they make your hair strong and prevent hair fall. They give your hair a smooth and shiny texture. They are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids that are very helpful in nourishing your hair. Consumption of Sea Cod tablets is an alternative for the vegetarians out there, or those who do not like fish. It benefits your hair in a number of ways and is great for your health and immunity.

Fruits and vegetables of all kinds:

Various Vegetables and Fruits

Fruits and vegetables are rich in all kinds of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that are essential for good health. You must regularly have foods like sweet potatoes, orange, banana, garlic, kidney beans, carrots, papayas, and onions. They give the necessary strength to the roots of your hair. The scalp is kept healthy. It is ensured that blood circulates well on your scalp, which is important for proper hair growth. You can mix these ingredients and make a salad, or have boiled vegetables. Your diet must be made rich in all these vegetables and fruits to control hair fall and enhance the growth.

Soya Bean:

soya beans contains max proteins

Vegetarians need not worry about getting proteins. Soya bean is the best option for you people. It contains 40% proteins. It also has lots of good fats which assist your hair in growing. For good hair, you need to have lots of proteins.


shrimps help hair grow well

Shrimps are rich in proteins, Vitamin B12, zinc and iron. These elements are all required to control fall and breakage of hair and also promote its growth. So, include shrimps in your diet to help your hair grow well.


milk boosts height growth

Milk contains lots of calcium and iron which promote growth of hair. They give strength to your bones and keep them healthy. They are too good for your overall health. Above all, they offer proper nourishment to your hair as well. Loss of hair is controlled and your hair is made strong. You need to have a glass of cow’s milk regularly to make your hair strong, thick and healthy.


Drinking enough Water Jogging

Water is essential for the body in all ways. You need to keep yourself hydrated for proper metabolism and functioning of your body. Only if your body has enough water content, your hair will be able to grow well. Moreover, dehydration could even lead to a number of health problems. So, add a lot of water and fresh fruit juices in your diet to keep yourself hydrated.

Vegetables which are green and leafy:

Vegetables for healthy Diet

Spinach, leafy greens, turnip, broccoli, lettuce, beans and green peppers come under this category. Such foods are great for your health, and aid in hair growth. They are full of nutrients, vitamins and minerals which are essential for maintaining good hair naturally. You must consume leafy vegetables regularly. This makes the roots of your hair strong and also helps them grow. They ensure you do not suffer any kind of hair loss too.

You have a few tricks that can be done externally to help your hair grow:

  • If you have frizzy or tangled hair, apply honey on your scalp
  • If you have dry hair, rinse with lemon water
  • To give volume and shine to your hair, put some apple cider vinegar in your water

Hair care is very important and must never be neglected. Follow these tips and see your hair grow as you always wanted.

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