Most Essential and Vital Vitamins needed for Hair Growth

We all love our tresses and tries to take good care of them but it is important that we know what is good for our hair and which is not. Vitamins are as important for our hair as it is for our health so here is a list of Vitamins that helps our hair grow long and fast.

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  • B Vitamins – This is one group which has various types of Vitamin Bs. If you start writing about each one of them then you will surely going to fill up the whole space therefore it is always clubbed together. Therefore make sure you include Vitamin B in your diet and buy shampoos rich in Vitamin B Complex. If you see strands of hairs in your brush and if your hairs do not grow as fast as it used to be then you will know that you are suffering from Vitamin deficiency. Vitamin B12 is one of the most important B Vitamins but try to include all B Vitamins your beauty and health regime.
  • Vitamin C – The hair products use this Vitamin in ample amount. You must include Vitamin C in your diet like fruits and fruit juices mainly. In case you don’t like fruits, then you can easily use the supplements that will help you maintain the Vitamin C level in your body.
  • Vitamin A – You thought Vitamin A is only good for your eyes, but that is not the case as this carrier of antioxidant will also help you in getting lustrous hair. If your eyesight weakens or if you start having some skin problem, then you can be sure of one thing that your skin is not getting enough of Vitamin A.
  • Vitamin E – If you want to grow your hair strong and long then you must include Vitamin E in your diet. Including foods rich in Vitamin E is one way of making sure that you have enough of this Vitamin. When this Vitamin is compiled with other Vitamins then it provides you with healthy scalp whih helps in healthy hair growth.
  • Vitamin D – Follicles are important for hair growth and Vitamin D encourages healthy growth of Follicles so you must include Vitamin D in regular diet. In summer you might not face any problem but in winters you may run into some problems so make sure that you take Vitamin D supplements during that period.
  • Magnesium – Your hair reflects the lifestyle you have. If you are eating healthy and leading a good lifestyle with 8 hours sound sleep, then you will not face major problems. Therefore, if you want your scalp to get its food right then you have to eat foods rich in Magnesium which will let your hair grow strong and healthy.
  • IronYou must be wondering since when did Iron has been considered as a Vitamin! No, it is not a Vitamin but as we are talking about hair growth, we cannot leave Iron far behind. There is a long list of food to choose from if you are looking for Iron rich food. You must also select the hair products that contain Iron so that your hair receives ample amount of food.
  • Protein – Protein helps in growing strong hair and this is the reason this has been listed here. Fish is a good source of protein but if you are a vegetarian then there are so many vegetables that will provide you loads of proteins so you don’t have to start eating sea products all of a sudden to get stronger hair.
  • Zinc – If your hair is losing out shine, then a deficiency of zinc may be the reason. Your diet is not full of zinc, which is leading to lackluster hair. If you want, you can involve Zinc supplements in your diet so that the deficiency can be overwritten.
  • Biotin – Long, black healthy hair is everybody’s dream so how do you get that if you forget about Biotin. This is the B Vitamin which needs special mention in the list for its ability to provide long hair. This Vitamin is water soluble so your body is not able to retain it therefore it is very important that you have plenty of it so that it gets used up by your body.
  • Niacin – Though this is the member of the B Vitamin family, but it has its own identity when we are talking about hair growth. It helps in nourishing your hair and avoids your hair from getting brittle or lifeless. It also helps in preventing hair fall. When you will have enough of Niacin then your hair will get its nourishment and grow faster.

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If you are not sure whether you are getting enough of Vitamins and required minerals then there is always an alternative in the name of supplements. You can take these supplements as they are easily available in any chemist store but it is always advisable that before you take any medicine consult a doctor. Here 3 names are listed that are considered to be the best hair growth supplements –

  1. Toji: Pure Density – Toji is one company which comes out with hair products only therefore all their time is invested in coming out with products that will benefit hair growth. This supplement includes 36 natural ingredients which really help in healthy hair growth.
  2. Elements for Hair – If you want to take one supplement which will help you to cover all the required Vitamins and minerals for your hair then This is the name that you must consider. It is helpful for normal hair to dry hair and it gives your hair a much needed boost.
  3. Viviscal Extra strength – It helps the growth of your hair from inside and it does not have any side effects. If you are suffering from hair loss due to poor diet or stress, then this can help you and also if your hair is thinning then this will treat your problem too.

There are many questions regarding Vitamins and its role in hair growth. If you eat a healthy diet then it will definitely help you stay healthy and that will reflect on your hair too. Vitamins can help in re-growth of hair in only those areas which are not affected.

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