Things Every Beginner Should Know Before Starting Yoga

If you are a beginner in yoga, you may be very much confused about it and what to expect from yoga. As you know, yoga includes physical as well as spiritual aspects. You can achieve your goal through yoga only if you are mentally prepared for it. Before you start practicing yoga, it is important that you keep in mind certain things. When you practice it at home or at yoga class, you should remember the following things. These guidelines are very simple and you can easily remember them.

Yoga for Beginners Tips

Yoga for Beginners – What to Know Before Starting Yoga?

An instructor is a must to learn yoga the right way:

With the internet becoming very popular you can log on to lots of websites that offer you each and every  information on yoga like different types of asanas, breathing techniques, step by step instructions on various types of asanas and so on. However, if you are going to practice yoga for the first time, it is advisable that you do so in the presence of a yoga teacher who is very experienced in the art of yoga. They will teach you the right way to do various asanas and when to breathe in and breath out when you do these asanas. Like other exercises that you perform, even if you make a slight mistake in doing these yoga poses, it can cause you injury. So, it is important that you learn yoga from a yoga guru. Once you have learnt the right way to do yoga, you can practice it yourself at home.

Always practice yoga serenely:

You should choose a place that is calm and quiet for practicing yoga. Make sure that the room is airy. The atmosphere should be serene and calm your mind. You can put on some light music as well. Chants such as Om are perfect. When the atmosphere is silent and tranquil, you will be able to concentrate better on your breathing and the asanas that you perform. This way you will be able to understand the needs of your body better and do accordingly. You should keep a track on every breath that you take. This is one of the main reasons why yoga gurus advise people to practice yoga early in the morning or evening. During these times of the day, the environment is usually silent, free from any sounds. Practicing yoga under such conditions helps you to realize your inner self completely. This way you will be able to transform yourself in a better way.

Always wear comfortable clothing:

Choosing the correct clothing is very important when you practice yoga. Chose clothes in which you are comfortable. Try to put on loose and comfortable clothes. This way you will be able to breathe correctly without any difficulty. You will also be able to move your body parts freely, without any restrictions. Never wear tight clothes for practicing yoga. This can restrict your movements and sometimes even cause you injuries. Cotton clothes are best suited for yoga sessions. You may put on a cotton tee that is comfortable for you and loose track pants. They absorb sweat and keep you comfortable, so that you can perform the asanas with full concentration.

Never eat a heavy meal before you practice yoga:

As you know, eating a heavy meal is not allowed when you follow any fitness regimens. Same is the case with yoga. You should never eat a heavy meal and keep your stomach full before you practice yoga. It is best to practice yoga early in the morning. About half an hour after you drink a cup of coffee. If early morning practice is not possible for you, then you should remember to wait for at least 2 hours after you have had your breakfast. You can also do it 4 hours after your lunch. The reason for it is that most of the asanas focus on your abdomen. So, when you practice it on a full stomach, you may feel uncomfortable as you do these poses and it may give you unpleasant results.

Patience is the key to be successful:

When practicing yoga, you need to be very patient. Yoga is not something that will give you positive results overnight. You need to practice it with patience for at least 30 to 45 days. Dedication and consistency are a must when you practice yoga. Only then will you get the desired results. Whether you are doing yoga for losing weight, to gain weight, for treating diabetes or for regular workout, you are sure to get the results in due time. But you need to be patient and wait for the desired result.

Along with the tips given above, you should also keep the following points in mind when you practice yoga.

Yoga Tips to Improve Yoga Practice:

  • Make sure that you breathe the right way.
  • Concentrate fully on each asana that you perform. Remember not to look into a mirror when you practice an asana. This can distract your mind and you will not be able to concentrate well on your asana.
  • If you have any health problems or any other issues, you should tell your yoga guru beforehand. This will allow them to modify the asanas so that you can perform them comfortably.
  • Women are advised not to perform yoga asanas during their menstrual cycle. You can check with the guru and know about it.
  • A yoga mat is a must when you practice yoga. So make sure that you buy a good yoga mat before you start practicing yoga. This helps in avoiding any injuries when you practice yoga asanas.

So, if you are a beginner in yoga, keep these points in mind when you start practicing yoga. Try to keep a harmony between body and mind instead of concentrating only on achieving a physical goal.

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