Exercises to Lift and Make Your Sagging Bust Firm Naturally

Are you worried about your sagging breasts? The best way to bring it back to shape is to do certain exercises. These help in lifting your breasts and you will look great when you wear a pushup bra. These exercises help in accentuating your curves and provide you positive result within a short time.

Exercises to Lift Your Breasts Naturally:

Chest Pass Exercise:

Chest pass is also an exercise that you can do at home to lift your breasts. Before you attempt this exercise, you have to read the instructions given below and follow them carefully.

  • Lie on the floor and make sure that your back is straight.
  • Take hold of a medicine ball with both your hands and place it on your chest.
  • By keeping your abs engaged, throw the ball high up.
  • Catch the ball by straightening your arms. Now bring the ball back to your chest, as you did in the beginning.
  • Try to do three sets of 10 reps each.

Dumbbell Fly:

Dumbbell fly is an excellent exercise to help your lift breasts easily. Doing this is a sure way to get the desired results. It is simple to do and very effective. So, practice it regularly to get positive results within a short time.

  • To do this exercise, you can lie on a bench or a medicine ball. Balance your torso well on it.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bend your elbows slightly.
  • Now you have to lower the weights in your hands, so that they are in line with your chest.
  • Bring the weights back to the initial position.
  • Do 10 reps.
  • Now rest for one minute and then you can start doing another set.

Dumbbell bench press:

You can do this exercise at home or in a gym. You need a pair of dumbbells and a bench to do this exercise.

  • Lie on your back on the bench. If your legs are not touching the ground, bring it down so that they touch the ground.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bring your hands close to your chest.
  • Now press them up simultaneously and then bring your hands back to the initial position.
  • With this one rep is completed.
  • Repeat this exercise 20 times.

Elbow squeezes:

Elbow squeezes are one of the easiest exercises to do and are great for lifting the breasts. They provide a good workout to your chest muscles and make them firm as well as smooth. To do this exercise you need dumbbells.

  • Stand up by slightly bending forward. Hold a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Now bring your elbows straight up, so that they make a 90 degree angle.
  • Next you have to bring your elbows close to each other.
  • Do not let the weights drop.
  • Squeeze your elbows for a few seconds and then you can open your arms wide again.
  • Get back to the first position.
  • Do this 15 times.

Inverted wall push ups:

This also provides you good results.

  • Stand straight and face the wall.
  • Bend down to keep both your arms on the floor.
  • By taking the support of your body, lift your body slowly and cautiously upwards.
  • Touch the wall with your feet and you can take the support of the wall.
  • Now you have to bring your head slowly to the ground. Remain in this position for a few seconds and ten get back to the first position.
  • Practice it well and then you can do it repeatedly.

Push ups:

Pushups are very beneficial to give you a well toned body. Practicing it regularly helps your body to get into shape. Pushups are good for your abs and biceps as well as your chest. Doing pushups daily is an excellent way to tone up your breasts.

  • Lie on the ground face downwards and get into a plank position.
  • Make sure that you have kept your body straight.
  • Lower your body, till you feel your chest touching the floor.
  • Your upper arm should be kept at an angle of 45 degree at this time.
  • Now push your body back to the first position.
  • Repeat this exercise ten times.

Pushups with medicine ball:

If you want to make your pushups more challenging, you can use a medicine ball to do the pushups. This is somewhat difficult compared to the normal pushups, but the result that you get is worth the pain you take.

  • Get into the push-up position and then place your left hand on the medicine ball.
  • Now you have to bring your other hand also slowly on to the medicine ball.
  • Engage your legs and bring your belly button in, as you go down, bending your arms at the elbows.
  • Press both your hands on the medicine ball so that you can go back to the initial position.
  • In the beginning you have to complete one set consisting of 10 reps. Gradually you can increase the number as you become more adept in doing the pushups.

Rear lateral raise:

Rear lateral raise is great for toning up and providing shape to your arms within no time. It is also a good workout for your chest. Do it according to the instructions given below.

  • Stand straight with your feet close together.
  • Hold a dumbbell in each of your hands and then stretch your hands forward.
  • Bend your knees and then move your hips backwards, so that your torso is made parallel to the floor.
  • Next you have to raise your arms to the sides. Make sure that your arms are kept straight.
  • Pause for a while and then you can come back to the initial position.


Swimming Lifts, Firm Breasts

Swimming is great for lifting your breasts. It helps in burning more calories and provides beauty and shape to your chest.


Yoga Exercises for Breasts

Some of the yoga poses like the cobra pose, triangle pose and standing forward pose help in toning your breasts.

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