Fennel Tea: What is it? Benefits for Skin and Health

Fennel seeds are brownish green in colour and most of us are unaware of their immense benefits. However, its greatness was well known form the ancient times.

Fennel Tea Benefits

What is Fennel Tea?

Fennel is an aromatic plant and it is used for medicinal purpose as well as culinary propose. It is native to Mediterranean and now is found all over the world. The seeds and its oil are used in medicine.

It was used as a traditional medicine in India, China and the Middle East. In ancient Greece doctors advised breast feeding mothers to consume fennel seeds as it helped in increasing the supply of milk.

You can make fennel tea by boiling fennel seeds in water in such a way that the volatile oil in the seeds blend well with the water. The tea thus made has lots of health benefits.

Fennel Tea Benefits and Uses:

Aids weight loss:

It helps in losing weight because of its ability to help in proper digestion. When the digestion is improved, your body will be able to assimilate nutrients in a better way. This will keep you satiated reduce craving for food. This way you will be able to lose weight.

Fennel is also said to be a hot temperament herb. It can aid in reducing the serum glucose levels and promote weight control in humans. It is also good for suppressing appetite and to remove excess fluid and waste from the body.

Boosts the immune system:

Fennel tea is a rich source of Vitamin C. This vitamin is a powerful antioxidant and helps in making your immune system strong. This tea also contains selenium, which can stimulate the production of T-cells. The antimicrobial properties of fennel make it all the more beneficial for improving immunity.

Fennel tea for babies:

Fennel tea can reduce colic symptoms. This is because of the ability of these seeds to soothe the gastrointestinal tract and expel gas. Fennel can have a relaxing effect on the baby’s intestines. However, this herb is not recommended for children below 4 months of age.

Helps treat acne:

Fennel seeds contain certain essential oils like anethole, myrcene and limonene. All these have anti-inflammatory properties. So they are good for the treatment of skin problems like acne. Fennel is also effective for flushing pout excess liquids from the skin, which otherwise may lead to acne.

Helps relieve arthritis:

Some studies have revealed that fennel can provide relief from certain inflammatory ailments. Fennel also helps in increasing the activity of an antioxidant called superoxide dismutase, which can reduce the levels of inflammation.

Fennel is also said to be effective in the treatment of arthritis symptoms. It has excellent osteoprotective properties according to an Iranian study.

Helps cope with menstrual problems:

Fennel is effective for treating painful menstrual cramps. Fennel tea can regulate your thyroid so that you have a healthy flow. Menstrual pain is probably caused due to excessive contraction of the uterine muscles. Fennel has the ability to relax the muscles and get your relief from the symptoms.

Helps treat respiratory ailments:

Fennel seeds are said to be beneficial for curing respiratory disorders. It can also treat catarrh (excessive build-up of mucus) in the upper respiratory tract.

Fennel is also said to calm the spasms in the respiratory system. It cleanses the bronchial passages and keeps respiratory issues away. According to the Nutritional Geography website, fennel seeds are extremely good for the lungs.

A study in Portuguese says that fennel seeds are good for treating bronchitis and chronic coughs.

Improves hormonal imbalance:

Fennel contains phytoestrogens, which can promote hormonal balance. Fennel seeds are also said to have the ability to treat PCOS, which is a hormonal disorder found in women of reproductive age.

Progesterone is one of the most important hormones that help in balancing the thyroid and the glandular system. Fennel contains progesteronic substances that help in this case.

Promotes heart health:

There is a link between the liver and heart health. The cholesterol is produced and broken down in the liver. When the liver is healthy, more cholesterol is broken down. Fennel is one food that can support liver functioning. This way it helps in promoting heart health indirectly.

Fennel is also rich in fibre. Fibre can prevent the re-absorption of cholesterol and this way it helps in protecting the heart from various diseases.

Being a rich source of potassium, fennel; helps in controlling the blood pressure and in counteracting the undesirable effects of sodium. This way hypertension is prevented and eventually the heart disease.

Promotes eye health:

Extracts of fennel seed are found to be beneficial for treating glaucoma. You can use fennel; tea as an eye tonic. Just apply it directly as eye drops or as a compress. An Iranian study reveals that fennel extracts are god for improving eye vision because of the presence of Vitamin C in it.

Lower levels f Vitamin C in the eye lens is said to increase the risk of cataract. Antioxidants in fennel seeds protect the eyes from macular degeneration. Fennel is also good for treating eye inflammation.

Treats gastrointestinal issues and improves digestion:

Fennel seeds have the ability to relax the muscles and stimulate the flow of bile. This way it helps in reducing the pain and improving the digestion. Fennel is considered as one of the herbs that have the power to enhance digestion.

Fennel is also beneficial for expelling gas from the body and to prevent bloating. It helps in increasing the circulation of blood to the digestive tract, thereby improving the overall process of digestion.

Fennel seeds are also said to relieve flatulence. Numerous studies have proved that fennel seeds can improve the health of digestive tract. Being rich in fibre, fennel seeds help in keeping the colon and large intestine healthy. It can also provide you relief from the gut-based gas production.

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