What Foods to Eat according to your Blood Type

Often you suffer from weakness, indigestion, lethargy, gain in body weight and other health problems even after taking all precautions and having healthy diet. This may be because you are not taking the food items that you require. Dr. J.D’ Adamo, who is the author of the book “Eat Right 4 Your Type”, says that you must regulate your eating habits according to your blood group.

Eat Foods on Blood Type

These are some of the suggestions given by Dr. Adamo that you may follow:

Foods to Eat for Blood Type A:

This blood group is said to have come in to existence after the coming up of agriculture. People belonging to this blood group are said to be much more cooperative and they are capable of leading a comfortable life in a large and crowded community. They are hardworking, can take responsibility and are also calm in nature.


  • They respond to stress in a very calm way and do not get over stressed
  • Lactose intolerance is found in many of the people belonging to this group
  • People with A blood group digest carbohydrates very easily

Suited nutrition:

  • People of this blood group must take in diets that are full of fibers like whole grains, fruits and vegetables and so on. This make them stay healthy.
  • The daily diet they take in must be rch in multivitamins and should contain iron, B12, B Complex, Vitamins A, C and E and calcium. These help in boosting the health of people belonging to this blood group.
  • Foods including kelp, broccoli, sesame seeds and spinach, which are rich in calcium.
  • According to many of the health experts, people belonging to this blood group should try to avoid dairy products, meat and wheat and are more benefitted by having a vegetarian diet.

Good Foods for gaining weight:

People with A blood group should consume the following foods for gaining weight:

  • Dairy products
  • Meat
  • Lime/kidney beans
  • Lots of wheat

Super Foods for losing weight:

If people of this blood group want to lose weight, they must consume:

  • Vegetable oils to prevent retention of fluids
  • Foods containing soya, which is beneficial for digestion
  • Pineapple and vegetables, which is useful for preventing constipation and aids in improving bowel movements

Foods to Eat for Blood Type B:

Group B blood was first found in a clan of people who raised animals or milk and meat. It is also called the nomad type and not very common as the O blood group. They need to keep a balance between their physical and mental activities to remain lean and sharp. People belonging to this group can easily adjust with any environment and they are characterized by their unique individuality. They are unconventional but always relaxed and calm.


  • People with B blood group are usually at ease with the consumption of dairy products.
  • Their immune system is very strong and therefore they can fight against various diseases
  • Many of the people belonging to this blood group are found to have some difficulty in digesting wheat products that contain high level of gluten.

Suited nutrition:

  • People that come under B blood group are advised to have foods rich in protein.
  • Some of the foods that are beneficial to them are eggs, fish, nuts, beans, mutton and lamb.
  • It is better for them to drink lots of water instead of taking drinks that are sugary.

Good Foods for gaining weight:

If you belong to blood group B and want to put on weight, have the following food items:

  • Lentils
  • Sesame seeds
  • Peanuts, corn, wheat

Super Foods for losing weight:

If you are overweight and want to reduce your weight, try the following foods:

  • Have lots of vegetables. This will improve the bowel movements.
  • Goat meat, lamb and mutton. These will increase the rate of metabolism and help you lose weight.

Foods to Eat for Blood Type AB:

AB is a rare blood group and according to the studies made, only less than 5 % of the population belongs to this group. People under this blood group are difficult to figure out as they are very volatile. But you can trust them and depend on them.


  • People belonging to this group have a vulnerable digestive system
  • They are tolerable to dairy products but not tolerable to animal protein.
  • Stomach acid is produced in less quantity

Suited nutrition:

  • Diets rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables. This helps in digestion and keeps the body healthy.
  • They are advised to consume 2 to 3 glasses of fresh fruit juice

Good Foods for gaining weight:

  • Sesame seeds, corn, lima beans, kidney beans, buckwheat
  • Wheat
  • Red meat

Super Foods for losing weight:

  • Kelp and dairy products for improving metabolism
  • Green vegetables, tofu and seafood for improving bowel movement
  • Alkaline fruits to improve muscle alkalinity

Foods to Eat for Blood Type O:

Blood group O is usually regarded as the ‘original blood’. It is said to be the oldest and also the most common blood group found in human beings. People with O blood group are usually very focused and energetic. They also show leadership qualities.


  • Meat eaters
  • Higher production of acids in stomach
  • React to stress with intense workout sessions

Suited nutrition:

  • People belonging to this group must consume beans, beef, nuts and seafood.
  • They have to consume foods rich in carbohydrates instead of opting for diets low in carbohydrates.
  • People belonging to this blood group should also consume less salt and little or no processed foods. This will be good for their general health and to make their immune system strong.

Good foods for gaining weight:

If you want to gain weight, you must have the following foods:

  • Lentils, kidney beans, navy beans
  • Sugar, sweet corn, refined grains, wheat gluten, wheat flour
  • Cauliflower, sweet potatoes, corn, sprouts

Super Foods for losing weight:

  • Broccoli, green tea, beef, kale
  • Kelp, bladder wrack, saltwater fish, cod fish

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