How to get Beautiful Long Eyelashes Naturally: 8 Best Tips

Having beautiful eyes makes you look pretty and attractive. No matter what shape and color your eyes are, if you do not have long and thick eye lashes, your eyes will not look attractive enough. Most of the ladies use mascara or artificial eye lashes to get long eye lashes. But these are not permanent. So try something that helps in getting long and thick eye lashes naturally.

Care for the Eye Lashes Is As Important As You Take Care of Your Hair:

Just as hair care is very important to have a healthy hair, care of the eye lashes is also equally important. Taking care of your eye lashes is much easy and simple compared to the hair care. When you follow a lash care routine, you will not get the results immediately. You will have to wait till the next cycle of the eye lashes, which is about two months. So never give up the treatment and wait patiently for at least two months. This is sure to give to positive results.

How to have Thick and Long Eyelashes Naturally:

How to get Long Eyelashes

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You will get long eyelashes that make you look pretty by following a few steps.

A mix of olive oil and castor oil:

Mix equal quantities of olive oil and castor oil and then apply this regularly on your eyelashes. This will make your lashes grow long and thick, enhancing the beauty of your eyes.


Having a well balanced and nutritious diet is as important as following the various home remedies for long lashes. Some of the foods that help in increasing the growth of the eyelashes and improving the health of your eyes are apples, guavas, many other fruits, eggs, fish, meat, green vegetables and other foods rich in proteins.

Green tea:

Another easy way to get long lashes is to use green tea. Put green tea leaves in warm water for a few minutes and then apply this on your lashes regularly. This will make your lashes grow thick and strong.

Lemon peels soaked in olive oil or castor oil:

Soak lemon peels in castor oil or olive oil and keep it soaked for a few days. After a few days, apply this on your lashes regularly. This is sure to give you thick and long eyelashes.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is one of the best home remedies that helps you to get long and thick lashes. Apply it regularly on your lashes and this will make your eye lashes grow stronger and longer.

Petroleum jelly:

Pure petroleum jelly is also good for your eyelashes. Apply it on your lashes every day at night before you go to bed. This way your lashes will grow fast. It will also become thick and strong.

Remove eye makeup at the end of the day:

The area around your eyes is very thin and the makeup you use leads to the clogging of the skin. Moreover, the mascara you use on your lashes is quite heavy for the lashes. So, by removing the mascara at night, your eyelashes will get rest, which is good for the lashes. The skin around the eyes, as well as the eyelashes is very delicate. So removing the eye makeup helps in refreshing them and making them healthier.

When you remove the makeup from your eyes, you must be very gentle. If you are rough, it will lead to the falling of the lashes and they may not become as thick as they should be. The growth of the eyelashes is much slower than the growth of your hair. So take care not to damage your eyelashes when you remove the eye makeup. it will take a long time to repair it.

Trim your eyelashes:

Trimming your eyelashes once in two or three months is an easy way to get healthy, long and thick lashes. Do not trim too much of your lash. Trim just one fourth of the length of the lashes. This will help in stimulating the follicles of the eyelashes, which will lead to better growth of the lashes. As a result, you will get long and thick lashes within a few months.

A Few Eye-care Tips to Remember:

  • If you are on a weight losing diet, never starve yourself. This will not make you slim. It will only help in making you weak and unhealthy. Always have healthy food and never forget to do your daily exercise, whether you do it at the gym or chose to walk briskly for an hour.
  • Include some fat in your daily diet and also make sure that you do not go without having your breakfast. Breakfast is very important for your health and the health of your lashes.

Some of the Products That Helps In Increasing the Growth of Your Eye Lashes are:

  • Another effective booster for the growth of the eye lashes is Latisse, which contains Bimatoprost, an ingredient that helps in increasing the growth of the eye lashes.
  • Use lashfood. This is very beneficial for your eye lashes. This is also called as the natural conditioner for the eye lashes. It helps in increasing the growth of the lashes and makes the lashes thick and strong.
  • Using lilash on your lashes is also good for the proper growth of the eye lashes. It is a rich source of glycerin, extract of lupinusalbus seed, silica, colloidal silver and pathenol. All these ingredients greatly increase the growth of your eye lashes.

Instead of going for the artificial way and using chemicals and false eye lashes, the best way is to have a well balanced and healthy food, drink lots of water and make use of some of the home remedies. This will provide you thick and long eye lashes that you will be proud of.

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