How to Get Rid of Boils on my Inner Thighs: Home Remedies

Getting boils on the inner thighs is not a very common issue. But still, many people do suffer from this problem. They are quite irritating and pain a lot. Any bacterial infection can cause the hair follicles in your inner thighs to get inflammations. This leads to those painful boils. But, you need not worry. There are a few tips to treat them effectively and free yourself from the pain. Read on to know how to treat your boils.

Inner Thighs Boils home remedies

Aloe Vera treatment for boils on inner thighs:

Aloe Vera is correctly called a magic plant it has got a whole lot of benefits for mankind. It heals all kinds of skin troubles, hair problems and even health issues. It can be used in numerous ways to solve your problems. Almost every problem related to your skin can be treated using Aloe Vera. To treat boils, tale some Aloe Vera gel and apply it over your boils. Within a few days, the boils will be gone. Take a leaf and cut it in to half. Take out the sap you get, and apply directly over your boils. The pain will be subsided, and the boils will be healed faster. You could also use any Aloe Vera gel that you get to buy at the drug stores.

Cornmeal concoction treatment:

Take equal parts of cornmeal and water. Mix them well and make a paste. Apply this paste on the affected area. Repeat the application every two hours. After applying, cover the boil and let it stay till the next application time. After a few hours, your boil will burst for sure. The boil will then heal naturally. Making a paste of turmeric and applying on top of the boils will make the healing process faster. The antiseptic properties of turmeric make it really safe to use on an open wound. So, you could use it on your boil after bursting so that it heals quickly.

Drink lots of water:

Drinking water is very important for the human body. The body needs at least 8 glasses of water daily for proper metabolic functions. Lack of water could cause serious issues. Dehydration is a major cause of illness, which is due to lack of water. It is a really simple remedy to treat your boils, too. The blood circulation in your body is improved if you drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water in a day. Any infection in the hair follicles is also treated. This helps your boil burst in a few days and gives you relief.

Hot water bath for treating boils on inner thighs:

hot water treats boild on thighs

A warm bath is very good for sore thighs. The warm water helps in circulation of blood, which causes the boils to erupt. You must not use any scrubs or bath salts on your boils. You just need to disinfect the area around your boil before the warm water treatment. Using a hot compress a number of times daily will prove to be useful.

The sweet and bitter treatment:

Drinking bitter gourd juice is an effective treatment for your boils. It tastes bad, but is really very useful and effective. It works on your boils from the inside and treats them. Take some bitter gourd juice and lime juice. Mix them together and add some salt to taste. Drink this juice two times every day to get rid of all your boils. To make the juice taste a little better to at least drink it, you could add some honey to it. The juice will be good enough to drink after that.

Toothpaste remedy for boils on inner thighs:

toothpaste treats thigh boils

Take some toothpaste and directly apply it over your boils. Clean it after a few hours, and reapply. Within 24 hours, the boil is sure to burst, and the wound will get healed in a few days.

Turmeric treatment prevents boils on inner thighs:

Turmeric is very useful for making your boils heated up. It acts like a catalyst in this case. Crush some ginger and take out its extract.  Add some turmeric to it and make a paste. Apply this paste on top of your boil. This prevents any further infection, and controls your boils. Another option is to add some turmeric to warm milk and drink it. This milk works on your boil from the inside. You could also take some coconut oil and turmeric. Make a paste and apply it on your boils. Repeat the application daily for about four to six days. This helps in getting rid of your boils.

Treat with tea:

Take a black tepid tea bag which is moist. Put it on your inner thighs to treat your boil. The tea contains acid which causes your boil to erupt. You must make it a point to disinfect the part around your boil after the treatment session.

Vinegar treatment for boils inner thighs:

Take some honey, vinegar, lime juice, and water. Mix all of them together to make a paste. Applying this paste on the boils helps in treating them. Take a little bit of it, and apply on top of the boil. Let it stay there for some thirty to forty minutes. Use some warm water to wash it off after the stipulated time. Use this paste two or three time daily. This works really well on your boils and helps you get rid of them soon.

Vegetable treatment:

Vegetables like potatoes, onions and garlic are very useful for curing any boils on your inner thigh. Cut some slices of potatoes or onions. The slices must be big enough. Use a surgical tape to stick these slices over your boil. Make sure to replace the slices every few hours. This enables your boil to burst up faster. Another option is to crush some garlic and make its juice. Apply the juice on your boil for treating it.

Now that you know so many remedies to treat boils in your inner thighs, do not waste any time. Use any of the above tips to get relief from the pain and all scars, too.

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6 Responses

  1. S. Madan says:

    I am sufferirng from from last two year having pus re-curring very weak or so and gets painful.
    Then it gets relieved after it erupted after few hours
    Kindly suggest

  2. Glen L says:

    Wow. Have had boil on inside thighs once a year and extremely painful. Onions. yellow, work good over three weeks. Onions work EXCEllent on bee and wasp stings, very fast. But, Aleo Vera for boils is GREAT! I found that going to the dermatologist for an injection at the site of the boil is super fast, But Aloe Vera was just as fast and far cheaper than a doctors visit. The only on hand Aloe that I had was the green jell, after sun burn skin topical and it was enough to apply at night and in the morning for over night relief and continued treatment for 5 days.

    Thank you so much for the remedy,

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi. My first boil happened when I was 24 years old. I’m now 43, and found a product that when used after each bathing, soothes the boils, minimizes or gets rid of them.

    It’s all – natural with ingredients like witch hazel and rosemary. It’s called DEFINING GEL. It works so well, I asked to sell it. For the first time in almost 20 years, I’m not embarassed. The scars are going away, too. It’s one of a kind.

  4. aruna says:

    my father have large boil in his beyond the knee . so, please help me mam!. it became serious day to day.

  5. Rajani vinod says:

    For boils homely treatment I do the most is betel leaf & castor oil treatment.
    Apply castor oil on the betel leaf heat it over a tava only for a second..apply it over the boils

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