How to Get Rid of Heat Bumps Between the Legs

During the summer times, when the weather is hot and humid, your body sweat a lot and it is common for the heat bumps to appear between the legs. The germs enter through your sweat glands and these give rise to follicular inflammation and infection. The sweat glands may get blocked and this causes the sweat to collect under the skin. This in turn results in heat bumps. Heat bumps are also called miliaria or heat rashes. This can appear on your chest, back and under arms. This is most common between the legs. These make your skin itchy, inflamed and red.

Heat Bumps Between Legs

Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heat Bumps Between Legs:

Cornstarch or baking soda:

Cornstarch or baking soda is said to be effective for getting rid of heat bumps on your legs. Take a cold shower and then apply cornstarch or baking soda between your legs. This is capable of absorbing the excess water that may be present on the skin and thus reduce the chances of getting heat bumps on the skin.

Cod liver oil or Vitamin E cream:

Another way to treat and heal heat bumps between legs is to apply a mixture of cod liver oil and Vitamin E. Mix both the ingredients well and apply it directly on the heat bumps. Olive oil is also good for healing heat bumps. Apply this oil on the affected area. This can reduce the redness of the skin and provides a soothing sensation to the skin.

Calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream:

Calamine lotion is excellent for your skin and provides a soothing effect to the skin. Applying calamine lotion or hydrocortisone cream on the skin between your legs can greatly help in reducing the irritation on the skin and provides a soothing effect on the heat bumps. With regular and repeated use, this lotion/cream can heal the heat bumps completely.

Fresh Aloe vera gel:

Aloe vera gel has immense healing properties and is great for healing heat bumps. It provides you relief from itching and swelling of the skin and also provides a cooling effect to your skin, thus soothing the skin. Take some fresh aloe vera gel and apply it on the skin between your thighs. You may apply it three to four times a day. This will reduce the redness of the skin and also starts to heal the heat bumps. It is not a good idea to use commercial aloe vera gel because this contains chemicals in them. This can cause clogging of the pores and this may make things worse.

Margosa or Neem paste:

Neem is a natural herb and it is regarded as the best for treating any skin problems because of its antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Take some Neem leaves and grind them with rose water. Make a thick paste of it and apply this paste on the affected area. Let it remain on the skin for about 30 minutes. Now you can wash off with plain water and pat dry your skin. This can heal heat bumps with regular use.

Oatmeal bath:

Oatmeal is also good for getting you relief from heat bumps between legs. Oatmeal bath is said to be a good remedy for this problem. Take one cup of oatmeal and add this to the hot bathwater. Stir well so that the oatmeal gets dissolved in the water. Soak in this water and you will get relief.

Sandalwood powder pack:

Sandalwood powder has the power to make your skin rejuvenated. It is excellent for treating irritation of the skin and to heal rashes. Rose water is a good skin toner and tones your skin naturally. Take some sandalwood powder and add some rose water to it to make a smooth paste. Apply this paste on the bumps between your legs. Wait till this paste gets dry. After that you can wash it off with cold water. This homemade remedy is very effective for getting relief from itchiness. It also provides a soothing effect to your skin.

Simple Ice pack:

If you have heat bumps between your thighs, one of the best home remedies is to apply ice packs in the affected area. Take three or four ice cubes and place them in a plastic bag. Seal the bag properly and cover the bag with a cloth. Place this on the heat bumps between your legs. Let it stay for about 10 minutes and then you can remove it. You may place it again after about four hours. Repeat the process at four hours intervals till you see that the redness on the skin has disappeared.

Taking a Cold shower:

By taking bath in cold water frequently during the summer months, you can control heat bumps to a great extent. Cold showers not only help in reducing heat bumps, but they are also an excellent way to keep your skin clean by removing dirt and sweat.

Wearing Loose fitting clothes:

During the hot summer months it is best to wear cotton pants and bottoms that are comfortable and loose fitting. Pants made of cotton fabrics are natural and can absorb the sweat due to excessive perspiration very easily. Loose clothing helps in keeping your body well ventilated and dry. So no sweat gets accumulated on your skin and no heat bumps appear. Try not to wear nylon or synthetic clothes because these fabrics cause the sweat to accumulate on the thigh region and thus there is an increased chance of heat rash.

Following the above mentioned tips can greatly help you to treat and heal heat bumps. As perspiration is the main cause for the formation of heat bumps, you can prevent it to a great extent by avoiding going out in the sun. Even if you go, use an umbrella to protect your skin from sunlight and to avoid too much of perspiration. Drinking lots of water is a natural way to prevent heat bumps as this helps in keeping your body well hydrated.

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