GM Diet Plan Side Effects and After Effects you must know

GM diet is in demand these days. GM diet or the General Motors diet is specially designed for the people who work in General Motors Corporation. This initiative has been taken by the US Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration. It is for the employees to maintain good health and fitness. In this diet regime, the main focus is on consumption of certain foods during the complete week of seven days.

GM Diet for Weight Loss

GM diet is similar to any other diet, where losing extra weight and maintaining fitness is the basic aim. This also improves mental stability of the person and brings a positive change in his attitude with regard to his life. Here, you have to follow a seven day diet course. The basic study done here is that food which is consumed burns more calories than they provide nutrition to the body in the form of caloric value. Other than this, another motive is to cleanse the body of all the toxics. It will help to detoxify the body, making it pure and better day by day. Although there are many benefits of this diet, there are also certain side effects.

What are the prime objectives of GM diet?

One of the main aims is to manage weight in a healthy way. Initially, this plan was designed only for the employees. But with increasing popularity, it is being practiced by many middle aged people to keep them fit and fine. If not done in a proper way, it can lead to some serious health problems. GM diet followers have some objectives in mind as stated below.

  1. It helps the body to become toned by shedding away extra weight from the body.
  2. It helps in improving the state of mind of the person doing it. Moreover, it improves the attitude and emotions of the person. This is because; it cleanses mind as well as body in a perfect way.
  3. This regime is practiced to make the body capable of burning more calories than consumed in a day. This helps to maintain the body fat and promotes an active life.
  4. Body mass index should always be good so as to ensure good health. Thus, GM regime helps in maintaining a proportional height to weight proportion.
  5. Overall, it helps in reducing obesity of a person who is very fat. This will also help in prevents diseases like arthritis, hypertension and other cardiovascular diseases.
  6. When you are practicing GM exercises, try to combine it with a proper diet so that you don’t feel out of energy and fatigue. This will help you to achieve desired weight and height.

If you are planning to start a GM diet, then you will have to follow a diet chart so that you can benefit the most in a shorter span of time. Have a quick view on this regime.

7 days General Motors Diet Plan:

Day 1 – Indulge on any number of fruits. Avoid eating bananas as they are fattening. Melons and cantaloupes are very beneficial at such times. This is mainly to provide you energy for rest of the day.

Day 2 – Eat raw vegetables as well as cooked ones. You can apply butter to it so that they taste good. Include them in the breakfast to keep it going the entire day.

Day 3 – This day should be full of fruits intake. Vegetables can also be consumed in any quantities you like. Here also, potatoes and bananas are not allowed as they increase fat considerably.

Day 4 – Done with the fruits. Now consume milk as well as bananas. 3 glasses of milk is enough for a day. You can also go for soup if you are having prolonged sugar cravings.

Day 5 – Indulge into tomatoes. 6 tomatoes a day will suffice. You can also have small portions of lean beef. Drinking water will help your body to detoxify well.

Day 6 – This day is meant for unlimited portions of lean meats like chicken and fish. You can also eat normal amounts of cheese and vegetables to maintain your intake.

Day 7 – This day, you can consume rice, and vegetables. Fruit juices are also recommended as they provide instant nutrition to your body. If you are vegetarian, you can substitute non-vegetarian food with brown rice.

Like many benefits, this diet has many side effects to. Some of them are given below.

Side Effects and After Effects of GM Diet Plan:

GM Diet Side Effects

  1. There are many restrictions on the diet as you are allowed to indulge on only certain eatables. This diet is not possible for a longer time as you get bored soon.
  2. This diet should be started only after consulting a doctor as it is not suitable for small children and pregnant ladies. Also, those suffering from heart diseases, stay away from GM diet.
  3. It can slow down your metabolic rate because you are allowed to eat only a selected few items.
  4. While going through the regime, you might feel that your body is losing weight, but this will be gone in the long run. You will gain weight one you stop this kind of diet.
  5. This diet doesn’t stress on doing exercise which is very essential for a healthy weight loss regime. It concentrates only on fat reduction and not on making the body healthy and fit.
  6. You are forced to consume only selected fruits and vegetable throughout the course. This is very boring and monotonous. It is good at the beginning but as days pass, you might lose all the motivation to keep it going.

If you’re keen on practicing this regime, then take proper care of the body at such times. It will surely help you to shed away those unwanted pounds. Later on, if you want to maintain a perfect weights then indulge in some quick activities and exercises. If you take good medication and proper guidance, this plan is perfect for your body. Try it out once to reap the benefits of GM diet.

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