What Is Hair Grafting – How it is Done – Advantages

Having thick and healthy hair is the wish of every person in this world. But all are not blessed with healthy and beautiful hair. Most of us suffer from hair fall and thinning of hair. Sometimes it may be so severe that it may lead to baldness. If you are facing this problem, an ideal option for you is to go for hair grafting. This way you will be able to have thick hair.

Hair Grafting Method Advantages

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Hair grafting technique shows how advanced medical treatments and techniques have become. It was not very popular a few decades back. But now many people go for hair grafting and live happily with thick and beautiful hair. The hair that is implanted on your scalp looks similar to your normal hair, so that you do not look awkward when you step out of your house. One of the best parts of hair grafting or hair transplantation is that once you undergo hair grafting, you will never experience any hair fall. So, the hair that is transplanted will remain as it is for a long time.

What is Hair Grafting Method?

Hair Grafting or hair transplantation is a surgical method process in which the hair follicles are removed from the donor and transplanted into recipient. This process in primarily used to treat male pattern baldness.

How is Hair Grafting Done?

It is important that you know the way how hair grafting is done, before you know its benefits. It is a surgical process and belongs to the art of prosthetics of cosmetic surgery. When it was introduced, men and women were very reluctant and scared to undergo this treatment because of the risk and the cost involved in it. But as time advanced and cosmetic surgery became common, people began to accept it. Now it is not considered as a risky procedure nor is it a waste of money.

The doctors who do hair grafting first collect hair follicles from other parts of the body and then replace these hair follicles on the areas affected by baldness. The part of the body from where the follicles are collected is known as the ‘donor site’ and the bald area of the body where it is replaced is known as the ‘recipient site’. A person who suffers from partial hair loss can also opt for hair grafting. Hair grafting or hair implantation is also possible on eyelashes, chest, eyebrows and face.

Even if your balding is hereditary, hair grafting is an effective solution and the hair transplanted will not fall off. Usually sedation is not used for most of the hair grafting procedures. Two primary techniques are used for hair implantation, which are Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

FUT Method of Hair Transplant:

In FUT method, a strip of scalp is cut from the back of the head and then it is cut into individual units of grafts. In FUE method individual follicular units are taken form the back of the head by cutting around each of them. This is a long process and takes time. It is made painless by giving a few numbing injections.

Both methods have their own advantages. FUT method is good for covering larger areas of baldness in a few sittings. Moreover, the grafts that get cut while removing may be less in this method. But it depends on how skilled the surgeon and his/her staff are.

FUE Hair Transplant Method:

In FUE method of hair transplantation an entire strip is not taken from the back of the head. So, there are no cuts or stitches when you choose this method. The recovery time is also fast and most people go out for work the next day itself. No linear scar, as in the case of FUT, is seen.

After the surgery, you have to strictly follow the instructions given by the doctor. You may be kept on antibiotics, steroids or painkillers for a few days. You have to wet the grafts often with saline water for a few days after you have undergone hair grafting.

Advantages of Hair Grafting:

Hair grafting is very effective and very little risk factors are involved in it. A person undergoing this procedure enjoys a lot of benefits. Unlike earlier days, nowadays hair transplantation is not very expensive. Here are some of the advantages of hair grafting that you would like to know:

  • The most important advantage of hair grafting is that it helps you to get back your old looks. Nobody likes to lose his/her thick mane and appear bald in front of all. By going for hair grafting, you can overcome this problem and face people with more confidence.
  • By going for hair transplantation, you not only get your lost hair on your scalp, but also you can decide which hair style you want. You can choose the right hairstyle that will make you look better.
  • One of the best advantages of hair grafting is that after you undergo this procedure, your hair will never fall off. Once the hairs are transplanted there will never be any random hair fall. This is because this method makes your hair roots very strong. As a result, you hair will never pluck off easily.
  • Another advantage of hair transplantation is that you need not go out looking for a donor to transplant hair. You yourself are the donor here. As discussed earlier, the doctor will take hair follicles from other parts of your body and place them on the affected areas. Since you do not need any external help in it, the cost will also go down.
  • Generally hair transplantation is safe. There is little or no threat involved when you opt for this method. Most of the doctors do not take any consultation fee for this. The charges involved in surgery are also affordable nowadays. So, if you suffer from baldness, think about it and opt for it. You will be a new person.

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