Hair Loss Due to Nutritional Deficiency: How it Effects?

How healthy your hair is an important factor on deciding how healthy you physically are. So, if you want to have thick, shiny and healthy hair, your body must be healthy. Other than your health, various environmental factors like pollution, dust, grime, etc can also affect the health of your hair. However, one of the main factors that affect the poor condition of the hair is improper diet. As you may be aware, there are some food items that are not good for your hair and hamper the normal growth of your hair. So, take care to have a well balanced and nutritious diet if you want to have healthy hair. Avoid food stuffs that are not healthy for your hair.

Can Lack Of Nutrition Cause Hair Loss?

Nutritional Deficiency Hair Loss

Hair Loss can be due to nutritional deficiency. Activities like Sudden slim down of weight, unhealthy food intake that don’t give enough supplements for hair and absence of certain nutrition classes, for example, proteins, can all lead to hair loss. So due to absence of vital unsaturated fats, hair loss can happen following four months of lack in omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats. Individuals who have insufficient iron intake likewise endure badlness. Ladies may have a particularly hard time in sufficiently getting iron as they have substantial menstrual periods and get to be insufficient because of blood loss. Trendy or accident weight control plans can bring about supplement shortages that prompt baldness, as can eating regimens that need fitting sustenance, for example, those high in prepared and quick nourishments. Remember that, when an inadequacy exists, the body will send supplements to basic organs first and to the hair last.

The kind of baldness experienced due to nutritional deficiency is called telogen effluvium. This happens when insufficient nutrition, causes an adjustment in a persons ordinary hair cycle. When Hair roots are pushed rashly into their resting state affected hairs drop out in this process causing severe hair loss. Telogen effluvium additionally can be brought on by emotional or physiological distress, similar to an ailment or sudden weight reduction.

Nutrition and hair fall are closely connected with each other and in this article we will discuss how taking right foods can increase the growth of hair and wrong food retards the growth.

Unhealthy Foods or Drinks for your Hair:

Artificial sweeteners:

Labeled Food - Artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners contain no nutrition and are not at all good for your health. They are added just to improve the taste of the food. If you take in too much of artificial sweeteners, the health of your hair is affected very much and your hair follicles will get damaged. This may lead to hair fall.

MSG or Monosodium glutamate:

Many of the tasty foods like sausages, fries, chips and burgers contain monosodium glutamate, which help in increasing the taste and flavor of the food. This compound is not good for your health and can also cause hair fall.


Sugar Products to Avoid

Sugar is a food item that most of you love to include in your preparations. One cannot think of a world without sugar. But do you know, excess of sugar in your diet can lead to hair fall and other problems of the hair. This fact has been proved by many researches done on hair fall. So, if you consume too much of sugar, you are at the risk of suffering from hair fall in future. Sugar also causes premature graying of hair and leads to breakage of hair strands by damaging the elasticity of the tissues.

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Like sugar, too much of salt is also not good for your hair. Some of you like to have more salt than the normal amount in all food you eat. So, try to reduce your salt intake if you feel that you are taking excess of salt. This is good for your hair as well as your health.

Some of the other food items that are not healthy for your hair are colas, fried foods, too much of animal protein, artificial and edible colors, alcoholic drinks etc. So, try to reduce the intake of these food stuffs if you want to keep your hair healthy.

Healthy and Good Foods for your Hair:

Bell peppers:

Capsicum or Bell Peppers

These are rich sources of Vitamin C, which is needed for a healthy hair. Vitamin C helps the body to use non-heme iron and to produce enough red blood cells. This makes sure that more oxygen is carried to the hair follicles. This vitamin is also needed to produce collagen, which ensures that you have a healthy hair. Deficiency in Vitamin C can cause splitting and breakage of hair as it makes your hair dry.

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Eggs and lean meat:

eggs for hair growth

As you know, amino acids are good for the growth of hair and to maintain the health of your hair. Eggs and lean meat are rich sources of amino acids and so good for your hair. Egg contains Vitamin B12 and B7, both of which are very much needed for healthy growth of hair. Lean meat includes chicken, which is rich in proteins and thus help in the proper growth of hair.

Green vegetables and lentils:

Lentils for Hair Growth

It is important that you include lentils and green vegetables in your diet. These are rich in vitamins as well as antioxidants and folic acid. These are good for making your hair roots strong and promoting hair growth. They also provide good protection to your hair from any damage.


Guava Juice Benefits Uses

Guava is a rich source of vitamin C and keeps your hair from braking and falling off. So have this fruit regularly to prevent hair fall.

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Sea fish:

Sea fish, especially salmon’s and such fish, are extremely good for healthy hair. These contain omega 3 fatty acid in them, which can enhance the luster of your hair and provide it sheen. It is also good for making the roots of your hair strong and increasing the rate of hair growth. Thus it prevents hair fall. Your body cannot produce omega 3 fatty acids. So you have to get it from external sources.

Include the foods that are good for your hair and see how your hair grows strong. These foods help in giving you a healthy and voluminous hair that you will be proud to show off.

Along with a healthy diet, proper exercise is also needed for having healthy hair. Exercise helps in increasing the flow of blood to the scalp and thus your hair roots get more nutrients. As a result your hair will grow more.

Other Precautions to take for Preventing Hair Fall:

Over Brushing of Hair:

hair re-bonding at home

Do not brush or comb your hair too much. Always use a brush that has soft and round bristles. This can prevent breakage of hair.

Scalp Massage:

Scalp Massage to grow hair longer and faster

Massage your scalp every week so that your hair follicles are stimulated and the blood circulation in the scalp is increased.

Trimming Hair:

trimming hair - hair dressing in salon

Trim your hair regularly. This will help in getting rid of split ends. This also makes your hair look healthy and thick.

Good Sleep:

sleeping for skin care

Proper sleep and rest are also necessary for enhancing hair growth and to prevent hair loss. Also drink lots of water. This way your hair will stay well hydrated and beautiful.

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