Halloween Beetlejuice Makeup, Costume Ideas & Tutorial

Do you wish to dress up like the lead character from the Tim Burton cult classic Beetlejuice? This is a quite difficult make up. The dirty, moldy, half-human, half-zombie look takes quite a time to create.  Here is a tutorial on how to do it!

Beetlejuice Makeup Ideas Tutorial

How to do Beetlejuice Makeup?


Eyes are very important in any makeup. So, here also you have to be very careful when you do eye makeup. Start with your eyebrows. The eyebrows of Beetlejuice need lots of shaping and sprucing. Make your eyebrows messy first. You can draw around your eyebrows with a kohl eye pencil to make it look busy and messy. If your eyebrows are thick, then use a comb and mess up the hairs on your eyebrows.

For your eyes you need purple. Take cream-based purple eye paint and apply it over your eyelids and under the eyes with your fingers. It has to be quite dark. Now use your eye shadows to give it some definition. Highlight your brow bone and the center of your eyelid with dark pink shadow. Use dark purple shadow, which is a shade darker then the paint, and smudge on the outer end and below the lower eyelashes. To add more depth to the color, you can add some black shadow.


Beetlejuice is not human and not even fully alive. So, your face should not have the smooth and dewy texture that you have normally for any other makeup. To create the mold, mottled green on Beetlejuices’s skin requires some cosmetic tricks. If you do not have the supplies that are needed for this Halloween makeup, you will get it easily from the stores prior to Halloween. You need some scar wax, liquid latex and clown white face paint. First of all, you have to moisturize your face.

Now take the wax with your fingers and stick it on the sides of your cheek, forehead and the chin. Smooth the wax on your skin to give it a realistic texture. You have to put lotion on your fingers before you take the wax, as the wax can stick to your fingers. Next you have to put a coating of liquid latex on the wax. You can smooth the latex with a sponge and then let it get dry. After it gets dry, dab the white face paint on your face with a sponge. This is your base makeup. Now apply white translucent powder to set it.


You must have noticed that the forehead of Beetljuice is full of creases. If you do not have such cavernous creases on your forehead, you will have to create some with the art of makeup. First of all raise your eyebrows, so that they make some creases. Stroke some dark grey eye shadow on these creases by using an angular stiff brush. You can do three or four strokes if needed. Make sure that it is dark enough to be seen across the white paint. Now you have to draw thick lines through the middle of the faux creases with the help of pencil eyeliner.


You can buy any white costume wig and modify it for Beetlejuice makeup. You can dab some cream-based green shadow on the teeth of a wide comb and brush a thick section of the wig hair with this comb. Do this in two or maximum three sections of your hair.


Take a dark grey eye shadow and smudge it around the contours of your face using a fluffy brush. It provides a grimy look and also highlights the paleness. Now take a small brush and take some light green eye shadow on it. Dab it on the wax mold. Add more depth and definition to the mold with a darker shade of green. Also dab some brown shadow at places to give it an old and withered look. You can also apply some green eye shadow randomly. Now smudge the shadows and rub out the stark lines with the help of a sponge. Follow it up with another dusting of grey shadow over the wax mold.


To get the exact look of beetlejuice makeup, you need to have chapped and dry lips. Moisturize your lips and make a tight pout with your lips. Brush white powder on your lips with a brush. This way, it the powder will not get into the creases. This makes your lips look chapped. Apply some green shadow on your chapped lips and better effect.


Make your teeth look grimy and disgusting by applying some black cake icing on your teeth. You can also use dark chocolate instead of the icing. Brush them on your teeth in such a way that they stick to your teeth and also fill the spaces between the teeth.

Finishing touches:

Most of the people miss out the five o’ clock shadow that Beetlejuice sport, when they try on this makeup. So, never miss it. Take grey eye shadow and mix some charcoal powder with it. Take this on your brush and tap it to remove the excess. Apply this on your lower face in quick strokes to create light stubble.

Female Beetlejuice makeup Version:

For female version, just apply pale concealer and foundation on your face. Avoid wax, latex and white paint. Now dust translucent mineral powder. Don’t use bronzer or blush. You must look pale and deathly. To incorporate mold, use small bits and strips of synthetic mold. You can stick them on your temples and cheekbones by dabbing some makeup glue. Smudge some green shadow with the help of a sponge to blend it on your face.

For your eyes, apply a purple eye shadow and smudge it on your lids. You can put some dark purple or grey eye shadow to create smoke above and below the lashes. Fake long lashes or two coats of mascara go well with this makeup.

Make your eyebrows extra thin and arched by rubbing some concealer above your eyebrows. Keep your lips nude or you can apply purple lipstick.

Female Beetlejuice Costume Ideas:

You need white or black suit and pant and also some black or white thick masking tapes for making the costume. Mark equal vertical sections on the pant and suit with the dark pencil, and each section should be as thick as the tape. On the hands of the suit you can make them horizontal. Now you have to stick sections of tape on alternate sections.

Now you know how to do Beetlejuice makeup, try it for the coming Halloween and amaze everyone.

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