How does Hanging Exercises help increase your height fast

Everybody wants to grow a bit taller. People keep on looking out for new ways on how can I increase my height? And keep looking for solutions to get a few extra inches to their existing short height. But, is it actually possible to grow taller? Well, you have some good news. It is actually possible. Exercise is the key to increasing. If you exercise well enough, you could get a little taller. Hanging is very effective in such cases.

hanging exercise increases height

Is hanging capable of increasing your height?

According to researches, it is gravity that hinders a person from getting taller. Since people are standing for a major part of the day gravity affects the joints and spines and compresses them little by little. The muscles are contracted and cartilage is also squeezed. As such, people appear shorter. So, a good idea to grow tall is to defy the gravity by hanging. When you hang, the body fights against the effects of gravity and promotes growth.

How does hanging help to increase your height?

Hanging puts a lot of stress of your body even though it is just so simple. Your entire body gets stretched when you hang. While hanging, your feet are above the ground and not touching it. Gravity acts on your body and pulls you down. The lower part of your body gets stretched, and spine gets elongated. A simple way o understand this is to measure. First, take your height when you are standing normally. After that, hang on to a bar and ask someone to check your height. The difference between the two will show you the effects of hanging.

Things to remember for hanging exercise:

  • Find a set of good horizontal bars. Look out in gymnasiums or parks to get one.
  • The horizontal bars should be located high enough so that they can support your entire length.
  • Your feet should be kept at least 1 foot away from the floor while hanging.
  • Bend your knees a bit if your body is not able to extend completely.
  • Makes sure your body is able to hang freely.
  • Your palms should face the direction opposite you when hanging.
  • Try to stay in the same posture as when you are doing your push-ups, your palms facing away from you.
  • Hold the v-bars properly and tightly.
  • Relax and make your body free and loose.
  • Gravity starts acting on your body to pull it and hence, stretches it.
  • This makes your body grow a bit.

Ideal Exercise Time:

hanging on bars exercise

Depending on your personal choice and capability, you could spend any amount of time on the hanging bars. With practice, you will be able to stay 30 seconds at a stretch. 3 or 4 minutes every day will be enough to grow taller. Too much hanging could affect your ligaments and muscles and strain them too much. So, refrain from it.

These small tips about hanging will surely make you want to give it a try. Other than hanging, there are other exercises too, that can help you grow taller. Check out a few of them.

Best and Top Exercises to grow taller in faster way:

Ankle Weights:

Get some small weights and tie them to your ankles. When you do this, knee cartilages grow up and that helps increase your height.


Basketball is a very important factor that helps you grow mentally and also in height. You grow taller if you play basketball every day.

Cobra Pose:

This is very useful for helping you grow taller. You need to lie down on your stomach without moving your upper body, then, you need to slowly lift up the upper part of your body and stretch out to your maximum. It is called the cobra pose as it looks like the snake.


Stand straight on the floor and lift up your body with your arms facing up. Stay like this for 30 to 60 seconds and stretch yourself well. Repeat this exercise about to 6 times. Do not exert yourself and stay relaxed.


Swimming is very effective for increasing your height, and really simple if you know it well. If you do not know swimming, get a good trainer. You will feel really fresh and relaxed after swimming. The breast stroke is the best exercise which involves your full body and helps in growing taller.

Inversion Table:

Hanging upside down from the inversion table is very effective in helping you grow taller. You need to know the correct procedure a gain enough expertise to be able to do this alone. It stretches your thighs, knees and vertebrae, and all other parts of your body.

Leg Kick:

This is very simple exercise and all you need to do is kick your leg. Stand straight on the floor and start kicking your legs. It should be done vigorously and you must not move your thighs along with your legs. The cartilage in your knees grows in mass and that helps you grow. This exercise is commonly done by martial arts fighters.

All the above exercises and the hanging exercise are really effective in helping you grow taller. When you work out so hard, you also need to provide your body enough nutrition. Only if you have a healthy body you will be able to grow taller. A balanced diet is a must.

Exercising is the best way to grow naturally. You need not give your body any additional boosters or steroids that are harmful as well. Naturally increasing height has got no side effects as well.

increase height after 21 age

Before we sign off there is an important question which is often heard from many people we would like to answer i.e., How can I increase my height after 21? Well you need to remember that every adult reaches their maximum height in their teen age which is 21-23 for males and 18-20 for females. So it’s better to start off early than late in doing some exercises to increase your height. So, what are you thinking? Choose a few exercises of your preference from the above list and follow them regularly. You will see an improvement soon.

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60 Responses

  1. Sagar says:

    Hello, im sagar im just 5.6 and 21 years old i have started to hang on bar from last 5 months even i did lot of pull ups also but i try to hang on a bar for 5 to 10 minute a day but i dint found any improvement in my heigh can any one please help me out get a better result

  2. amanda says:

    yoga will give u best results….

  3. Prince says:

    Hii frnds i m prince and i m just 5’4.5″ and i m of 19yrs i want to increase my hight but my parents r not that much tall my father is of 5’5 and mother is of 5’1. So can anyone tell me that can i increase my hight by 4,5 inches by regular exercises like hanging and steaches?… Though i have heared that hight of boys may increase till 21yrs…

    • Piyush says:

      Bro do inversiin table daily for 15 min with inveraion boot it will definitely increase ur height by 2-3 inches in a year if u do it daily and with dedication…

  4. vedika says:

    Hanging exer cise really works

  5. waqas says:

    hello i m waqas i m 22 years old my height is 5.1 my father is 5.4 and my mother is 4.8 how can i increase my height plz tel me any exercise for better and fast result plz

  6. suraj says:

    Hello sir and madam
    sir can you tell me where i go to check my height perfect

  7. Bellerophon says:

    i’m 16 years old and 5’6 is my height
    my father’s height is 5’11
    i wanna surpass his height and i’m definitely gonna try this

  8. hamza arbab says:

    thanxs to.allah i am 6ft 2 and still .trying too grow

  9. jenni says:

    Heloo… 16 years old teenage girl. My height is just 4.11
    I want to increase my height . I feel so sad of my height
    Wat can i do to increase my beight……please say meee……

  10. surya says:

    helooo guys! am surya my age is 19 years but my height is only 5’2″. does hanging excercise gives me good result ?

  11. fazlihaq khan says:

    hollo guys I am fazlihaq my age 18 year but my higher is 5feet does hanging exercise? please good result?

  12. vaishnavi sharma says:

    Hello….iam 15 yrs old girl….. I did aaall the exercise …….which u write above ….BT there is no improvement….plzzz tell me …..reply me on [email protected]

  13. tom says:

    can i increase my body by hanging? .after 21 year.

  14. Shivangi says:

    I’m 13 yr old girl..n I’m 5’0.5 I want to grow..more 4 to 5 I’m hanging so how much tum will it shoe results ??

    • fruity says:

      be positive with your exercise and try hanging at least 3 times for a minute every day and all the best i am also trying to increase my height by 6 inches

    • Palakshi says:

      Hey, u r not so late, so don’t worry, if u will do hanging reagurarly from , till 21-23, u will be very tall, u should make it a habit,do hanging 4-5 minutes daily.
      All the best!

  15. fruity says:

    allthe best shivangi

  16. KearNey Visuals says:

    Hey! I just wanted to know do you think if I hang 10 minutes a day (plus run 2 miles everyday) do you think I can possibly grow atleast 2-4 inches? I just turned 17 recently in September (2015). I am currently 6’1 but I wish to be somewhere around 6’3-6’5. I will also try to sleep 8-9 hours a day (“try” only because I play basketball and get home from practice at about 9:00). If I add a couple leg stretches every morning when I wake up and every night before I sleep, will that help? I just want to know that you think it’s possible for me to grow 2-4 inches at my age? And please, if so, can you help me do so or let me know what I have to do?

  17. Makeveli says:

    I’m 5’10 at 18 feel short if Ido this till about 21 will iI reach 6:0-6’2

  18. Mamta says:

    I’m only 5.1 i want to know my height is good or short please let me know guys

  19. Steph Curry says:

    I’m a guy over 21 yrs old and I’m only 5’6.5. Can I still increase my height by doing hanging only?

  20. sindhu says:

    iam 14years old and iam just 4.5to4.8 how can i increase my height please tell me so soon

  21. kyara says:

    does hanging help to increase only 2 inches in 15 days?

  22. uday says:

    Hii,i am 15 and my hieght is 5″3 or 5″4 i want to grow taller nearly 6″ and build muscles.So i want to know will cobra pose do it and if i do push ups fo building muscles will they affect my hieght.
    Please guide.

  23. Ali says:

    Hi i m 22 and i want grow by height inhave beewn trying hanging for 1 week i know it takes time but i would like to know if there are chances to grow taller?

  24. ahmed says:

    When I was 13 years of age I did hanging exercise & get good results now I m retrying this exercise I hope i will get better result again this is really efective but u must eat healthy food & avoid dishealthy food….

  25. Truptiranjan dhal says:

    Sir, i am tr dhal., and i am getting 18 years old..and my height is 5 ft7 inch and i want to increase my height atleast 3 inches anyway..please give me some advice..

  26. Abhay says:

    I am Abhay ,I am 14 years old . My height is 5′ 2″ but my friends height are about 5’8″ I do hanging exercise daily by it I didn’t see any change in me but my clothes bexomes shorter and shorter yaya

  27. Jerrell Mosley says:

    I’m 5’10 my father is 6’9 my mother is 5’3 will I grow to 6’3 or 6’4 if I hang for at least 10 minutes a day

  28. simran sharma says:

    currently I’m 5’7 and I want to increase my height to 5’10..what should I do?

  29. tripti says:

    hello..i m 23 yrs old and 5.1 inch..I just want to increase my height 4-5 inches..can anyone help me?

  30. souvik says:

    Hi my name is souvik before 1 year I am just 5.9 ft but I am not happy so I started hanging and now my height is 6.1 just hang atleast 2 to 5 min/day and you become so taller

  31. Simran says:

    Hii …am Simran …I am 14years old …and my height is 5.2…I wanna be tall atleast 5.5…so how can I do??

  32. Asish Mohanty says:

    Hye I am Asish . I am 17 years old and my height is 5.7 but I intend to increase my height upto 6 . Please for God’s sake give me the best way to inrease my height upto 6 . Please !

  33. nishat says:

    I am 23
    I am 5″
    are there chances of growth
    since i am trying Hanging Exersise

  34. Deepanshu says:

    I’m Deepanshu Awasthi and I’m 5.4 inches my age 19 years I wanna increase my hieght tell me something about increasing hieght

    • Pokemon says:

      At age 16-17, I was the same height. But when I was 18 I grew 2 centimeters. I was like wth how, even since today. Okay let me recap some of the stuff I did that time. Around that time I started lifting heavy the very first time such as deadlifts,bench press and squats. Deadlift 135lbs and my back gave out lmao because back then I bend my lower back like an idiot but it recovered after one week. I also remember I did short duration of stretch like touch my toe before going to the gym in the morning and I always did 10-20 pull ups a day (August to December). How the heck did I remember most of these stuff you asked because I wrote it down xD. There are still more info but I don’t want to write a whole essay here. But anyway this is a brief summary.

  35. jasmine says:

    hi i am 18years old my father is 5.5 my mother is 5.3 and i am 5.00only and since 4 yrs i even did not get 1 inches in these three years i do many exercises running many times but i never concentrated on hanging and streching. so can you pleases tell me ..can i get 3 4 inches in one month by hanging or streching with devotion of 10minutes. !!

  36. hinas says:

    Hi sir. my name is hinas .I’ m 15 years old..i have heard about hanging exercises . if i hang up for 1 year how many inches will i grow?

  37. manash k sahu says:

    i am now 22 year old and my height now 5.6 feet, so, i want to increase my height about 5.10 inch. so i will request you pleases help me to increase my height………………………………..

  38. ahmad says:

    Hi im ahmad,and i am 5ft 9in and im 16.Though my height is satisfactory but i still want to become more taller.How can i increase this

  39. Riyan says:

    Hey. My name is riyan and I am 15 yr old and my height 5″4.5 feet. Can my height increase if I do cycling, bar hanging and stretching. In how much time my height will increase. I also take ashwagandha I.E Indian ginseng. Does height increase by it. Till what age my height will increase. Pls reply fast as I want to grow till 5″9.5. Pls give some very effective tips

  40. Humanshu says:

    Hii guys my age is 17 and I am about 5.9-5.10, so how much height can I get more by my increasing age

  41. bailanie says:

    hi I’m Lanie I’m only 5’0 and 19 year old. I want to be taller but they say my height never increase? can you help me?

  42. Jassie says:

    Hello my name is jassie and m 22 years old my height is 5’4″ but i want to jncrease upto 5’7″. Is it possible now.?

  43. Harshit kumar says:

    I am harshit
    I am 16 yrs old and 5’8″ and want to increase my height up to 6’2″.
    So which types of exercises should I do to increase my height

  44. Abhinraj.Raj says:

    I am abhinraj 15 year old boy I am 6 foot tall how can I reach 7 foot

  45. Shreya bansal says:

    I am a 15 year old girl..I’m just 5’1.. so if i hang daily for 4 mins in average…how much time will it take me to reach 5’9..?

  46. Yashi says:

    Hello.. I m 19 yrs old and I just want to ask that 10 mins of hanging Daily will help in increasing my height in how many days??

  47. Azhan says:

    Thzz s azhan
    I’m 20 nw nxt Dec 2017
    I’ll be 21 will I be able to increase height after 21…..
    PlZzzz gv reply….

  48. pooya says:

    im a 16 year old boy and im 5’5″. My father is 5’7″ and my mom is 5’1″ can i reach 5’11”??

    Pleeeeeaaaase answer

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