Health and Medicinal Benefits of Persimmon Fruit

Persimmon is a lesser known fruit in the world. This is mainly because it is found only during certain time of the year. Its name is of Greek origin thus it is also known as divine fruit. This fruit is mainly seen in the market during autumn season. You will find huge varieties of Persimmon which are being cultivated on a huge scale. Out of these, there is one type of Chinese origin, known as Diospyros kaki. It is also known as Japanese persimmon. It looks somewhat like berry. Some people are of the view that it resembles a tomato when it comes to shape and colour.

Persimmon Fruit Health Benefits

Persimmon is a low calorie fruit and a healthy option for all dieters. People can consume it either dry or in raw form. You will find them in many of the astringent as well as non-astringent variants. This is a multipurpose fruit. You can also use it as a major ingredient for preparing puddles and other such desserts. It a great fruit when it comes to nutrients and minerals. You will find high content of phosphorous and calcium in it and lots of minerals too. Talking about vitamins, its contains high percentage of vitamin C and A. Thus, it is one of the healthiest fruit to consume. Here we present you some of the benefits of consuming Persimmon on a regular basis.

Persimmon Fruit Health Benefits:

Accelerates production of red blood cells:

Copper is the main element for generating red blood cells. Thus, persimmon helps in proper absorption of iron in the blood as it contains copper in high quantities. This, in return, helps in production of red blood cells. You can maintain good blood flow and thus stay away from problems related to blood cells.

A natural relief for hiccups:

It has been known since ages that persimmon, especially Japanese persimmon, is a great source of many of the vitamins and minerals. This also helps in curing sudden hiccups. It relives throat related problems.

Excellent for diabetes patients:

These days every third person is suffering from diabetes. When you consume persimmon regularly you can control all the hunger cravings. As you know about the richness of fibre in it, this can be a relishing food for people suffering from diabetes as they can control their sugar levels too. Thus, it helps in maintaining the level of sugar in blood and keeps you in good health.

Helps you to deal with hypertension:

Due to stress in work and home, many of the adults and old people suffer from the problem of hypertension. To get rid of this, consume permission in good portions as it helps in lowering the levels of sodium in your body which is the main source of hypertension. Moreover, you can include it in your low sodium diet and control hypertension in a healthy way.

Helps in improving the vision of eyes:

Persimmon contains high content of vitamin A which plays a major role in maintaining the eyesight for a long period. Also it helps in strengthening the muscles of eyes so that your eyes remain healthy and safe from any vision problems.

Helps fight cancer:

Persimmon is rich source of antioxidants. It helps in curbing the problem of free radicals. These free radicals, if not destroyed on time, can lead to cancer of high stages. Vitamin A, present in this fruit helps combat cancer in a healthy manner. Other acids like shibuol and betulinic acid helps in making out systems strong and helps in protecting it against cancer causing agents.

Helps you a lot if you are on a weight loss journey:

Consuming one portion of Persimmon every day can help you reduce weight at a faster rate. One medium sized fruit will weigh around 168gms and provides about 31 grams of carbohydrates. Thus, it a great option to start your day with. It hardly provides any fat to your body. Thus, it is an ideal fruit to consume. So consume this fruit to remain healthy to shed away those extra pounds.

Natural anti-haemorrhoid:

Persimmon is known to contain high content of anti-hemorrhagic properties. Especially, Japanese persimmon is a good source of anti-hemorrhagic properties. It will help you against excessive bleeding when you are injured. It has been known to help blood clotting since a long time.

Rich source of phytochemicals:

You will find that this fruit is rich in phytochemicals i.e. catechins and polyphenolic antioxidants. Here, catechin is very effective anti-inflammatory substance as well as anti-infective agent. It helps in curing various diseases. It can be consumed to get away with unwanted inflammatory reactions and infections. Thus try to consume persimmon to keep your body immune to many of the diseases.

Strengthens immunity:

You must be well aware of the content of vitamin C in this fruit. When consumed daily, you will find that it helps you in increasing immunity of your system. This helps you to protect yourself again most of the common diseases and ailments. Many health problems like cold, flu, infections, asthma are taken care when you have this fruit everyday in your house to consume.

To maintain a good digestive system:

Persimmon contains good percentage of fibre in it which is very essential to maintain good digestive system. When consumed on a regular basis, all the problems related to bowel movements are cleared and you can maintain a healthy stomach. There is a certain chemical named tannins which helps in regulating the intestinal movements. This can help you to stay away from diarrhoea. Thus eat healthy and stay healthy.

Thus, try consuming this nutritious fruit to make the most of the health from it. You will surely benefit a lot from it once you start eating it on a regular basis. Try mixing it in various desserts and dishes to get the best flavour in them. Try out this fruit, explore many of the hidden benefits of this fruit and enjoy a good health forever.

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