Herbal Skin Care Tips: Treatment for All Skin Problems

Beautiful, smooth, blemish free and glossy skin on the face is what we all yearn for. But our skin often gets damaged due to pollution, harmful rays of the sun and use of different products that contain chemicals in them. To get a perfect skin, you have to take proper care of your skin. You will not achieve it in a single day. It takes time to get the expected results. Often we go to the spa and spend a fortune to make our skin look good. They can cause you more harm than good in the long run.

Herbal Skin Care Tips

Herbal treatment of the skin is one of the best ways to make your skin look glowing. Most of the ingredients used in herbal remedies are present in your own kitchen and you can use them whenever you need.

Best Herbal Skin Care Remedies and Recipes:

Herbal treatment for acne:

Although acne and pimples are seem mostly in teenagers, they can also appear in later years. Tomato is an amazing natural ingredient for treating acne.

  • Cut tomato in half and rub one half of the tomato on your face gently.
  • This helps in keeping a control on the secretion of oil and sebum on the skin.

With regular use, you can get rid of acne and other breakouts on your face.

Herbal care for ageing skin:

You cannot prevent getting older, but you can prevent signs of ageing on the skin. You can apply egg pack to get a glowing skin that looks young and beautiful.

  • Break an egg and separate the yolk and the white.
  • Beat the yolk of the egg till it becomes foamy and apply it on your face. Wait for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • You may also add some essential oils to the egg yolk, like lavender oil. This will make the face pack fragrant and removes the smell of the egg.

Herbal remedy for dark circles:

Dark circles are often very stubborn and need proper treatment to go off.

  • Slice a raw potato or a cucumber and place the slices on your eyes. You can also dip a cotton ball in rose water and place it instead of potato and cucumber slices.
  • Let it stay on your eyes for about 10 to 15 minutes.
  • You can use this even when you apply a face pack on your face. Remember to massage your eye area with almond oil before you go to sleep at night.

Herbal remedy for facial spots:

Damaged skin or ageing skin on the face often show facial spots or pigmentation and dark patches. With herbal remedies you can get rid of face spots and have a clear skin.

  • Take a potato and grate it in a bowl.
  • Next you have to add a few drops of lemon juice to the grated potato.
  • Apply this mixture on your face and rub on the skin gently in circular motions.
  • Let it remain on your skin for 10 minutes and then you can wash your face thoroughly with plain water.

Home remedies for ingrown hair:

  • Take some water in a small bowl and mix some honey with it. Place this bowl in a large bowl containing hot water.
  • Take 3 to 4 aspirin tablets, grind them to get powder, and add it to the water and honey mixture.
  • When it is adequately warmed, apply it on your skin with your finger tips.
  • Let it remain on your face for about 10 minutes, till it gets dry. Now you can wash it off with water.

Herbal remedy for lips:

The skin around the lips is very sensitive and delicate. This is one of the areas on the face where signs of ageing first appear. Fine lines are often seen on the skin around the lips. So you have to take proper care of this area.

  • Before you go to bed at night, apply some honey on your lips. You can leave it overnight.
  • After you get up in the morning, take some honey and sugar, and scrub your lips with this mixture. This helps in getting rid of dead skin.
  • You can also apply honey or natural clarified butter (ghee) on your lips alternatively. Apply this 3 to 4 times a day. This also keeps the lip area soft and moisturized.

Herbal remedy for suntan:

When you spend some time in the sun, you skin may get tanned. The longer you send, the more tanned your skin gets.

  • Take 1 tablespoon of curd and add a pinch of turmeric powder and a few drops of lemon juice to it. Mix them well.
  • This face pack can help in removing tan in a natural way.

With regular application this can help you get rid of whiteheads.

Home remedy for whiteheads:

  • Take egg white and pour it in to a bowl. Add some honey and mix well.
  • Apply this mixture on your face.
  • Let it remain on your face for 30 minutes and then wash with cold water.

You can also use garlic juice to get rid of whiteheads. Clean your face with a good cleanser and then apply garlic juice on your face. Rub it gently on the skin and leave it for about 15 minutes on your face. Then you can wash off with lukewarm water. Applying this three times a day will soon give you positive results.

If you are suffering from any of these problems, try the remedies given. You need to be patient and use the face packs regularly to get the expected results.

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