Home Remedies for Sore Eyes: Treatment & Prevention Tips

Sore eyes are very common and most of you might have suffered from it. When you spend hours together in front of the laptop, PC or TV, you eyes becomes tired and sore. There are some home remedies that can help you get relief form sore eyes.

Sore Eyes Home Remedies

How to Get Relief from Sore Eyes (Eye Pain):

Aloe Vera:

Aloe Vera has great healing properties. Take the juice of aloe vera from its plant and keep it in the freezer for a few minutes. Mix it with some cold water and then dip a cotton ball in to this mixture and place it over your closed eyelids. This can relax your eyes and get rid of soreness.

Apply slices of cucumber:

Cucumber is known for its cooling property. So it helps in providing coolness to your eyes also. It also soothes your eyes. You can soak the cucumber slices in ice cold water for 10 minutes and then put them over your closed eyelids. Let it stay there for about 10 minutes. This is very beneficial for healing the soreness and the irritation you may feel in your eyes.

Apply cold bread:

This is home remedy which nobody must have heard. This is very effective for treating sore eyes. Take two loaves of cold bread and place them over your eyes. This can get you relief from the inflammation, irritation and itchiness in your eyes.


Crying is also a good way to wash out all impurities from your eyes and get rid of the irritation, itchiness and the soreness that you feel in your eyes. You can induce crying by various methods. Just add some table salt to one liter of distilled water to make saline solution. Put this solution in your eyes with the help of a dropper. This causes a burning sensation in your eyes, which will produce tears in your eyes.

Chamomile eyewash:

Chamomile eye wash is very effective for cooling your eyes. You can make it at home very easily. Take one teaspoon of dried chamomile flowers and add one cup of boiled water to it. Steep it for 5 minutes and then strain it. Let it cool down, and then wash your eyes with it. You may also use this solution as a compress if you do not want to wash your eyes with it.

Castor oil eye drop:

Castor oil is one of the commo9n ingredients found in most of the eye drops you use. You can buy pure castor oil and put 1 or 2 drops of this oil into your eyes. This helps in soothing your eyes and reduces the irritation that you may feel in your eyes.

Coriander eye drop:

Coriander is a natural herb and very beneficial for treating infected eyes. Grind some coriander leaves and extract its juice. Now put two drops of this juice in the infected eye with the help of a dropper. You may also apply it on the non-infected eye to prevent it from getting infected.

Drink Indian gooseberry juice:

The juice that you make from Indian gooseberry is great for treating sore eyes. Mix this juice with honey to get better results. This juice helps in improving your immune system and is also one of the best summer drinks to cool your body.

Drink lots of water:

Drinking plenty of water is an easy and effective method to treat sore eyes. This keeps your eyes hydrated and provides you relief.

Frozen foods:

If you do not have ice cubes or ice packs at home, you can use some frozen food items for treating sore eyes. Just wrap the frozen food item in a clean towel and place it over your eyes for about 10 minutes. This will be as effective as the ice cubes or ice packs.

Mixture of apple cider vinegar with water:

Make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water and dip a clean cotton ball in one teaspoon of this mixture. Place it on your eyes. This will give you immediate relief. This is because of the presence of maleic acid in it, which can fight bacterial infections in your eyes.

Milk and honey solution:

Mix warm milk and honey and use this as an eye drop to treat sore eyes. Honey has antibacterial properties and when it is mixed with milk, it helps in soothing your eyes. You can use a dropper to put this solution into your eyes. Repeat it several times a day till you get relief.

Rose water:

Rose water is also very effective for getting rid of the soreness in your eyes. Just dip a cotton wad in rose water and gently caress the cotton over your closed eyelids for a few seconds. You will get the cooling sensation instantly.

Splash your eyes with cold water:

One of the most common ways to get relief from sore eyes is to splash cold water in your eyes. If this is not enough, you may tie some ice cubes in a clean towel and keep it on your eyes. You can also use ice packs instead of using ice cubes. This can treat the soreness in your eyes.

Use chilled spoons:

If you have swollen eyes due to soreness, you can use chilled spoons to get relief from the pain caused. For this you have to use four teaspoons. Put each spoon in a glass of cold water individually. Now take two chilled spoons and place them over your eyes. When they lose their coolness, put them in chilled water and take the other two chilled spoons. Repeat this till you get relief. Chilled spoons have the ability to restrict blood vessels and this helps in reducing the puffiness.

Use potato pieces:

Potato is found in almost all houses. Grate a potato and keep them on your eyes for 15 minutes. This can help in reducing sore eyes and inflammation felt due to sore eyes. Repeat this for at least 3 nights and you will get relief.

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