Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Diseases (Rashes, Allergies, Etc)

Having a healthy skin means have the tension gone. But all are not fortunate enough to have beautiful skin naturally. So, we have to find ways to make our skin healthy and beautiful. People suffer from various skin problems, some of which are common while others are not so common. Some go away with topical application of medicines, whereas others need internal treatments as well.

Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Diseases

Homoeopathy is a system of medicine in which the medicines attack and cure the root cause of the issue, without any side effects. It is needed in very small doses and made with natural substances. Instead of treating only the symptoms, it goes deep into the body and destroys the root cause of the symptoms.

Homoeopathy is very effective for curing various skin issues like eczema, allergy, rashes, uriticaria, psoriasis, lichen planus and so on.

Best Homeopathic Treatment for Skin Disorders:

Arsenicum album:

Arsenicum is a good remedy for various problems of the skin, especially where the skin gets thickened as in chronic uriticaria, psoriasis and chronic eczema. When you suffer from such skin diseases, you experience swelling of the skin as well as well as a sensation of itching and burning on the skin. This medicine can also help in curing nettle rash. If you have pimples on your skin, Arsenicum can help you get rid of them.


Cantharis is great for treating burns and also skin conditions that resemble burns. It is a good cure for sunburns, skin eruptions, blisters and insect bites. Symptoms like blister formations and searing pain are well treated with Cantharis. It can relive pains that are caused by second or third degree burns. If your skin gets burnt but is unbroken, then applying it on the burnt area provides you instant relief and may even prevent vesication. If the skin is broken, then you can apply it externally with boiled or distilled water.


This can treat various skin problems. Moist scruffy eruptions on the scalp, joints, face, between the fingers and behind the ears are best treated by this medicine. It is also effective for treating cracked corners of the eyes and the mouth, bleeding and the honey-like gluey and thick discharge, etc. Dry and itchy skin, brittle hair that falls off easily and other such symptoms can also be treated with Graphite.

Natrum Muriaticum:

This can also treat eczema. In addition to treating eczema, it is also a good remedy for those who suffer from mental disturbances as a result of grief and disappointment. Those who are resentful, fearful of rejection and keep thinking about the unhappy instances of the past, also get relief by having this medicine.

Natricum Acidum:

This medicine is very effective for treating ulcers with symptoms like excessive granulations, ragged, zigzag and raised edges, blisters, vascular bleeding and as well as ulcers in the mouth, tongue, genitals etc. Some of the other symptoms for which Natricum Acidium or nitric acid is beneficial are pain during the movement of bowel, fissures, intense physical irritability and so on.


Pusatilla is very beneficial for females. It can treat rashes caused due to profuse menses or scanty menses and also rashes that appear due to gastric or uterine issues. Sometimes these rashes are accompanied with diarrhea. Nettle rash is a skin issue that becomes worse when winter starts and it causes itching when your skin is exposed to the air. Pusatilla can treat this condition very effectively. It is also a good remedy for acne.

Rhus toxicodendron:

This is an excellent remedy for curing eczema. Eczema causes numerous vesicular eruptions on your skin. Itching, swelling, tingling etc are the symptoms of this disease. It becomes worse at night and also in winter and in damp weather. Cold air can make things worse. Warmth and moisture offer temporary relief to people suffering from eczema. If you do not treat it on time, it can become uriticaria and herpes. Rhus-Tox can treat eczema very effectively.


If you are susceptible to herpes, then Sepia is the right medicine for you. It is very effective for treating symptoms of this disease that are found on the bends of the joints, ankles, knees, behind the ears etc. The skin is dry at the beginning of herpes and then it may turn moist, releasing a discharge. Some other symptoms of this disease are brownish spots, liver spots and yellow spots on the skin. It is also good for treating eczema that occurs on the hands as well as dry and chapped skin. Psoriasis can also be treated with Sepia.


Another name for sulphur is ‘skin remedy’. The powerful centrifugal action of sulphur helps in bringing the symptoms to the surface and providing you relief from such symptoms. The burning aggravation due to washing is well treated by sulphur. It is also very effective for treating soreness and itching in the folds of the skin, as well as the roughness and coarseness of the skin. It is good for combating hair problems like itchiness on the scalp and hair fall. If your nails are not growing properly, sulphur can make it grow well. Skin diseases like psoriasis and eczema are also treated by sulphur. You can get rid of acne with the help of sulphur.

Thuja Occidentalis:

This is good for treating skin problems like warts, age spots, acne and so on. it can help you get rid of brown age spots, scaly patches and itchy skin. It is also a good remedy for papulo-vesiculo-pustulur eruptions on the skin. It can also cure tubercles, epithelioma, warts, naevi, carbuncles, freckles, ulcers etc.

Thuja acts mainly on the skin and genito-urinal organs.  The anti-bacterial property of this medicine makes it great for treating blackheads, acne, whiteheads and so on.

Homoeopathy can treat a variety of skin problems. The homoeopath first understands the mind, habit, genetics and other problems of the patient and then prescribes the medicine. However, it takes time to get the expected results. But the wait is worth the results you get. It repairs your body from within.

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