How Does Drinking Water Help in Hair Growth

Water is very important for the body and you need to take at least 8 glasses of water per day to remain healthy and in good condition. But most of the people drink hardly more than 6 glasses of water, including tea and other fluids. So it is high time that you start drinking water properly. Water hydrates your body and provides you energy. It keeps the cells of the body rigid and ensures proper functioning of various organs of the body. Your skin also remains smooth and healthy by drinking water. One thing that you may not know is that water is beneficial for your hair too. It keeps your hair well hydrated and helps in the proper growth of your hair.

Water for Hair Growth

Water, which is easy to get and is cheaper than any other essential things that you require, has lots of benefits and you must make use of it in all possible ways. It is needed for proper blood circulation in the body and also helps in getting more nutrition to the hair follicles. This ensures proper growth of hair. If your hair follicles lack water, your hair may become dry and brittle. This gradually slows down and even stops the growth of your hair. So, it is necessary that you drink as much water as you can per day. This will provide you hair that is healthy and shiny. It helps in retaining the natural beauty of your hair and helps it to grow thick and long. So start drinking water from today itself and see the change it makes to your hair. Water also flushes away all the toxins from your body and cleanses your body from inside.

Dehydration and Hair Growth:

If your body lacks water, you may suffer from dehydration. But hardly anybody knows that lack of water can affect your hair too. As you know, about 60% to 80% of your body is made up of water. When you drink less amount of water, your body becomes deficient in water and as a result the cells of your body will not be able to function properly. This affects the health of the cells and it will not be able to undergo cell division. This has a bad impact on your hair growth also. Often, when you see that your hair is not growing properly, you start taking vitamin tablets and other supplements that promote hair growth. But these are of no use unless you drink adequate water that is needed for your body. When your body becomes deficient in water, the cells which control the growth of hair will not be able to grow and reproduce properly. As a result, your hair will become unhealthy, dry and lifeless. This greatly affect the natural growth cycle of your hair and your hair stops growing.

It is estimated that human body loses about 2 to 3 quarts of water per day due to many factors like sweat and other processes that involve removal of water from the body. Our skin also contains lots of water and this water escape from the skin in to the air continuously in the form of small droplets. So you can see that lots of water is lost from your body per day. To make up for this, it is important that you drink water. During the summer moths you have to drink more water than at other times of the year as lots of water is lost from the body in the form of sweat.

When you drink less water, the roots of your hair will not get enough water for its proper growth. So your hair becomes very dry, rough and it may even retard the growth of your hair. You hair gets the required amount of water only through the hair roots. There is no other way possible. The roots soak the water and then provide this water to the hair. This way it helps in keeping the hair well hydrated. This in turn enhances hair growth and you will get thick hair that is healthy and shiny.

Benefits of Water for your Hair Growth:

Some of the Benefits of drinking water for hair growth are as follows:

  1. Water is a source of energy for each of the body cells. This also includes the cells which control the growth of hair and provide you healthy hair.
  1. Water helps in providing the necessary nutrients to the cells and makes sure that the cells get all the necessary hair vitamins.
  1. To sustain life, magnetic and electric energy are essential. These are regarded as the ‘core power’ to sustain life. Water, through the process of hydrolysis, helps in generating these powers.
  1. There are many energy sensitive as well as photosensitive nerve endings on the roots of the hair and the scalp. Water helps in stimulating these nerve endings and also other sensors in your skin and the scalp. This in turn aids in rejuvenating the hair roots and making them more active. As a result, your hair will grow better.
  1. If you have dandruff or if you are suffering from thinning of hair, drink lots of water. This can help your cure these problems.

So, water is very essential for all living beings. Without water we cannot live. Drinking enough water makes sure that you have a healthy body, skin as well as hair. Water can help in the growth of the hair as well as in solving various problems of the hair and the scalp. If your body lacks water, it can make your hair lifeless and take away all the energy from the hair roots, leading to hair loss and other problems of hair. So, make sure that you drink enough water.

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