How Stem Cell Therapy Works for Hair Loss and Growth?

Hair fall is something that a large proportion of the people in the world suffer from. Your hair is something that accentuates your look. It contributes to the shape of your face and the look you have. Nobody wants to be looking old, or want to be called an ‘uncle’ or ‘Aunty’ just because of a receding hairline. And nobody wants to feel bad to look at themselves in front of a mirror. For all those who were cursing the fate for receding hairline, here is some news that would bring some joy. Stem cells can help you out of this odd situation.

Stem Cell Hair Growth

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The reasons for hair loss can be many, right from climatic factors to genetic factors. It can also be caused due to malnutrition, smoking, and other such lifestyle habits. Lack of care for the hair or too much damage will cause hair to fall off. Moreover, issues like depression, anxiety, and tensions also weaken your hair from the inside. There are several diseases also, which have hair fall as a prominent symptom. With stem cell therapy, it is possible to get your hair back.

How Stem Cells are Made?

Stem cells are the cells that are collected from a person at the time of birth. These are undifferentiated cells that are capable of giving rise to other types of cells. During recent years there has been breakthrough researches happening on the conditions and diseases that can be cured by using stem cells. Researchers in the University of California are now claiming that stem cells can help in reversing baldness in both men and women. The days is not far away when the stem cell therapies becomes commercially available for hair growth.

Stem Cell Therapy and Hair Re-Growth:

Let us try to understand how stem cell therapy would work for hair growth. There are numerous hair follicles present on our scalp. Our hair grows out from these hair follicles. Over the period, some of these hair follicles get damaged or dead for some people. When the stem cells become damaged, it will prevent the growth of new hair. New discoveries show that stem cells can help in stimulating the cells inside the damaged or dead hair follicles and thus revive them. Though this research is in a very crude state as of now, it is news for good hope for all those who have been desperately trying every oil, cream, hairbrush, lotions and shampoos available in the market for hair re-growth.

Seeking medical treatment for hair growth is something that most of the people who suffer from receding hairline feels apprehensive about. Most of the people feel anxious about what they would do with their bald head if even the medical treatment fails. Hair re- growth using stem cell therapy starts from your own body fat. Stem cells from body fat, also known as Autologous Adipose Adult Stem cells or AAA stem cells are from harvested from the body fat, and then microscopically injected into the baldness affected areas. According to the researchers, you should be able to see visible results within 2 to 4 weeks of receiving treatment.

Stem cells therapy, unlike most other treatment methods available now, has a lot of benefits. If made commercially available, this treatment method will become a breakthrough in this field because

  • Stem cell treatment is a sure shot solution to hair loss.
  • It is also one of the relatively safest ways to re-grow hair.
  • It is a treatment method which is minimally invasive in nature.
  • Stem cell therapy will require very few sittings unlike the treatments available now. Also this treatment method will lead to only very little discomfort.
  • This treatment method can ensure positive results within a month.

What makes this most attractive is that it is a once a lifetime cure. When this treatment is completed, there will be no more humiliation, also any more need for hiding and apprehension of suffering from baldness again. What more do you want?!?

Stem Cell Therapy for Men and Women:

Stem cell therapy is a miracle of medical research that can benefit men and women of all ages. It is a treatment that is not for only those who want to get back their hair so that they can regain their image back in this fashion conscious world. Other people who have suffered from hair fall because of various medical conditions such as thyroid imbalances, seborrheic dermatitis, chemotherapy, fungal infections, and other stress related and emotional issues.

In this age, all people are running around for a solution to hair fall. They try every hair oil, shampoo, and lotions to try and get back their lost hair. There are chemical treatment methods and hair fixing options also available in the market. But, these are not fully effective or totally dependable. Moreover, the effects vary from person to person. Stem cell therapy is an even more effective method that can assure to grow back your own hair. Once you undergo this therapy, your effects will last forever. You can reap all the benefits of the therapy for your lifetime.

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