How to Choose Right Eye Shadow Color: Pro Guide

If you are applying eye shadow for the first time, it may be difficult for you to decide which color will suit best for you. It is always difficult to decide upon the right eye shadow for you until you have tried a range of colors that go well with your skin tone and the color of your eyes. Once you experiment with a number of colors, you will finally come upon the correct eye shadow for you. Here is a range of colors that you can try till you find out what is best for you. But more than the shade of the eye shadow, it is the person who wears it that matters.

Best Eye Shadow Color

The Best Eye Shadow based on your Eye Color:

Black eyes:

If you have black eyes, you can choose bold colors. These will look best when applied. Vibrant and intense shades of eye shadow, when applied on black-eyed women, look great and make the look gorgeous. Dark blue purple colored eye shadows contrast well with black and therefore are great for women with black eyes. Blue eye shadows also look very attractive on black eyes.

Blue eyes:

For beauties with blue eyes there are many colors to choose from, like purples, pinks, greens, peaches, taupes etc. These will highlight your blue eyes and make you look amazing. You can choose different shades of these colors until you hit on the right shade and color. Greenish blues or aqua may look odd with your eye color and so you must avoid using these colors.

Green eyes:

If you have green eyes, you must avoid putting on medium green shades. You can use deep purple colors, burgundy warm, light greens, purples and taupes. These colors will make your eyes look beautiful and seductive.

Brown eyes:

If your eyes are brown you can apply any color and experiment, until you get the best color for your eyes. Women with brown eyes can apply any eye shadow and look good in it. So feel free to try on any color you please.

Earth or Neutral color tones:

These colors are those that go well with any eye color and are safe for all to use. You can apply them during the day time as well as at the night time and look as stunning as ever. With neutral eyes and bold lids you can rest assured that you will never go wrong. But when you choose the eye shadow color for brown eyes, you must be very careful in choosing the right shade. If you choose the wrong one, it may look muddy on your eyes and spoil your look. Purple as well as teal are great for your eyes as they provide a dramatic look to your eyes and make you look amazing. Stay away from blue color as it can make your eyes and face look dull.

Do Consider Skin Tone for Eye color:

When you choose the right eye shadow for your eyes, you have to consider the color of your eyes as well as your skin tone. If you have a pale skin or a light colored skin, you have to choose eye shadows with shades that are less intense than those used by women with olive skin or darker skin.  Make sure that the eye shadow you choose compliments your skin tone and the color of your eyes. But it should not overpower them.

Eyeshadow Tips for Different Skin Tones:

The shades that you use for your eyebrow should be close to your skin tone. You can use one matte finish and one shimmer finish and blend them together. You must use the matte one under the brow bone. You can use the shimmer to highlight the area under the brow bone or the inner corner. This will open up your eyes and make it lighter.

Fair skin: Vanilla Bean (matte finish) and Shimma Shimma (shimmer finish) are best for women with fair skin.

Medium skin: Crème Brule (matte finish) and Purely Naked (shimmer finish) are suitable for medium skin.

Dark skin: If you have a dark skin, you can use Latte or Cocoa Bear (matte finish) and Glamorous (shimmer finish).

An Important Tip to Remember:

If you are not very comfortable with using eye shadow, the best option is to stick to the basics of the eye makeup. So, use lightest shade for highlighting your brow bone and darkest shade on the outer V and the creases. On the lid you can use medium shade. In the beginning use only one or two shades for eye makeup. Later on you can try experimenting with multicolored shades.

How to Pair Your Eye Shadows Like a Professional:

Pairing eye shadows provides you a wide range of colors. When you combine eye shadows, you have to follow three basic rules. These are as follows:

  • Always use one neutral color when you pair your eye shadows. This will tone down the overall look.
  • You get eye shadows in finishes, matte and shimmer. Using only shimmer will make you look odd, while using matte finish eye shadows will give you a flat look. So, combine both of them and this will give you the right look.
  • Mix light, medium and dark colors so that you get a combination of all three shades. This will provide more dimension to your makeup.

Monochromatic looks:

Here you use only one color, but in different shades. For example, if you choose pink color, you can choose light, medium and dark pink and use them in the proper way. Use dark pink on the outer part of your eye, medium pink on the middle and light pink in the inner part of your eye. After applying, blend them well so that a pink look is attained.

Polychromatic looks:

To get this look, you have to blend light, medium and dark shades together. You may use shades of different colors also. For example, you can use dark purple on the lid and light pink on the crease. Then blend them together and go around the eye with orange shade. This will give you a purple smokey eye.

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