How to Choose the Best Shampoo to Control your Hair Fall

After going out, our body and hair is covered with dirt, dust and pollution. Even if you are at home, your hair is bound to become dirty and oily. So it is necessary that you shampoo your hair and remove all dust, dirt and grime form your hair. But when you choose the shampoo for your hair, be careful to select the right one. The shampoo you use must be suitable for your hair. Otherwise you may suffer from hair fall. So check what type of hair you have and then choose a shampoo accordingly. In this article we will discuss about shampoos that can help you control hair fall.

Hair Fall Best Shampoo

Tips to Choose the Right Shampoo for your Hair Type:

Type of Hair and Scalp:

First and foremost thing that you must do before choosing the right shampoo is to know what type of hair and scalp you have. Without this knowledge you will never succeed in controlling hair fall. If you have a dry scalp and hair, then choose shampoo that is made for such hair, instead of shampoos that are suitable for oily hair. You will get various shampoos in the market, which are ideal for oily hair, dry hair, normal hair and so on. If you cannot decide your hair and scalp type, you may take the advice of a beautician and then choose the right shampoo.

Moisturization and Nourishment:

Always make sure that your hair is well nourished and kept moisturized. This can prevent dry and frizzy hair and breakage of hair. A well moisturized and nourished hair will grow properly and will always be healthy and lustrous. So choose a shampoo that has good ingredients in t like shea butter, egg protein, soy milk, glycerin and so on. Pick up a shampoo with as many good ingredients as possible and this will provide you a healthy hair prevent hair loss.

Curly hair:

Curly hair is very difficult to manage and you cannot treat curly hair as you treat other hair types. Curly hair is usually dry and is more prone to split ends than other hair types. It also brakes easily and brushing curly hair is not an easy task. Hence you must take good care of curly hair to make it healthy and prevent hair fall. The shampoo that you choose for curly hair should be rich in protein to keep the hair well nourished. You can also use shampoo that is specially made for curly hair, which conditions the roots of the hair and moisturize the hair from the roots.

Colored hair:

If you have colored your hair, it means that some chemicals have already been used on the hair. So, you have to take special care of your hair and prevent hair loss. For colored hair you cannot use all shampoos that you use on other types of hair. Buy shampoos that are specially made for colored hair and use them. This will make sure that your hair does not fall off.

Dry hair:

If you have a dry hair, the shampoo you use must be such that it keeps your hair well moisturized and prevents dryness of the scalp and the hair. It should not contain too much chemicals as these can make it even more dry. Dry hair is more susceptible to split ends and hair fall. So, keeping the hair well hydrated is very important to prevent hair fall. A sulfate free shampoo with low pH is ideal for dry hair.

Normal hair:

Normal hair is neither too oily nor too dry. If your hair is normal type and you do not suffer from any dryness problems, and still you are suffering from hair lose, then you must check if you have any scalp irritations. You can use a medicated shampoo and it will be beneficial for controlling hair fall. If it contains tea tree oil, it is all the more suitable for controlling hair fall.

If you have a normal hair, you must consider yourself lucky, but try not to experiment with your hair by choosing all the hair products that are available in the market. This may cause harm to your hair. So, select a mild shampoo that is suitable for your hair type and be contented with it.

Oily hair:

Oily hair tends to become greasy and sticky and you have to shampoo it frequently to get rid of the excess oil in your hair. You have to keep in mind the two things when you choose shampoo for oily hair.

  • pH balance – Make sure that the shampoo you choose not only remove the excess oil from your hair and scalp, but also is well balanced. It should have a pH value that is higher than the shampoo that you use for dry hair.
  • Strength – If you have chosen the right shampoo for oily hair and it is well balanced, and still you are losing hair, it means that the shampoo may be too harsh for your hair and scalp. Since oily hair needs to be washed very often to remove the excess oil and give the hair a glow and shine, you must make sure that the shampoo you choose must not be too harsh. If it is too harsh on your hair, you are bound to suffer from hair loss. So always choose a mild shampoo that does not cause any harm to your hair and scalp with regular use.

Along with using the shampoos, you can also try some home remedies to prevent hair loss. Home remedies include natural ingredients, which are safe and beneficial. So, by combining both of them, you can effectively prevent hair fall and have a thick and strong hair with a healthy shine.

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