How to do Anjaneyasana or Crescent Moon Pose: Its Benefits

Work load is increasing day by day and you are left with more and more of stress at the end of each day. Children as well as adults find no time for themselves as they have to meet various deadlines in work and colleges as well. Thus, for such a monotonous and stressful life, trying out some yoga asana will prove beneficial to your health as well as mind. It helps you to revitalize your mind and body and connect them. It is a different kind of relaxation for the body and keeps you fresh and full of energy throughout the day.

Anjaneyasana or Crescent Moon Pose Benefits

Here, we offer you some of the best yoga practices. These are very simple and easy to follow. If you do it on a regular basis, then you will surely benefit a lot from it. Proper and simple yoga techniques coupled with some simple breathing exercises is the best way to revitalize yourself and calm you body and mind together.

If you are an ardent runner and want to maintain your body balance then one such asana is Anjaneyasana also called as Crescent Moon Pose or Hanuman Pose. It is also known as low lunge pose and is highly recommended for long time runners. This is one of the warm up exercise which helps runners to go through the running process. Practice this yoga so as to develop or enhance your running skills. Other than running, it is also good as a stretching exercise. This asana derives its name from the word “Anjani” which was name of mother of God Hanuman. Thus, gear up and follow this asana so that you can get instant relief from stress.

How to do Anjaneyasana or Crescent Moon Pose: Steps

  1. Stand straight on the floor. Go in the Tadasana position.
  2. Bend downwards, your eyes looking down. Obtain a position like that of a dog. This position is also called as Adho Mukha Svasana or downward facing dog position.
  3. Now slowly move your left foot forward. Move it further until it comes in between both your hands. Stay still in this position.
  4. Now slowing move your right leg too. Try to make it as straight as possible. After this, your leg will appear in a slant position. Now, you can put your right leg on the floor and let it rest.
  5. Take your hands up and raise them as high as you can. Open your fingers and spread them. Expand your hands to its full extend.
  6. You must have observed that whenever you stretch your hands, you chest automatically bulges out and expands.
  7. Pull you face in upwards position and look up in the air. Gaze at the open sky above you.
  8. Once you have stretched your body enough, try to remain in this position for a few seconds. After that try to bring back your body parts to its normal position. Lower your body from the hips. Bring your hands down to its normal position. Keep your fingers loose and let them feel free. Take your legs back to its normal position.
  9. Now remain steady in this position. Relax and make yourself comfortable after the stretching process. Leave your body in this position for about 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  10. Make it a point to repeat this exercise on a daily basis. Repeating it ten times a day will help you to get rid of stress instantly, making you feel fresh to do further work well.
  11. Try different positions while doing this asana. Try alternate leg stretching positions so that you legs don’t ache and all the weight is not concentrated on one leg always.

Each and every asana has its own benefits as well as rules to follow. Thus, this asana too has some of the rules, or we can say contraindications, to follow. If you are suffering from a history of heart attack then kindly avoid this asana. It can have direct impact on the arteries and veins which can worsen your heart problems even more. Also, people who are suffering from the problem of hernia or back pain should not practice this asana as it can aggravate the problem. Movements of legs play an important role here, so if you have been through a serious injury recently, then don’t practice it without consulting your doctor or you will end up harming your injury. Feeling of weakness and other such minor health problems should be checked thoroughly before trying out Anjaneyasana. If you have any health problem, then consult a doctor and get to know the best yoga practices from him.

Anjaneyasana or Crescent Moon Pose or Low Lung Pose Benefits:

Every asana has some or the other kind of benefit. It’s up to you to choose the best one for your mind and body. Likewise, this asana provides your body a good stretch, mainly to your legs and arms. All the muscles of shoulders, thighs, calf muscles, spine, and legs are benefitted from this asana. Anjaneyasana has numerous other benefits. It helps in maintaining a good body posture and also in fast circulation of blood throughout the body. It makes the digestive system strong and gives a good massage to your entire body. If you have loose muscles at some parts, and then it will help them to tone up, giving a fit and leaner look. Moreover, if you practice this exercise on a regular basis then you will never suffer from knee pain, shoulder and back pain, or abdominal pain. For women, Anjaneyasana is very beneficial as it helps in making the reproductive system strong, adds flexibility to the body and works wonder for a very stiff body.

Make sure you practice this exercise at home from time to time to reap immediate benefits. It will make a huge difference in your body after a month or so. This will help you to elevate your complete body to a healthy position and keep all the diseases at bay. Hence, practice this asana to get a rejuvenated life. Make the most out of it to get a life full of happiness and freshness.

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