How to do Bharadvajasana or Seated Twist Yoga – Benefits

As you grow up, life becomes more and more stressful. You need to revitalize yourself and get ready for the next task on a regular basis. Many de-stressing methods are available but they are not so effective. Here is one brilliant way to get out of the boring and monotonous life. Start practicing yoga at home on a daily basis. Here are some of the simple and quick step which will help you to lead a life free of stress and tension.

Bharadvajasana (Twisted seated pose) exercise in Yoga

We will provide you some very useful yoga asana which will provide you instant results. These are the best yoga asana which have been crafted keeping in mind today’s hectic life. It will give you the pros and cons of doing such asana. Asana not only makes you stress free, but also helps you to keep your body fit and in good shape. It also helps you to maintain a good posture throughout the day. Many of the asana are for a particular body type and shape. While some other are meant for certain body parts only. Accordingly, the yoga asana can be differentiated into three subtypes such as those for newbies, for intermediates and for prolonged practitioners.

One such famous and commonly practiced asana is Bharadvajasana. It is also called as seated twist position or Twisted seated pose. This asana is mainly for those who are professional in this field and those who are on an intermediate level. The name of this asana is derived from a Sanskrit word “bharadvaja” which was the name of one of the seven legendries seers who were responsible for creating the hymns in the Vedas.

Whenever you start with a new asana, remember to follow certain guidelines, so that you are benefited the most from it. Some of the basic instructions are stated below.

How to do Bharadvajasana or Seated Twist Yoga:

  1. Sit in dandasana posture on the floor. Keep your legs straight and forward. Pull them apart from each other. Keeping your back and legs straight and calm, take your palms to the sides of your body. Now your palms should rest on the floor.
  2. Move you left leg and fold it. Rest it on the other leg. Take care that the sole of your food is seen i.e. it is facing up.
  3. Now move you right knee and pose yourself in the Vajrasana pose. Here also, the sole should face upwards and the upper side of your feet should be on the floor. Keep your back erect and you spine should be straight.
  4. Now take the palm of your right hand on your left knee. While the other hand should be turned and taken behind your body towards your back. Try to extend your hand such that it touches you right foot. Hold your body in this position for a few moments.
  5. Now turn your face and try to look behind. It will be tough initially.
  6. Keep your body calm in this state. Stay pause for about 15 to 20 seconds. Don’t force your body into this. The duration of staying still should depend on your capacity and patience. Now after few seconds, slowly remove yourself from that position and release your body of all the tension mounted.
  7. Take care that you come to the normal position gently or else you might end up damaging your muscles. Sit in the Dandasana posture once you are in your normal form.
  8. Make it a point to do this asana for about ten times a day. Initially it may sound impossible but then all the pain is worth when it is for your own body.

Bharadvajasana Benefits for your Body:

Each and every asana or exercise you follow as some or the other benefit. Likewise, this asana too provides many perks of following it. Yoga is not for temporary relief. It provides prolonged effect on our bodies.

  1. If you regularly practice Bharadvajasana, then it will help your body to gain flexibility. Not only this, exercises like stretching, twisting, jumping makes your body parts, mainly the spine, shoulders, waist, legs and calf muscles, stronger day by day.
  2. If you are concerned about the belly fat then this asana works on that too. It strengthens your internal organs like abdomen, digestive systems and lungs.
  3. Continuous inhaling and exhaling large amounts of air during the course of asana help the lungs to expand its capacity.
  4. If you are suffering from severe back pain then this is the best asana for your spine. It provides instant relief to the neck pain as you move you neck on either side to make it more flexible.

No need to visit doctors and take huge doses of medicines. Practice Bharadvajasana and you will get rid of all the stress within minutes.

Important Precautions before you do Bharadvajasana:

Asanas are always beneficial to the body and mind, be it any age. But there are certain exceptions here too.

  1. This asana should not be practiced if your body is not in the condition to take any pain and suffer.
  2. Some other medical conditions like diarrhea are very critical cases and during this time, refrain from practicing this asana.
  3. If you are prone to headaches every now and then, you should not even try to practice this asana as it will increase the headache intensity.
  4. Also people who are heart patients should practice simpler asana but not this one under any condition.
  5. When this asana is practiced, there are variations in blood pressure. Hence people suffering from high blood pressure or low blood pressure should refrain for going for such asana.
  6. Bharadvajasana should be avoided if you are prone to illness like insomnia, migraine and/ or low blood pressure. This one tips is for young girls.
  7. If you are undergoing menstrual days then make it a point not to practice this yoga asana as this will worsen the condition if you are already feeling week.

Thus yoga is very essential for your body as well as your soul. It will help you to give your body that perfect look.

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