How to do Zen (Zazen) Meditation: Steps, Techniques & Benefits

Since ancient times, meditation has proven to be a boon to Indian culture. Many people from abroad come here to learn many varieties of meditation and practice them. It helps us to find peace and remain serene and calm. If you practice meditation on a regular basis, you can keep your mind, body and soul in a perfect sync. You will thus feel rejuvenated throughout the day.

Zen Meditation Steps Benefits

Since olden days, our forefathers have come up with many types of meditation practices. Thus, it has many types for various problems. For instance, we have Zen meditation, OM meditation, and Kundalini meditation to name a few well known ones. Each type has its own style and method of performing. If done using the right technique, you can benefit a lot in a very short time. Although many varieties have come up, the basic aim and root of meditation is the same till date. This is because meditation is mainly concerned with the connection of the mind and body, and this aim remains same for every type of meditation.

What is Zen Meditation?

Talking about Zen meditation, it has originated from Buddhist meditation practices. It is a kind of unique meditation which has been followed in our country since a long time. Even within Zen meditation, you have many ways of practicing it. However, here also, the basic aim remains the same for every type. “Zen”- this word is of Japanese origin for the word “meditation”. It is this reason that many of the Zen Buddhists are also called by the name “Meditation Buddhists”. One more word for this type of meditation is “Zazen”. If you are new to this type of meditation then we have some simple step for you to follow, so as to benefit the most out of it. Try to practice these steps as perfectly as you can.

Steps to do Zen Meditation:

  1. You will firstly require a zafu or a small pillow. Get one to make it easier for you to maintain your position of mediation and thus, avoid distraction. With this, your complete concentration will be on the meditation process.
  2. Sitting in the correct position will help you to reap better results. You can either sit in Ardha Padmasana or Padmasana position. For this, make some space on the floor and spread your legs straight. Now gently bend your right knee and support it with your right hand to place your legs on the outer side of your left thigh. Similarly, bend your left knee too and place on the outer side of right thigh. Now keep your palm on your knees and relax. In Japan, this position is known as “kekkafuza”.
  3. Now place your left palm on top of the right palm. You right palm should face upwards. This position is called as cosmic hand mudra. Now gently move your hands and place them on your lap. Make sure that both the thumbs of your hand are facing in the front direction. Try looking straight.
  4. Now comes the main part of the meditation. Close your eyes slowly and start the process. Keep your mind fresh by flushing out all the unnecessary thoughts out of your mind. You mind should be empty so that it can relax well. All the bad and good thoughts should be removed instantly from your mind. To get the most out of this session, it is very important to clear your mind of all the unnecessary thoughts.
  5. Go deeper into the session. Start the meditation process and breathing process at the same time. Inhale the oxygen and give out carbon dioxide slowly and deeply. Focus all your attention on your breathing process. Observe how the air goes in and comes out regularly. Keep full attention on the process.
  6. Now, open your eyes slowly and let your body relax. Give it a warm up session. Move your hands in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. Stretch legs as well as hands. This will help your body to bring the blood pressure and heartbeat rate to normal position.
  7. After you are done with the warm up session, go into the meditation state again. Close your eyes and go deep and deep into your body mentally. Feel all the processes and the stillness in your body and around you. Clean away all the thoughts from your mind and focus all the attention only on your soul and inner self. Thus, Zazen is all about being aware of the inner strength we possess and making the best use of it in our life. This will surely help us to maintain a state of balance in our emotions as well as work.
  8. Now we come to the end of meditation session. Sit in the position for as long a time as you can. Normally one hour of meditation is sufficient in a day. Come out of the position slowly and back to normal position. Free your hands and legs and sit in a regular position so as to feel relaxed. Rub your hands against each other. This is called as palming. Feel the heat generated and the positive energy all around you. Now you can open your eyes and make way for some relaxation. You can feel freshness everywhere and a new zeal surrounding you.

Benefits of Zen Meditation:

  1. Meditation is an excellent and ancient way to help your body and soul relax.
  2. People who go through a life full of stress should definitely practice Zen meditation daily.
  3. It is good for kids as well as elderly people.
  4. This also helps to take control of your mind and thus come out with good decisions in your life.
  5. Make the most out of this meditation type so that you are always free from diseases caused as a result of stress and tension.
  6. You will be benefitted the most if you try it in a calm and composed place.
  7. Try out the steps mentioned and above and you will surely see the difference in your way of living.

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  1. John Smith says:

    Meditation has many benefits. It is a easy way to reduce your stress and depression and give us happiness and creativity. According to Lama Surya Dasdoing meditation we can easily handle all difficult situations. Meditation makes your mind peaceful and increase new images, thoughts and images. I think everyone should do meditation.

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