How to Exfoliate Your Skin Properly: Best Ways

This article is for all those who love to pamper their skin, and for those who want to make their skin softer, glowing and attain a long lasting radiance. Exfoliation of skin is something that will help you look young and gorgeous.  Making exfoliation a regular part of your beauty treatment will definitely help in keeping your skin look fresh and glowing.

If you think that cleansing, toning, and moisturising regularly will give you flawless skin, it’s time for you to rethink. In addition to all these, it is important that you do exfoliation too regularly. Let us see how to remove the dead skin from your face.

exfoliating skin tips

Removing Dead Skin from your Face:

Chemical exfoliation:

Chemical exfoliation involves use of chemicals such as peels and Alpha Hydroxyl acids (AHAs), Beta Hydroxyl acids (BHAs) or other enzymes that act on the glue like substance that holds together the skin cells, and thus allows them to ease away. Chemical exfoliation is suggested for people who are undergoing treatment for acne. Chemical exfoliation is also known as microdermabrasion. If not done correctly and in right composition, chemical exfoliation can be harsh for the skin. Hence this process should be carried out only under the supervision of licensed aestheticians, or else inexpert usage of such products can lead to harmful consequences.

Chemical exfoliation gives long lasting results and also makes your skin look beautiful and glowing. Chemical exfoliation also works in the deeper layers of the skin, and thus helps in rejuvenation and revitalisation of the skin. These processes should only be done at fixed intervals, as overdoing of these processes can harm your skin to a very large extent.

Cleansing routine:

Cleansing Skin routine

Cleansing is something that is to be necessarily done as a part of your skin care routine to get rid of the dead skin. Doing cleansing regularly will help in removing dirt from your skin. Whenever we wash our face, it is only the dirt from the top layer of the skin that gets removed. The dirt which settles in the inner layer of the skin remains there and will block the skin and won’t allow our skin to breathe. Doing cleansing will help in removing these dirt even from the inner layers of the skin and will give you a clear looking skin.

Exfoliation routine:

Let us first understand what exfoliation is. The human skin is constantly regenerating itself. The skin cells on the top layer of skin die and get replaced by the new cells that are formed in the lower layers of the skin called dermis. We take this process for granted like any other biological processes taking place in our body. But as we age, like any other body process, the skin’s natural regenerative power also deteriorates. It is in such a condition that skin exfoliation comes to help. Exfoliation is the process by which we enhance the skin regeneration process by removing the dead skin cells and make way for the new skin cells.

For doing exfoliation of skin, people use products that help in removing old skin and reveal the new skin underneath. Exfoliation can be done in any of the two ways- either physical exfoliation or chemical exfoliation. Let us see how each of these works:

Moisturization routine:

Skin Moisturize Tips

Moisturization is the last step in your must do skin care routine. Moisturization helps in giving your skin all the nourishment that it loses on a daily basis. It also helps your skin look healthy and glowing. Moisturization can also help in holding back the aging process of skin.

Physical exfoliation:

Physical exfoliation involves use of physical means such as scrubs to exfoliate your skin. People use different things such as walnut shells, apricot granules, or herbal powders, or even sugar and salt as means for physical exfoliation. Depending on what we choose, physical exfoliation can be either gentle or harsh. Apricot granules are very gentle on the skin, whereas walnut shells are really scrubby and can actually tear the skin.

Physical exfoliation has got only short term effects. And hence it has to be done more frequently so that you get long term results. The other disadvantage of this method is that its effect is restricted only to the surface of the skin. Physical exfoliation does not exfoliate the skin on a deeper level.

Let us see some simple ways on how to exfoliate your skin all by yourself at your home.

Ways to Exfoliate your Skin at Home:

Method to Exfoliate Skin on your Face:

Exfoliation of skin on your face has to be done with utmost care, as the face skin is usually more sensitive than other parts of your body. Follow the steps given below to give your facial skin proper exfoliation:

  • Soak a damp cloth in warm water. Put this towel on your face. This will help in exfoliating your skin better.
  • Now wash your skin with the regular face wash that you use. This will clean your skin properly. After this pat your skin dry.
  • Now apply all over your face an exfoliate that best suits your skin type. Start by slowly massaging the exfoliate in circular motions on your skin. Repeat this process all over your skin for a few times. Cover each inch of you face and neck while massaging.
  • When done, wash your face and pat it dry. Then use some moisturizer to nourish your skin. That is all- you are done.

Method to Exfoliate Skin on your Body:

Exfoliate Skin on Body

  • As a first step, wet your body with lukewarm water.
  • Now apply the exfoliate on your body either using your hand or with the help of a brush.
  • Start massaging the exfoliate in a circular motion.
  • When done, rinse it off using cold water and then complete the process by applying a moisturizer.

Following these steps regularly will ensure that your skin remain healthy and soft. Give your skin a little extra time every day to do this and you will definitely see the difference.

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