How to get Glossy or Shiny Hair Instantly: Best Tips

Having long and lustrous hair is a dream of every woman. Every woman is blessed with hair having different colors and texture. Some of them have shiny and healthy hair while some others struggle with dry and dull hair and try a lot to make it of good quality. Especially in India, it is observed that women have hair which lack shine and volume. This can be due to the typical climate of our country. Unmanageable hairs are always difficult to take care of.

Glossy Shiny Hair Tips

Many treatments are available in salons and parlors but even they don’t guarantee good results. Moreover, the products used in such parlors contain high content of chemicals which might damage the hair. Hence we present to some easy home remedies to get healthy and shining hair in a short time. Now you don’t need just spends bucks there. Just follow these steps.

When you are set to experiment, remember to collect all the things mentioned below:

  1. You will require a straightener to straighten your hair to give the wavy or curly look as said.
  2. Keep a mild and smooth shampoo with you. Having a conditioner also will be a good option.
  3. Heat processing spray is required
  4. Also keep a smoothing serum.

Now here are the steps to get glossy and curly hair instantly. If your hair is naturally curly, then a glossy look won’t suit you. If you have wavy hair or straight hair then it is easy to make it curly and gets the required curls. Reason is when you hair is straight and you start curling it, it gives a glossy look which can be seen by the reflection of light on the hair strands. Hence curls are preferred mainly on straight hair. Here are some points you should keep in mind:

How to get Glossy or Shiny Hair Instantly: Simple Tips

  1. When you shampoo your hair, you actually make it more dry and prone to damage. Thus make it a point to use conditioner whenever required. After washing your hair, apply conditioner only on your hair and not on the scalp. Keep it for three to four minutes and then wash it away. This will keep your hair nourished and shiny. This will also make you hair bouncy and easy to manage. As you know, well hydrated hair always looks attractive.
  2. If you long for shiny hair then try to avoid taking hot water baths. Hot water takes away all the moisture and shine from your hair and makes it dull and brittle. Instead wash your hair with normal tap water and see the benefits. You should keep in mind that a smooth shampoo is always safe for your hair and it washes away the dirt and oil perfectly. If you make use of shower while taking bath, make sure to use a hair mask which will protect your hair from hot water and soap. After washing your hair, use a hair moisturizer so that the moisture remains intact. This last step is very essential to keep your hair glossy.
  3. Once you are done with the straightening process, let you hair cool down and come to its normal temperature. Now you are free to apply any serum or hair moisturizer. Keep track of what kind of serum you are applying on your hair. Next when you start applying, start from the top coming toward the end. Make sure you apply the right amount of serum on your hair because if you apply less than required, your hair will not be protected well and will look untidy. Whereas if you overdo the serum then you hair will look greasy and wet. This will compel you to wash your hair on a frequent basis. When you buy hair gels or spray take care that you refrain from alcohol based products as they tend to make your hair frizzy and dry.
  4. There is no use in curling already curly hair as they will look harder. Instead, using a straightener on them will be an excellent option. This will give your hair a different look and change your overall look too. If your hair is not wavy but slightly curled, then you can set normal mode to your straightener. But if they are extremely curly, then you will have to set it on high mode to see instant results. Take care not to apply the machine directly on your hair. Instead go for a hair serum or hair moisturizer which will prevent your hair from drying out and will help you to get the perfect hair. Hair spray can also be used to save your hair from all the damage.

These hair care methods are definitely useful but if you wish to use homemade products and try home remedies then there are a couple of tips which you should definitely try.

Home Remedies to get Glossy or Shiny Hair:

  1. One easy trick to make the most of available home products is to use vinegar or white wine or simple cider vinegar to get shining and glossy hair in a single wash. Take two tablespoon of any of these and mix it with water. Rinse your hair with it and let it dry naturally. Your hair will be fresh again.
  1. Another remedy for dry and brittle hair is to use mayonnaise to get better and shiner hair. High fat and oil percentage makes it very useful for hair nourishment. Take a small cup full of mayonnaise and keep it in freezer. Once at a low temperature, remove it and let it come to room temperature. Meanwhile, wash your hair with warm water. This will open up the follicles and you will be benefited more from the process. Apply mayonnaise all over the hair and scalp. Keep it for an hour and if your hair is dry then keep for some more time. Then wash away to get silkier, shinier and glossy hair at a go.

Do try these simple tips for your hair. You will surely get benefited from the above given ideas.

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