How to Get Rid of Pimples behind Ears: Simple Home Tips

Every one of us wants to look beautiful, and that is why all of us are concerned about our skin. For all those who love their beautiful and smooth skin, pimples forming on our face will be pretty annoying. Pimples often cause swellings on our face, and are also usually filled with pus. But what causes these pimples? They tend to occur when the sebaceous glands of our skin becomes hyperactive in nature, the oils secreted from the sebaceous glands blocks the pores in our skin. There after these blockages formed on the skin pores gets contaminated with germs and bacteria, which in turn lead to swellings in the skin, nose and behind the ears.

Pimples Behind Ears Tips

Pimples can in some cases even affect a person psychologically, and hence giving proper treatment and getting cure from it is really important. For all those who suffer from pimples behind their ears, this article would help you with some simple tips to get rid of them. Let us see what you can do by yourself at your home to get rid of these pimples behind your ears.

Application of Citric Acid:

Any kind of citrus juice or vitamin C is very good for your skin. Application of these helps in removing pimples, as they have the ability to contract the tissues, and thus bring out the oil from the swellings. Citric acid also has got medicinal properties that help in killing germs and bacteria. All such small organisms find it difficult to live in the acidic ambience created by citric acid.  To get good results, apply citric acid before you go for a shower. Let it stay on your face for ten minutes and then rinse it off using cold water.

Alcohol or Cologne:

There are other easy ways get rid of pimples. One way is to use alcohol or cologne. Both of them are very good in treating pimples and unwanted spots on the skin.dip a ball of cotton, or wash cloth in alcohol or cologne and then apply it on your pimples. Alcohol and cologne can help in opening up the pores in the skin, and along with that kill the germs and bacteria in your skin. You need not mess up your face with other things such as creams or oils. Moreover, you would smell quite good too by doing this. Also you need not go searching for other things in your kitchen; it’s there always in your purse.

Blended Egg White:

If you are too prone to have pimples on your neck and behind your ears, or anywhere on your skin, egg white is something that you should definitely try. For all such people who are highly prone to pimples all over the body, you need to apply eggs on your body to get back your normal skin. Eggs have a lot of vitamins and zinc present in it that helps in fighting against pimples. All you have to do it just separate the egg white and then blend it well. Apply this well blended mixture on your skin and then let it be there for some thirty minutes. When it gets completely dried, wash it off properly using lukewarm water to attain a clear skin.

Hot Water Compression:

Using hot compress is the most simple and easy way to get rid of pimples. Using a compress with hot water can help in drying out the pimple, and thus remove the pimple and prevent its occurrence. You can also try applying cotton or towel dipped in boiling water. Application of cotton or towel dipped in hot water can help in widening your pores and in turn opens up the pores on your face. All that dirt that leads to pimples can be easily washed off using a gentle face wash once the pres are open. Doing this process thrice a day is highly recommended, and doing this can help you attain a clear skin.

Milk or Tea Tree Oil:

To treat pimples, you can also try using milk, or the oil derived from the leaves of tea tree. When you apply tea tree oil or milk that contains alpha hydroxyl acids, they help in removing the lifeless skin that clogs the pores. The pores on the skin tend to get clogged because of the outer layer of dead skin. Tea tree oil helps in removing these dead skin from your face, and along with that, they also removes all the accumulated oil and dirt in the skin pores. Tea tree oil also has got medicinal properties because of which it helps in killing the germs and bacteria. The medicinal compounds in the oil also help in hastening the process of healing. For getting good results, you should try to do this process at least three times in a day.

Other basic things to take care about pimples:

  1. There are many other small and simple things that you need to keep in mind while dealing with pimples. Most of us often forget to do these things. The first thing to remember is not to burst the pimple. You should never burst the pimple with your hands. This is because, while bursting a pimple, you are only removing the pimple from outside. The problem can still persist inside. If you burst a pimple, it can also lead to growth of another pimple. So it is always better to avoid bursting pimples.
  2. Another essential thing to do is to reduce stress. It will not only help in removing pimples, but also help your body and mind in the long run. Reducing stress will help in improving blood circulation and secretion of endorphins. When blood flow improves, it will provide more vitamins and nutrients to all part of your body. This in turn will lead to subsidization of pimples.
  3. You need to take care of your hair too in order to avoid pimples. Dirty hair can lead to growth of germs which can lead to acne on face and pimples around ears. Hence make sure that you rinse your hair on a routine basis.

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