How to Prevent Hair Loss and Promote Growth with Eggs

You can hardly find anyone who has not experienced hair loss problem at least once in her life. The main components of hair are proteins and amino acids. Eggs, as you know, are the store houses of amino acids and proteins, as well as vitamins and fatty acids. These help in keeping hair well nourished and healthy. You get eggs easily and they are not very expensive as compared to other food items. You can use eggs externally as well as internally to solve various problems of the hair and increase the growth of hair. Eggs help in making your hair strong and prevent breaking of your hair. Moreover, it aids in providing you soft and shiny hair that grows well. When you use artificial products on your hair for preventing various hair problems, they may remove the moisture from your hair and make it dry and frizzy by stripping off the natural oils from the hair. But when you use eggs on your hair, you hair is kept well moisturized as it helps in restoring the natural oils present in your hair and scalp. Because of all these qualities, egg is used extensively for preventing hair loss and increasing hair growth.

eggs for hair growth

Some Interesting Egg Facts:

The word egg is said to have come from Indo European word. Here egg means ‘bird’. The word yolk is believed to have taken from English and Greek word, which means ‘yellow’.

Benefits of Eggs for Hair Growth:

Egg is a rich source of vitamins, proteins and minerals. But Vitamin C is said to be absent in eggs. The protein found in eggs help in increasing the growth of hair and also aids in conditioning the hair. Nutritional contents of eggs are as follows:

  • Biotin or Vitamin B7: Biotin present in eggs helps in making the follicles and roots of the hair stronger and healthier. As a result, you hair will grow thick and long. Sometimes you can see red or brown spots in the egg yolk. These spots are called blood spots. They are just pieces of tissue and not at all harmful for your body. The vitamins present in eggs help in increasing the production of oxygen and thus increases the flow of blood to the scalp. This in turn helps in preventing hair fall and hair loss, and makes the roots of your hair strong and healthy.

Some of the minerals like iron, sulphur, zinc, iodine, phosphorous, sodium, magnesium, calcium and potassium are found in eggs. All these minerals help in making your hair strong and prevent loss of hair. The suphur present in eggs is very beneficial in stimulating the scalp and thus promotes hair growth.

  • Egg white: Egg whites are rich sources of proteins. Proteins are very essential for making the hair follicles stronger. Folates and other minerals are also found in egg white, which can promote growth of hair and prevent loss of hair by making your hair strong. Folic acid or Vitamin B9 is also essential for a healthy hair. Folic acid present in egg white helps in cell division by stimulating the growth of red blood cells. As a result, you suffer less from hair loss problems and you will have a healthy hair that grows well. It is estimated that egg white contains more than 50% protein.
  • Fatty acids: The skin of the scalp is kept healthy and in good condition by the presence of fatty acids on eggs. It helps the scalp in fighting against dandruff, psoriasis and flaky skin. You hair becomes shiny, lustrous and smooth with eggs. It also prevents breakage of hair and hair loss, thus providing you strong and healthy hair.
  • Lecithin: Lecithin is a fatty protein and is found in egg yolk. This protects your hair from getting frizzy and makes your hair smooth and soft. It also protects your hair from getting brittle and reduces hair fall to a great extent.
  • Vitamin A: Vitamin A is an essential vitamin that you need for your hair, as well as for your skin and health. This vitamin helps in the production of sebum on the scalp. You can also control dandruff if this vitamin is supplied to your scalp. Dryness of hair is greatly reduced with Vitamin A and it also prevents hair loss and increases the growth of hair.
  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is rarely found in the food we consume. It is normally present in sunlight and your skin absorbs this vitamin from the sunlight. Sea foods are also rich sources of vitamin D. Egg is one of the few foods that naturally contains this vitamin. Vitamin D helps in reducing hair loss and promotes the growth of hair. So you will have long and thick hair by consuming eggs.
  • Vitamin E: Vitamin E is also found in eggs and this vitamin increases hair growth. You can protect your hair from the ultra violet rays of the sun and the pollution in the environment with the intake of Vitamin E. In addition, vitamin E is also beneficial in improving the texture of your hair and in providing you hair that is smooth and easily manageable.
  • Vitamin B: Eggs are rich sources of Vitamins B1, B2, B12, choline, biotin, niacin, pantothenic acid etc, which help in providing you healthy hair. Vitamin B3 and niacin are beneficial for increasing the energy metabolism in the cells. This in turn helps in increasing the growth of hair. Deficiency of niacin can cause thinning of hair, which is a problem many people face. Cholin also belongs to the family of Vitamin B and this helps in preventing loss of hair and baldness. Vitamin B5 or pantothenic acid is believed to prevent premature graying of hair and increase hair growth.

You can use eggs as packs or masks to treat you hair. After applying it on your hair, remember to wash your hair with cold water instead of warm water because warm water may curdle the eggs and these may stick to your hair.

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