How to Protect your Skin from Sun Damage & Look Beautiful

Fair skin shows the effect of sun damage more than the wheat colored skin or dark skin. So, if you have a fair skin, you must take extra care when you go out in the sun. Even in winter seasons you must take care not to expose your skin too much to the sunlight, as the damage done is same whether it is winter or summer. The dryness in winter makes your skin even more vulnerable and ads to the damage. So, whether it is summer, winter or any other seasons of the year follow the tips given below to take care of your fair skin.

Protect Skin from Sun

Best Ways to Protect your Skin from Sun Damage:

These tips include some preventions, precautions and protections from sun damage for the fair skinned people.

Using sunscreens:

Places to Apply Sunscreen

Using a sunscreen is something that you must never forget when you go out in the sun. The sunscreen that you use must be of good quality if you want the best results. Even if the sunlight is not much, you must not go without applying a sunscreen during the day time. One that protects your skin from UVA rays as well as UVB rays is considered the best. Apply the sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go out in the sun. The SPF, or Sun Protection Factor, of a good sunscreen must be at least 30 or more. This can give protection to the fair skin from the damages of the sun. When you buy sunscreen for you, choose one that is suitable for your skin type. There are sunscreens for oily skin, dry skin, combination skin and so on.

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Use Hats or umbrellas: Never go out in the sun and roam around without a hat or an umbrella. Even if you have applied a good sunscreen lotion on your skin, you must always use an umbrella to protect your skin. If not an umbrella, at least a hat is a must when you spend time in the sun. This will provide extra protection to your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

Tips to Treat Sun Damaged Skin:

Sometimes, unknowingly or in a hurry, you may step out in the sun without applying a sunscreen or taking an umbrella or hat with you. This can cause damage to your skin through exposure to sun. If the rays of the sun are very strong, severe damage can be done on the skin. Your skin may get burnt and dry. For such damages there are some home remedies that are excellent for your skin. You can try them at home and get relief instantly. Some of these tips are mentioned below.

  1. Immediately after you get back home, splash cold water on your face. This will provide you some relief.
  2. Now take cold aloe vera gel and apply it on your skin. Massage in gentle circular motion so that the gel gets absorbed by the skin.
  3. Apply rose water or a toner that is pH balanced and non alcoholic, to your skin where the damage is done. This cools your skin and provides great relief to your skin.
  4. After treating your damaged skin, make sure that you do not go out in direct sunlight for at least 24 hours, so that the skin gets time to repair.

Homemade Face Packs for removing Sun Tan:

Cucumber face pack:

Sun damaged skin gets good treatment by using face packs. If the damage done on your skin by the sun rays is severe, you can try face masks made with cucumber and mint. Mix cucumber and mint leaves and then put it in the refrigerator to cool. After it gets cooled, take it out and apply on your face and other parts of the skin where damage is done. Leave for 20 to 30 minutes and then wash off with cool water. Vitamin C present in cucumber helps in keeping the skin well moisturized. Also use an eye gel mask when you apply this mask on your face.

Potato face pack:

If your skin gets tanned easily when you expose it to the sun, then potato face pack is the right face pack for you. Take some cold slices of potato and rub your skin with these slices gently. This can remove the tan from your face. You may also grate potato and apply it on your face.

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Scrubbing removes the dead cells on your skin and allows the soft skin beneath to come to the surface. As a result, the tanned layers of the skin are removed. Even the sun spots that have appeared due to exposure to sun are removed. Gram flour is an excellent scrub and removes sun tan by exfoliating your skin. Thus your skin appears bright and glowing. Mix gram flour with water to make a paste and rub it gently on the damaged parts of the skin. Wait for 20 minute and then wash off with water. This will give you a smooth skin. Do this two times a week for a few months and you will see that all tan and damage have been removed.

Milk Pack:

Milk is also a good remedy for tanned skin. Take some milk in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric and a few drops of lemon juice to it. Dip a cotton ball in it and apply on the damaged skin. Let it dry and then wash off with water. This provides you instant relief from sun damage.

Lemon juice and glycerin Pack:

Lemon and glycerin are excellent for treating tanned skin. You can apply this mixture on your skin at night, before you go to bed. Take some lemon juice and add glycerin to it. Mix them well and apply on your skin. This is an excellent remedy for the skin and removes all damage done to your fair skin.

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