How to Start ABC Diet Plan – What are its Benefits

What is ABC Diet?

When you hear about ABC diet plan, you don’t come to know anything by its name. ABC diet actually means Ana Boot Camp diet. This diet is done so that you can lose your calories, and gradually the fat, in a normal manner. You don’t have to stay on fast and refrain from important nutrients. This is bit tough to follow. You have to eat food that makes you feel fuller but low in calories. If you overdo it, then your body can suffer from weakness. If not done properly the ABC diet can lead to some serious health problems, such as lowering of the metabolic rate. So you have to strictly follow the rules of the diet plan. This can fail your entire diet regime. Read more to find tricks to fool your body and stay healthy.

ABC Diet Plan Benefits

How to start ABC Diet Plan: Its Benefits

This can be done in various ways. One of them is going for a diet which alternates your calorie intake. This will help you to boost your metabolic rate and will fasten the weight loss process. This diet is a bit of lengthy one as you need to follow it for 50 days. Your body won’t be harmed from this diet. In fact, the benefits will be enormous. You need to maintain a strict regime so that you can reap benefit from it and get a perfect figure within 50 days. You can divide the 50 days into following parts so that it will be easier for you to go finish this diet plan.

  1. There are certain limits on calorie intake during the first 10 days. On day one, you have to take not more than 500 calories. Continue the same number on the second day. Coming to the third day, reduce your calorie intake to 300 for that day only as for next it will raise to 400. Once these four days are over, calorie intake should come down. Go to only 100 calories for the next day, and the following two days if you take 200 calories then there is no such issue. Gradually increase it by 100 everyday so that you reach the 500 mark on day nine. This is because on day ten, you have to fast the whole day.
  1. Once you are done with ten days, you can normally go on with the diet without any extra efforts. Try to maintain your calorie intake to 150. On the next day, make it 200. Coming to third and fourth day, make it 400 and 350 respectively. Keeping such varied calorie content will help your body to adjust itself to the energy given to it. Such varied calorie count everyday will surely make your body prone to hunger and laziness. But don’t stop it half way since you will be negatively affected then. After this day lessen your calorie each day by 50. Bring it to 250 the next day. On the sixth day, 200 calories is sufficient. While on the seventh day, you will have to fast. Balance you intake in the ending days.
  1. In the third phase, the graph of your calorie intake should resemble the alphabet “V”. This is because you will gradually reduce your calorie intake from day one to day five. Start day 21 with 300 calories and reduce 50 every day so that you will be consuming 50 calories the fifth day. From the very next day, start increasing the calorie intake by 50 with each passing day. On the eighth day, make your calorie count to 200, and 300 the following day. You have come to the ninth day so increase it to 800. This is because the next day is again a fasting day.
  1. You have come to the second last phase so you can relax. This period lasts for only four days. On day one, you take 250 calories. While on day two and day three calories count is raised to 100 calories. You reach the last day instantly. This is, of course, the fasting day where only drinking plenty of water is allowed so that you don’t feel dizzy and can continue with the ABC diet plan.
  1. You have finally come to the last and final period. But keep in mind; this is the longest period of the complete diet. It will last for around 15 to 16 days. Hence, this is divided as follows. For the first six days, you will have to reduce the calorie intake by 50 every day. It means that on day one it will be 500 calories while for the following day it will drop to 450 calories. Eventually, you will reach to 200 calories on the sixth day. Keep the count same on day seven too. Even on the eighth day, you must continue the same count so that your stamina and energy is maintained. Coming to ninth day, increase your calories intake by 50. On the next day again reduce it by 50 so that it comes to the count of 200 again. Make it 150 the next day. You have reached the last day of the complete diet program. It is essential to fast on this day.

You fifty days diet plan is over. You will surely see some good and noticeable changes in your body. After all fifty is not a small number when it comes to diet. There can be chances that you might not see the desired effect. Stay calm and wait for few days and then you can resume your plan. Day by day start practicing your old eating habits. But this time keep in mind to eat fewer portions each time. Let your body adjust to its original routine. If you rush into food then all your hard work will wash away within days. So make it a point to continue drinking water and not eating much at one time because you have been dieting since a month and a half. Your body will not be able to sustain so much of food at a time.

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